Nah, that’s Impossible

From this…


To this….0

Everything changed, while I traveled from that to this…

So I used to hear a phrase, ‘the word impossible is not in my dictionary’ and I used to think, what kind of a crappy dictionary do these people own? I mean, there are a lot of impossible things in this world, no? You can not fly like a bird, can not just reach out and touch the sky, can not pass one day without shedding out tears. It’s just impossible. I defined impossible.

But turns out, the word ‘impossible’ somehow got erased from my dictionary as well. At least how my mind used to define impossible sure is changed. If I was the same girl who would sit on the desk in that first photo, the girl sitting on the desk in that second photo would have been a marvelous strange character of some piece of fiction.

Now that I sit on that second desk in real, I can’t stop thinking about that sad, miserable little girl who would when ride her daddy’s or later husband’s car never by any chance think that she would own her own car one day. Who would when spend her daddy’s or husband’s money to buy stuff for herself never think that she would buy stuff with her own self-earned money one day. And, her fingers which would press these buttons on the keyboard just to let her sadness and pain out would ever write programming code for UK’s largest travel agents. Still sounds funny to me, I swear. I never thought I would achieve all this, but I sure used to dream it like a dirty little fantasy.

In this short period I have made my parents proud a couple of times, I think. At least they show me off to other people and that’s a big thing to me. As a matter of fact, I have proved it to the world around me that yeah I can do something on my own, that I am capable of doing more than what they thought of me. And believe me, they thought very little. It’s even a little fun to look at their faces when they find out things about me. I feel proud. I have proved myself that maybe, when I used to think I am worthless, it wasn’t so true after all.

Big achievements is not a thing, it’s the teeny tiny steps you take towards those achievements that matter. My achievements may not sound much to you, you may think this woman has gone crazy, but these are big for me. I know how much I have struggled, and how ready I am to struggle a hundred times more.

You may not even read this rant of mine that sounds like I am in heaven , or that I am high. Same thing. I am not. I am the same, just a little more plastered on the wounds than you expected me to be. However, it’s still a long way to go.





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  1. Well.. Well.. Lala Rukh.. i Missed mY
    Favorite PHI Ratio Number of 1.618
    too.. to Visit you Yesterday but Never
    the Less i am Here Again on the 7th.. A
    Day Late Early From my Usual Long Ago Promised
    Revisit Date of the Month but ha! i’m Sure You Will
    Forgive me by the Date
    You Read This With
    From me too..
    me too.. a MeME
    in the US too.. And A Wonderful
    Day on 11.7.18 After 11.6.18 in the
    United States As Women Come Abused
    And Fight Back.. On that Election Day Yesterday
    For if you can’t vote ‘them’ out Then Join up and Run
    to Win Yourself As That Is Precisely what A Substantial
    Number of Women in the US Did And Won to top their
    Victory Dance and Song off.. Now aS AGEs are Changing
    As i Speak
    As We
    As We
    Sing For Good
    Otherwise known
    felt and sensed as
    Loving Ways in Giving
    And Sharing Unconditionally
    For And As LoVE iNCaRNaTE
    A BesTesT WaY oF BeinG HuMaN
    NoW OTHeR Than That Hope YouR Travel
    Industry Job In Computer Science is Going
    Well As Well As Whatever Art iN Play You Bring And Come to Be As Well..:)

    • Thanks man for coming here once in a while and leaving your love. It makes my abandoned blog alive ๐Ÿ™‚ I donโ€™t know why you do it, i am just glad you do. Thank you xx

