Happiness- My unusual side

Me and my husband- Newcastle upon Tyne beach
                Me and my husband- Newcastle upon Tyne beach.


When a poor little girl, hungry for two days, wander from street to street in search of a single morsel of food, gets to a heap of rubbish and see a half eaten piece of bread. The shine in her eyes, that’s happiness.

When a father of two, who spent last ten years in a far off country to spend money for his family, climbs down the plane stairs to meet his children. That excitement on his face, that’s happiness.

When a rich businessman, after earning a truck load of money after an international tour for a month, enters his home at night to eat a simple meal prepared by his mother. The peace on his face, that’s happiness.

When a father, after waiting outside an operation theater for hours, hears a good news of a healthy daughter, that one drop of gratitude in his eyes. That’s happiness.

A hug by your father when you get good results, an excited scream after winning a game of ludo with your cousins, chatting uninterruptedly with your siblings while sharing a meal, simple moments of rejoice that we often ignore, that’s happiness.

Happiness can be triggered at any moment any time of the day with simple happenings. We often mistakenly associate it with big achievements in life. Or a state that remains forever long. We just have to fight with our selves to let ourselves feel it in a full way. All who laugh out loud every time are not necessarily happy and all who just smile when everyone laughs, are not sad.

‘Always’ is not a word suitable for it. Nothing can stay always. Nor does happiness. Restless souls like me keep sitting on a pile of happiness all their life while screaming that we don’t get it. It is us who can decide whether we want to be happy or not. It is like a switch that you turn on when you feel yourself worthy of it. When I was here, In Pakistan, I was in a constant state of depression because I never wanted to get out of it.Small bursts of laughter couldn’t change the state of constant denial in my mind.

I still punish myself sometimes by not feeling happiness around me. By pushing myself towards depression may be for showing loyalty to my life long friend. It feels good sometimes. You can even feel happiness in extreme pain. I definitely can.

Sitting in peace on green fresh grass while staring constantly at the beautiful blue sea water flowing to and fro, that’s my idea of happiness these days. I have started enjoying my solitude equally as I enjoy the company of the person fate has blessed me with. May be life can not get any better that this.

This article is written in response to Dungeon Prompts.




56 thoughts on “Happiness- My unusual side

  1. Ohhhhhhh, I love that picture of your and your hubby’s shadow. A small glimpse of the Lala behind the blog.
    “When I was here, In Pakistan, I was in a constant state of depression because I never wanted to get out of it.”
    –Do you mean you didn’t want to get out of Pakistan, or you didn’t want to get out of the depression?
    I’m so glad you are happy at the moment Lala. Happiness, for me, is found in the simple things of life. Treasures that can’t be bought.
    Love and hugs.
    🙂 ❤

  2. Beautiful post Lala ❤

    Sometimes happiness is not in buying a diamond ring maybe its just having your fav ice cream. XD
    Sometimes its not flying to the moon but simply staring at it at night that gives peace to the mind and heart!

    Keep writing! 😀
    BTW I love the name of your blog!

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  4. i think we are always sad as we are always seeking for more of everything and human curiosity never ends that’s way happy moments are so important to us……. a little gesture, a smile, a comment an encouragement can make a huge difference in making someones day, i loved this post, i had planned to write something similar in mind but was not finding time and words to write it…. Thanks for writing this 🙂

    • You are right. It’s these little moments that we should remember when we are sad and you are right, the quest for finding more and more of anything makes us numb about the present. I am glad I wrote about what you wanted to write too. Feel like home here 🙂
      Thanks so much for reading me ! Love.

  5. “Restless souls like me keep sitting on a pile of happiness all their lives while screaming that they don’t get it.”
    Oh my God, that one line got me hard.
    And even though this is how I think of happiness, I too still complain about not having it.
    I think what deprives us of happiness is our own stubborn opinion about how we don’t get happiness.

    • Wow. I can’t truly find what you felt but it feels so warm to just read about it. Beautiful !
      And where are you Eddie ? Lost in life ? Hope you are happy with your daughter and life is perfect for you 🙂 Stay blessed !

      • well yeah she is the best thing to have happen to me yet 😀 love her. I am not lost though Just busy with life plus i am not getting any ideas off late to write about. I know it i has been a year this august since i wrote but i can’t force myself to write 😀 will wait for a good idea to write about. Hope All is well with you.

  6. Keep up that attitude… And the life is only going to get better n better … with each passing moment…!!!

    Stay Blessed

            • I believe that there is not a single post of yours that I haven’t read … !!!

              Ab mai comment nai karta to eska ye matlab thori hai kay mai tujh se ghafil hoon …!!! 😦

              • Alhumdulillah…!!!

                Its good, aapki dua se ( Hopefully … 😀 ) … sab bhala chunga hai … zindgi is getting back to a routine … I am trying to get used to the … “Life Abroad”…!!!

                Last year was tough … but I have recently changed my job … so hopefully things will get even better … Inshallah …!!!

                Took up a lot of fat … home sick … 😦 …. But now I am working it off … one gram at a time … LOLX :p

                Hopefully soon enough I will be able to get back to writing again … Inshallah …. I am really trying to at least…!!!

