Rishtun ki laash ko lat patt khoon me dekha…..


Me ne jab doolat ki havas ko janoon me dekha

Yun rishtun ki lash ko lat patt khoon me dekha



Paisay ka laalach tha, dhuaan ban k chaaya hua

Ankhun me chubhta dard, seenay se lagaya hua



Kaghaz k tukray banaay maan ki ankh ka noor

Notun ka uncha dhair tha baap k dil ka saroor



Bhae ki muhabbat ka gala ghoont raha tha bhae

neela hogya tha khoon, laal hogae thi kamaae



Zameen o jaedaad ne khoompa tha kamar me chura

Naik seerat ki daaghdaar, achun ko bana dia the bura



Yun aj zindagi ki haqeeqat apni auqaat dikha gae thi

Khaloos ki qabar per mere dil me udaasi c cha gae thi



Jab paisay k ghulaamun ko hirs o havas k mun me dekha

Me ne tab rishtun ki laash ko latt patt khoon me dekha


This poem here was an impulsive reaction of brutal things going on around me. I don’t know why I have written it in Urdu and I don’t know why I have written it at all. It may have no sense, but it is an honest portrait of my surroundings.

28 thoughts on “Rishtun ki laash ko lat patt khoon me dekha…..

  1. You have an urdu poet in you trust me. And you are natural. Plus i can help if you want. About the post, well isnt it all true these days? Sigh

  2. This is beautiful. Love the language.
    Money as Allah says is nothing but a test. May Allah help all of us to pass that test with flying colours. And may He aid you and ease all your affairs.

    • Yes, Urdu IS love.
      Thank you so much Miss M, for such a nice Dua. May Allah help all of us in every difficulty of life. Ameen. Lots of love to you for reading and supporting me. Hope you are doing fabulous ! Hugs to you 🙂 xx

  3. Hey Lala. Well, I don’t understand Urdu, but by the comments I can guess what the poem is about. One thing I know for sure, my friend, is that money is the root of all kinds of evil. It is so sad what people will do for money, even hurt the ones are dearest to us.
    I hope you’re having an amazing time with your family and in your homeland, despite the unsettling things you are witnessing around you.
    Big hugs.
    🙂 ❤

    • Hello sweetheart ! This poem was about things happening in my family. How money and property matters can create differences among our blood relations. All the love that we shared for many years, how it can be forgotten over a small dispute over property. It was in Urdu, of course you couldn’t understand it. I am so sorry about that.
      Yes it is sad. very sad.
      And yes my friend I am having a good time despite all these happenings, going back on 27th of this month.
      I hope you are having a fabulous time as well. Keep rocking and keep reading me 😛 Love you loads. Big hugs xx

      • Ohhhhh, I’m so sorry for your unpleasantries Lala. Yes, it is very sad when money comes between family members.
        I’m so glad you are having a good time though. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the wonderful moment shared with your family.
        Of course I’ll keep reading you. You’re an amazing writer and person.
        Big hugs back to you.
        🙂 ❤

  4. Well.. i suppose where you are now in the United Kingdom.. Lala..
    it is the British LB in eyes of old Queen Victoria that is
    the root of all discontent.. as tool of human slaves
    for subsistence.. sadly but realistically enough..

    And to have blood coming out of Queen
    Victoria eyes will not be too lady like
    i guess.. as she is all prim and proper..
    and that too is a source of much human
    suffering through those ways as well away
    from humanities eyes of Nature and GOD..

    I hate money but that’s easy for me to say now..
    as it comes no matter what i do.. there is enough for
    me to eat.. move.. connect.. and create.. and that’s all
    i need.. but no.. not for wife Katrina.. she must have all
    the newest clothes.. and stuff and stuff and stuff as both of
    us grow up poor.. but she grows up without love of mother
    and father.. and i grow up with all unconditional love form
    mother so all i need is human connection.. dance and
    creativity.. and yes for me at least beyond that.. money
    can go straight back to hell.. and the rest of culture
    that lives off of scaring people into BEING NOT

    But yes.. i escape that.. as i do not need
    money.. no different really than any
    other philosopher/prophet with
    a padded bank account..