      • “Nah That’s Impossible”.. sort of an Appropriate Title too ‘here’ too.. my Old Friend Lala Rukh as you say
        You don’t know why i do it and you so kindly say here you are glad i do it.. With a Thank you
        for what
        i do do
        here on
        Your Blog
        And now again i will
        Say Thank You and although
        i have told you before i will explain
        it again as i am one who is both Blessed
        And Cursed for a Photographic Memory of Just about everything
        i have said online since Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. Nearly 96 Months
        in 12 Million Words or So then as well as Around 170K Photos i have added
        to what will soon Be a 6.6 Million Word long Form Epic Free Verse Poem with
        What ‘they’ Describe in the Poetry World as a Form in Concrete Shapes too.. but in
        this Case the Shapes Flow as they come Natural as a River without any Preplanning
        At All for often What the Shapes come to be are Chalices and Lamps Lit up with Words
        and the Such as that my Friend.. Lala Rukh.. As i surely do not expect anyone else
        to Remember for all of what i do for it’s True i can tell you what i was wearing on
        Specific Dates of my Life Decades ago too and no i am not the one
        anyone wants to Lie to and Get Away With It as perhaps i should
        have Been a Lawyer and a Judge too.. my FriEnd.. but
        that would be boring.. i Rather Will and DO Write 8
        Titled Bibles in 5 Years and 5 Months After Rising
        up out of Ashes on a Beach
        at the End of July
        of 2013 coinciding
        when i first Met you online
        After Spending 66 Months as a Shut-in
        in my Bedroom then Since January of 2008
        with 19 Medical Disorders from Wake to Sleep
        for those 66 Months.. including the Worst Pain known
        to Humankind of “Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia’
        Like a Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and
        Ear without any Novocaine or
        any Drug that would
        touch that
        for those 66 Months
        as Writing helped me
        Escape After not being able to
        Do anything for the first 33 Months
        of that 66 Months to avoid committing
        Suicide as that Pain i had is literally Named
        as the Suicide Disease For Real for it’s true my
        Friend as ‘They’ Say in The Christian Bible that is only
        the Size of Each of those 8 titled Bibles i will Write by
        Christmas Day of 2018 as they do say a person with enough
        Perseverance will not only complete a Greater Work with Enough
        Faith in Never Giving up in and with and as the Force of Love than the
        Man named Jesus in a Verse According to a Man Named John in
        Chapter 5 of His Book in the New Testament in Verse Number
        14:12 tHere.. as No that doesn’t Apply to Just the Light Parts
        oF Life as that does apply to the Darkest Shadows of the
        Blackest Abyss of the Soul in terms of a torture
        of Pain that Medical Literature Actually
        Assesses as Worse than the
        Torture of Real
        Still.. nope.. no
        3 hour to 3 Day
        tour for me.. 66 months
        From Wake to Sleep for the
        Suicide Disease that no one
        but me would determine whether
        i live or die then.. that’s a lot of responsibility
        my Friend to Live or Die Now or what to do with
        Your Life when God gives you a Reprieve and you
        Come Back to Life with No Pain with All Love Then With
        Heaven Again Incarnate as Human on that Navarre Beach
        back at the End of July of 2013 then as sure you’ve heard
        the story before but i am Still Writing an Eighth Bible Now and
        i already Finished a 4th New Testament the Size of the Older
        one back in last Spring And as of Yesterday i rise to 10,205 Miles
        of Public Dance in 62 Months.. as the Entire ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