                Aur tu suna …. how is lyf and stuff …?

                PS: I became a Chacha last year … Aug 8th … my God the time flies … he is a year old already … if you are still using that same hotmail id … i’ll send you some of his snaps 🙂

                • That’s good that’s good. Life in abroad, yeah it is easy at time and very difficult at times, No?
                  Best of luck for your new job and your weight loss MOTTAY 😀
                  And yes, you should get back to writing. You should.
                  My life, it’s good. In pakistan for a vacation these days. Going back on 26th just after Eid. Nothing special going on.
                  Many many Congrats for becoming a Chaacha ! And Happy birthday to that little prince ! Hope he is doing great.
                  I use that outlook ID I wonder if you have that one. imlalarukh@outlook.com.
                  And many Duaa’s for you. Do great in your life.

                  • Most of the time its a test for me (Allah Pak forgive me) … but that is just me … you know how it was in Pakistan with me … Always out with family & friends … here … well if you just submerge yourself in work … you sort of numb through the time and all … But … ALHUMDULILLAH … I am really very grateful to Allah Pak … for I am in much much better conditions than most … you know … you should always to towards people below you and you will learn to thank Allah Pak all the time … rather than looking towards those above and become ungrateful…!!! And then make dua for everyone and yourself to Allah for his blessings…!!!

                    Thank you … I have high hopes for both my job and Motapa …!!! 😀

                    You know I start to write … something comes up … then the whole phase passes away … so many unfinished … jumbled … clutter of words … 😦

                    Well that is the most special thing … to be in Pakistan … on Eid…!!! I had plans to come on Eid …It was going to be this huge surprise … I bought the tickets like a month ago … didn’t let my family get a wind of it … But by the will of Allah … got cancelled … some issues came up … had to cancel the ticket … As always … Allah knows whats best…!!! 😦

                    So now you must enjoy it double … for both of us … have a blast really … go crazy happy … enjoy…!!!

                    You know he is the first born of our family … and all of us are just going crazy over him … all the time …!!! He is great .. Alhumdulillah …!!!

                    Yeah I already sent the photos to that email … the other day … do let me know if you got them or not …!!!

                    And of course you know … how many duas … you always have from me … Allah Pak tujhe sukhi rakhe … Aabaad rakhe … Shaad rakhe … aur koi garam hawa ka jhonka ve tere val na aaye …!!! 😀

                    Stay Blessed

  7. Hi Lala.. this is truly a beautiful expression
    of what happiness means to you..
    i suppose it can be
    for each person..
    give me nature,,
    just three feet
    to dance.. give
    me human
    and i have it all..
    and for me my
    friend that is
    born with
    it ..live with
    it.. die
    with it

    P.S.. if Rafiah
    comes back
    to comment
    here.. i will
    be here in
    one place
    with all
    my new
    and that
    my friend
    is the

  8. Ah, well I guess acceptance is the best gift you can give to yourself. The day you accept your “today”, you will be content. After all isn’t that what matters at the end of the day? To be content at heart. There was so much wisdom in your words Lala, yet there was this melancholic feel to it, they way you described, I could feel your longing…for something.

    So much love for you, big hugs ❤

    • You are so right Zee ! And I don’t even have a fraction of wisdom as compared to yours. You are such a great writer.
      Yes I guess it had a melancholic feel to it. May be I was refreshing my life in accordance with what I wrote as general.
      Thanks so much love. It always feels so nice to have you here 🙂
      Loads of love to you. Stay blessed 🙂

  9. Hello Lala Rukh ! I am so glad to be connected on your site. I love this post on Happiness and it is very true, happiness is often found in tiny little things and yes, nothing stays forever ! Loved your blog (y) Thank you for connecting !

  10. Nice. Thanks for the reminder. Simple things are more than enough to bring happiness if we’re ready to accept it.

  11. Nice piece, Lala! It’s the simplest of leasures that can bring the most joy. We, the fortunate few who are hale, hearty, have food on our plates and money in thebank, often overlook those in the hope and expectation of (dare I say, greed for?) more. We really should be counting our blessings!

    If I may, I’d like to share this with you and your readers – https://randomrantsruminationsramblings.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/simple-pleasures/

  12. I dunno.

    I can feel contentment as a sort of constant state but for me happiness and sadness (which isn’t the same as depression) are inevitably transitional. They manifest in the change of life circumstances for the better or worse.

    So to try to attain constant happiness is as pointless as trying to stay constantly stoned. Eventually you hit the peak and the only place to go is down; which manifests as sadness.

    Of course by changing your outlook you can change your perceptions and how you remember things so it can seem in retrospect that you’re more often happy or more often sad. But I reckon that’s post-hoc editing rather than an accurate reflection of your emotional history.

    • Oh yes. I believe the same. Happiness is never a constant state. It comes and goes. Whether due to some reason or without any. And when someone is not happy, it isn’t necessary that one’s sad. You can be always happy if you train your mind to always keep repeating happy moments and never wander off but it’s hard, I guess.
      Love your wise insights Cabrogal, always ! Keep reading 🙂

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