    But here’s the real insanity..
    humans are not evolving
    by the hand of GOD
    to live in groups
    of larger than
    150 to 200
    sets of eyes
    money is the tool..
    the crutch that allows
    humans to go hide in
    their home every night
    and not face the fear of
    interacting with their fellow
    human beings.. and that my friend
    is the saddest human root of all evil
    there is.. beyond a mother who is too busy
    working to ever bond with her child as Mexican
    Mothers do.. still in the fields of love with baby attached
    to breast.. instead of cribs of isolation like a Zoo of less than human..:)

    I know the problem.. but it is impossible to fix until humans live in
    small foraging groups again.. like they did in the so called Garden of
    Eden naked and dancing together staying warm holding each other
    and yes sweating in the heat of the mid-day sun.. where the rays
    give nourishment of humanity.. instead of hidden away
    in a cave of separation from GOD as Nature..
    and each other.. yeah.. sure we have
    advanced to hell.. i refuse to
    stay there..
    i live
    with a padded
    bank account
    Oh and by the way.. sociologists
    indicate the top 20 peaceful societies
    in the world are all small.. all share and
    IN THE
    OF HATE..
    OF CURSE..:)

    • I am not in UK these days. I am back in Pakistan for a vacation and this poem was about things happening in my family. How money and property matters can create differences among our blood relations. All the love that we shared for many years, how it can be forgotten over a small dispute over property. It was in Urdu, of course you couldn’t understand it. I am sorry about that.
      And there is no need to hate money. We need money for everything in life. But there is a difference between greed of earning money and being contented on what we get easily. Some people cross this line and start a never ending race of earning more and more.
      Thank you so very much my friend for sharing your valuable thoughts. So pleased to have you here. Hope you are having the best time. Love and hugs xx

      • First of all Love and hugsXX to you too sweetheart.. and yes.. i can relate to this well as you say how money and property can create differences among our blood relations..

        My father disowns his twin brother when their stepfather dies.. his identical twin brother.. is much more nurturing and takes care of the stepfather for years.. and the stepfather leaves him and not my father a relatively small sum of money of around 11K.. in US dollars.. which is nothing compared to all the years of help my Uncle gives his stepfather.. so my father does not speak to his step brother for years over that..

        Money is a just a tool.. and it does not become evil until it becomes a symbol to rule our lives above and beyond the power of human moving.. connecting and creating.. to be one with other humans In Love.. and Lovers of Nature instead of paper..

        My father also leaves my mother when i am age 3.. my sister younger.. not yet 2… he leaves my mother as she refuses to get a job.. as she believe it is most important to stay home.. bond with children and continue to give children nurturing love.. as a result of this.. yes.. my mother must find a job.. and moves in with my Grandmother.. with us.. and my little sister must go to a nursery.. and bad stuff happens there..

        She is left in a crib all day alone.. and while i am relatively fearless most of my life.. and both my sister and i are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in middle-age.. my sister is much less trusting of the world.. and filled with anxiety as compared to me.. certainly now.. and i do think part of that difference is my mother staying home with me.. before age 3.. and my sister is sent to a prison of crib life.. each day.. before age 3.. and i will not tell my mother this.. as she still holds herself guilty for this at over eighty years old.. although there is nothing she can do about it then.. as one must make a living to survive.. when the father leaves.. in selfish way as he did.. for the LOVE of money OVER HUMAN…

        But anyway.. the moral to the story is this.. my father also always worries about status in life.. and never makes it above.. the level of deputy sheriff.. at retirement after 46 years of working in law enforcement.. and to me that is okay.. as i care nothing about status.. but i work so hard.. i get promoted whether i like it or not.. to eventually supervise thirty to over one hundred employees.. at top end of federal pay grade before i retire with 19 medical illnesses from chronic stress of working like Superman to keep my job..