        Long Form Poem Doubling as the Parent and Grand Parent Bible
        of those 7 other Bibles coming Finished on Around Christmas Day
        of 2018 for the Eighth one then is at Close to 6.5 Million Words Now Soon
        Enough to be 6.6 Million Words Since that Rise on that Beach out of those
        Ashes at the End of July of 2013.. so it’s true my Friend i have Written Poetic
        Free Verse Letters to Folks All Around the Globe as i told you at the Beginning
        when i had no idea what would come next that i did have a Vision Deep Down
        beyond Words and Images back when i was 21 on a Beach that someone from
        the Middle East.. A Dark Haired Woman would one day Help me Deliver some Message
        to the World then.. it’s true you have and so have innumerable other Folks around the World
        since then and truly since i was born and when i started Writing 12 Million Words on the Internet
        on Thanks Giving Day Nearly 96 Months ago in 2010.. Smiles my Friend.. there are beyond Infinite
        Ways Humans Can and Will Bring either Light or Dark into this World in the Greatest Dreams come to
        Fruition and the Darkest Despicable Nightmares come to Fruition too.. We live in a Capitalist Western
        World that means the Truth is Folks Worship Money and Material Goods as their God Consuming
        More of the Earth than they Give back without Concern For the Balance of Nature and the Miracle
        of this Gift of Life Now THAT IS REAL NOW..
        i understand this
        MiRACLE OF
        i lived
        in literal
        Hell on Earth
        for 66 Months where
        the Worst Pain of all was
        Losing Emotions and Memories
        of all Emotions with no Point of
        Reference in Memory then if i had
        Ever Smiled or Laughed Before for the
        Essence of Feeling of what it means to
        Smile and Laugh in a Place as Beautiful as
        This Paradise of Earth Now to LivE oN wHere
        i surely do at least Among Beaches and Forests
        And Bodies of Fresh Water where i am Certainly
        Fortunate to be Sired in a Garden of Eden that’s
        Real on the Planet Earth where i do live now
        but it’s true my FriEnd no Matter how
        Beautiful this Garden of Eden is
        Folks still Worship the God
        of Money and
        And Now a Leader
        that/who represents all that is
        Evil about Material Goods and
        Money Away from Soul of Love now..
        For it’s true over 80 Percent of the Folks
        where i live regularly give that ‘man’ Thanks and
        Praise and i am just here as a Messenger From the
        God of Nature to Say Wake Up and Remember Love
        Dance and Sing and Give Praise and Thanks for this
        Nature of EartH That God Gifts Us as Nature Whole
        As Miracle of Life Now.. Smiles my Friend.. rarely does anyone thank
        me for what i do in words.. but when they do.. it is more often for no words at All..
        JusT The Dance.. JusT For ThE Love of Life.. Just For The Joy that Needs no words at all..
        i was/AM
        that i wasn’t
        able to speak
        until age 4.. i got
        to KNow and Feel and
        Sense the Nature of God
        in Nature Before i was Spoon
        Fed any ‘Trump’ CRap Away from God..
        i am the Fortunate one to Live in Heaven..
        i am the Fortunate one to Have Lived in Hell..
        This Is No New story It’s Just ‘US’ in Heaven and ”THEM’ in Hell
        And ‘Us’ in Heaven telling ‘Them’ what a Naked Miracle of Life this is..
        other than
        that Lala
        Rukh.. i told
        you.. you are my
        FriEnd and as Long as
        You Welcome me here i
        Will never leave your side..
        My Mother Told me the Same thing
        When i was Born and She Never Gave
        Up either for Lord KNows not every Mother Bears
        A Son Who will be both Devil in Hell and Angel in Heaven