        When i get sick.. my father makes fun of me to my face when i am in the car with Uncle now rejoined with father.. and says.. in sarcastic tone.. he can get well and supervise all those people in his big Athletic Director job at the Military installation.. as yes.. sadly.. he is jealous that his son goes further then he does in status.. even though.. he always tells me when i have a more common job.. before that.. i am not going far enough.. as i need to take care of him in old age..

        So i tell him.. as i know he loves money..

        well Daddy.. i saved almost half a million dollars..

        He asks me how i do that.. and i tell him.. ’cause i don’t care about spending money..

        When he dies.. at age 81.. after all his bills are paid for..
        he has about one fifth of the money..
        i save.. in less than two decades..

        But during the 12 years of
        his retirement where he
        gets paid more than
        when he works..
        with social
        added in..
        he spends about $500
        dollars a week on lottery
        tickets trying to get rich
        before he dies.. and
        never understands
        or feels
        the joy
        and bliss
        i have for
        FOR FREE NOW
        FREE IN US.. AND NOT
        US DOLLARS.. ALONE..:)

        i AM RICH WITH GOD
        AND I AM POOR
        no matter how
        much of the
        green stuff i have..
        are worth
        an eternity

        Oh yeah.. and one other moral of the story..
        i am always nice and smiley.. and kind
        to people and do not act like
        some tough law enforcement
        dude.. so my father worries
        i might become gay
        like A homosexual..
        and the he worries
        when our child
        is born that
        i must raise
        him like a man..
        so in the waiting
        room when the
        child has heart
        surgery before
        my child dies..
        he tells me.. make
        sure you raise him
        like a man.. okay..
        well.. he gets married
        three times.. i keep
        the same most
        beautiful wife
        in the world
        who still
        is AND NEVER AGES
        for 26 years consummated
        before marriage on September 21st
        of yes.. 26 years ago.. 1989.. as we
        get married later on February
        21st of 1990.. and no.. GOD
        does not need paperwork
        when to people
        GOD goes
        free hand
        and now the women
        follow me all around
        town when i dance
        free showing
        both masculine
        and feminine
        spirit and
        see them
        with just
        clear eyes
        of Love and
        not possessions..
        400 photos with
        them.. after 75 NIGHTS
        of dancing with them.. SO
        YES.. yes..
        GOD YES..
        i have a gift..
        IT is LOVE..
        and LOVE
        is GOD’S GIFT
        TO WOMEN..
        NOT MALE

        • Post Script:

          My father’s mother.. Myrtle.. my Grandmother.. runs a nursery..
          a snot nosed baby cries alone in a crib..
          my mother visits the nursery..
          picks up the baby and
          wipes the baby’s
          nose.. my
          grandmother tells
          her sternly.. put that
          baby down.. or you
          will spoil that baby..
          so yes.. more than
          likely my father’s
          life is sealed
          a kiss from
          Love is a
          THINGY.. THAT
          RIDES ON THE
          BREAST OF
          LOVE.. AND
          OF AN
          The truth
          can hurt
          NATURE RULES
          AS GOD’S EyeS
          iF wE
          sEE aNd
          wITh THoSE
          eyEs and eaRs…:)

  5. It’s ok if you wrote it in Urdu. And it’s also ok that you’ve written it, be it on impulse.
    ‘Cause this is the harsh truth.
    And it ain’t just you. A thousand people see humanity defeated in want for wealth.
    It’s depressing how cruel money can make you. It’s quite horrifying when you think about it. What haven’t people done for money?
    Killing, kidnapping, robbing, cheating, deceiving, and then doing it to their own family even.

    • Yes Hiba, yes. That was what I was trying to say out loud. Before this, I just heard of these kind of incidents where people choose money over love of blood relations. Now, when I am witnessing it with my own eyes, It hurts really bad to see all that. Why do people become so cruel when it comes to property?
      Thank you so much Hiba, sweetheart, for all this praise and support. Love you loads !

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