        In Just one Life..

        But it’s True As She did that for me i Do That For All Others too..

        Whether ‘They’ want it or not as Yes.. tHere were Years i had No
        Way to Physically And Or Psychologically Appreciate Her Love.

        SMiLes.. mY FriEnd As i Will Continue to Never End Now And
        Begin by Saying THE ONLY Recognition i Need is to LiVE NoW..
        i Love All of This i Do And Am NoW And i Will Continue NoW to ‘Pay’
        Others Just to Do It..
        iN Victory of LoVE
        Thank You
        For Preparing
        All the Avenues
        to Love Life like this.. FearlesSly UnconditionAlly
        For NoW That’s What Love Does.. IT Gives And Shares
        With Never Expectation NoW For Return For Love Shares and Gives NoW..:)

  2. Hmm.. it’s still 6:01 O’clock on Your Computer Desk Alarm Clock
    but never the less… Lala Rukh.. Happy October 6th.. 10.6.18
    as it is as i do Love the Golden Ratio PHI Number of 1.168
    Rule and that Date today is enough to make me wanna
    Celebrate it as that is Key in Life Making all
    of Life into Light even recognizing the
    Greatest Lights come from DArk
    maKing the Dark
    Essence too
    For Gratitude
    more specifically
    In Material Reductionist
    Science Views Raising Healthy
    Levels of the Neuro-Chemicals in
    Serotonin for Self-Confidence and
    Trust in the Environments of Life we
    Navigate as we adjust our Natural Innate
    Biological Propensities of Happiness in Light
    And the Other Potential Parts in Dark as Dopamine
    is the Pleasure NeuroChemical that Novelty of Gratitude
    for even more Beauty of Life will Bring to Fly our Souls even
    Higher to a Real Heaven Within now that is no Myth or Fairy Tale
    but the Essence of what Myths and Fairy Tales and Even Bible Stories
    Speak to of the Inner Universe of Being Human that was almost impossible
    to other wise understand until Science Measured the Material Reductionist Parts
    of the Neurochemicals and Neurohormones including the Social Bonding Neurohormone
    Oxytocin that gives one that Warm and Fuzzy Feeling of Hugging Grand-Ma’s too.. hmm.. Well
    Anyway.. while some folks delete me when i go on about Heaven like this or scramble my words
    for they say this is all Word Salad that makes no knowledge they have a Context for now in the
    Housings of Human Emotions and Senses that make Vehicles and Vessels of Fairy Tales and
    Myths and Bible Stories too.. hey.. you don’t delete me and you still let me come and visit
    you and you even come back by to say Hi when the Spirit moves you and that is
    Verily enough
    for me
    feels and senses
    what i would be able
    to do if everyone tolerated
    and accepted the Differences
    of me like this but it is also true
    We Humans are only evolved
    For Intermittent Reinforcement
    so in this way the DArker
    PArts of Life for those
    who cannot or
    will not
    the Deeper Holy
    and Sacred Full of
    Meaning and Purpose in my
    Words of Free Verse Poetry
    And Dance Steps now exceeding
    6 Million Words and 10,000 Miles of
    Steps in Free Verse Poetry and Public Dance in 61 Months
    too it is even more True that Dark just explodes more Light as me..
    For it is True too the Breath of Life.. the Living Water of Life and the Light of the
    World is Love as that applies to all Humans now once one moves to Incarnate Love
    And it’s true there is a story about this in a Bible but sadly the Man who was
    telling this Story About Incarnate Love as that Potential is Possible for all
    Humans has been relegated to one Flesh and Blood Human as only Idol
    of Love
    in Flesh
    and Blood
    for it is true when
    Human becomes Love
    Incarnate there is toleration
    and acceptance for all Humans
    now and in whatever Behavior is
    Related to Giving and Sharing Love with others Free..
    No Walls.. No Immigrants.. No Humans to Own and Neglect and Abuse
    As Love Conquers all DArkness when Human Becomes Light of Living Love Truest Blue SkeYes
    oF God.. Anyway.. My FriEnd.. Some Folks Understand Poetry and Parables and Some Unfortunately
    Have yet to Develop the Greater Human Eyes and Ears to Understand What and Who Love Really is as US.:)

  3. Oh Lord.. it’s the 7th and not the
    6th but i went to a 40th Year Class
    Reunion this Weekend and i am a bit
    behind on Communicating with Blog Friends
    and it’s true i have Your Internet Site Here Lala
    Rukh to give thanks for a few i met here
    who have lasted 4 years too
    as i met you here
    just about
    5 Years
    ago in the
    End of July
    for really only a Friendship
    in every day communication that
    Lasted about 6 Months but as Loyal
    Friends go i stay until i am told to go away
    as sure i will dust my feet off easily where i am
    not welcome too.. hmm.. i wonder why you don’t
    respond to the Nice Comments Folks leave you here
    but that is not for me to Judge although it seems so different
    in how you never missed a Reciprocal Social Communication
    for all who communicated on your Blog Things Change Life gets
    Dark Life Gets Busy Life gets LiGHT and Lord Knows Feels and Senses
    in me..
    i worked
    all i had time
    for was work work
    work and when folks
    asked me what i had
    been doing just two
    words well actually
    Four Been
    Precisely that’s three..
    hehe.. anyway hAha when
    you Retire drop by and say hi
    when you get a chance if you Like and or Will
    too as i’ll guess i’ll continue to come by unTil
    you say Good Bye.. for True i am the Fortunate
    one to sTill have it in me to just say Hi mY FRiEnd
    For True i do Know the other place Just Working Working for Decades True too..:)

  4. Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back!. You totally deserve it. and nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares to our parents showing us off to other people and feeling proud. Thats like the best feeling in the world. May Allah keep all our parents healthy, wealthy and alive forever. AMeen!

    • Hey, thanks for your pat, it feels good ๐Ÿ™‚ and you are right, nothing can ever compare to that feeling. Just a good feeling to hold on to. Thank you so much for your wishes, much love x

  5. Oh Mabrook! Programming, huh? I’ve been wanting to learn coding for quite some time now, and I’ve even planned it out how I’m gonna manage with the rest of my studies. I know where I could learn and all, just waiting for the right opportunity. And largest travel agency of UK. MashaAllah๐Ÿ˜Ž
    Tbh, I don’t know how much everyone else thought you could do, but I always knew you’d make me proud! ๐Ÿ˜Žโค
    I’m so happy for you. Alhamdulillah. May Allah grant you more and more life’s joys. And more and more success. Aameen.
    And wese, what a surprise though, I was expecting another depressing post about how cruel the world is ๐Ÿ˜‚
    It’s so good to hear positive news in this cruel world ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ซ

    • Hey my gal, oh yes programming haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ Did my teary eyed posts not give away that ever? ๐Ÿ˜› Well thank you so much for so much Love that you always give me, I appreciate it a lot. Love you for saying all these nice things. And seeeeeee, here I am disappointing you again by not meeting your expectation of a sad post haha, so good to see you. Hope things are good at your side, Thanks and love x

      • No, itโ€™ll always make me happy to find you happier than I thought. Alhamdulillah for everything Allah has given you and may He give you more. I wish you the best of luck โค๏ธ

  6. Lalaaaaaa! ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’ฎ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒป
    Girl, I got so excited just seeing your name on the screen that I didn’t even read the post and got down to commenting.
    I really really hope you’ve been well, I swear I was thinking about you, and even during Ramadan, I was trying to name every person that has managed to somehow make an impact in my life in my prayers, and your name was constantly there and I constantly wondered about you.
    I’m so glad to see you here again! ๐ŸŒป
    And okay I’ll read the post now. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  7. Hey stranger.

    Well actually I am the estranged one. As always it give me joy every time I see one of your “RANTS” :p

    Oh …. The times (reminiscing) … Damn … I know I vanished over the last 4-5 … like the Horn of the donkey … LOL :p

    Most likely you and everyone think I died or something … But to tell you the truth I have never really missed anyone of your post … here I was sorting through last one week of trash in my mail box … And I happened upon a diamond … White Shadow [New Post] …!!!

    Well I have always told you … for every person on the other side of that Computer screen of your … who thinks little of you … there are a 100 even 1000 people on this side of screen … who think a world of you … who are proud … and believe you can do anything you will ever put your mind to … !!!

    The conviction of a person as strong as yourself …

    Who never back off …
    Never stays down …
    Falls down …
    Gets up …
    Brushes off the dust …
    And starts pushing again …

    Your conviction and determination … how you call it in urdu … Azm aur Irada … can move mountains dear!!!

    And that is what each and every one of your readers think of you!!!

    So keep going … stronger, steadier and harder!!!

    As always … Stay Blessed!!!

    • PS: For those who think little of you … its unfortunate that they are unable to see beyond there own short comings … and its there loss!!!

      • Hey Mister, so first of all to get things straight, i was in your TRASH FOLDER? How rude is that. Anyways yeah i did think you have died so i guess we are equal now. Thank you for all your kind words man, it means a lot. I will keep going, stronger. Hope things are good at your side of the world. Best wishes x

        • Hey … where did that come from.

          Really Sorry It came out wrong.

          You can never ever ever be in my trash folder.

          What I meant was everyday I get all these stupid emails from FB, Twitter, LinkedIn for birthdays, requests etc. and I sort of select all and then hit delete! Thatโ€™s what I was calling trash.

          Never ever yours.

          You know how long I have been waiting for this reply. The first 2 weeks I used to open WordPress every morning just to see if the response came !!!

          Really solemnly sorry (kaan pakar kay) my intent was never to hurt you.

          I will wait for your forgiveness!!! ๐Ÿ˜•

            • ๐Ÿ˜ญ

              That is so not fair Yaar. I was so worried all day. You know you will always hold a special place in my heart. You are my best pen pal. I am so relieved now. ๐Ÿคค

              Kis ki majaal kay teri email trash mai dale. Jaan nai le lu ga mai gmail ki. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. To be Your own Person..
    In other Words of Social
    and Psychology Science to
    Self Actualize as Maslow says
    is a Life Long Endeavor
    in Deed and
    in practice his
    Theory more in Soul
    As Mind and Body Balancing
    SpiRit of HeART in Transcending
    Self Actualization Needs to Bringing
    the Rest of the World up in any way one
    all the innate
    and environmental
    tools at hand but of course
    the Danger too is we become
    the Tools and Lose the Soul in Mind
    and Body Way where Emotions Run
    through the Body and even Cognitive
    Behavioral Therapy is not enough to Bring
    A Child’s Soul of Wonder Imagination and Original
    Creativity back.. for that my friEnd Lala Rukh for who
    i have entered
    her space
    on the
    Internet without
    Fail each and every
    time she comes to visit
    now for 59 Months soon
    to be 5 Years is apparently the
    Paths of Journey in Life you continue to
    take as there are also Stages of Faith too as Fowler
    says up and to Love For all as the Ultimate God and Religion
    in understanding and tolerance and even acceptance for the differences
    among others too.. one big Family Holding Hands of Truly unlimited differences
    in Culture and Innate way too.. anyway.. since i met you when you were 21 and i was
    53 that makes you 26 now.. and i must say i would never trade my age now at 58 for
    any one of those ages then for all the trials and tribulations of having to measure up to
    the expectations and limitations that others expected of me for making a Dollar Bill for
    Survival then and of course all the Grand Expectations my Father’s side had for me
    in Money and Status and Power that never meant anything to me or my Mother’s
    Side of the Family for that side is all about the Currency of Love to Give and
    Share with others as all that really Matters in this Life is the Love you
    Give and Share with others that is real.. as that increasingly can
    and will get Harder as we become the Tools of Culture more
    than truly Human with a Naked Dance of Love for all
    now.. but anyway ya gotta make a Living and
    the Environment of Expectations and
    Limitations from others can and
    will be almost impossible
    to escape for
    when one becomes
    the Actual Director Producer
    and Actor of tHeir own Play wHere
    the only affirmation that counts is the
    Mother and Father and Friend that is you
    as Freedom’s Dance and Song coMe to be Real..
    anyway.. it’s true i have the Relative Free Will to be
    all of me now and Love without restraint without ever
    expecting anything in return but it’s true for one who loves
    unconditionally the
    intrinsic rewards
    are endless now..
    Good to see
    you again
    Lala Rukh
    and i am happy
    to see you as a very
    intelligent person are finally
    getting to use all that potential
    that you earned in your College years
    for it’s true so many people work so hard at
    College and all through School really for not much
    of anything at all when they get in the ‘real world’ for
    whatever the endless possibilities of that may come to
    be both by measure of individual opportunities exercised
    and also
    by the
    and expectations
    for those of what we
    come to Value Most and True
    the actual ability to escape ‘Group Think’
    in all the ways that comes as a Social Animal
    at core is truly a Measure of Relative Free Will
    and a
    Measure of Freedom at all.. yes
    we do live in a strange world more
    specifically I do where Folks Name God Love
    And make a Leader Like a Man Called Trump their Savior..
    but my FriEnd that’s Par for the Course of not only HiStory
    but Humans
    much Free
    Will to think and
    feel and sense for themselves at all..
    Fortunately.. for me.. my Mother ruled for Free..
    And now in turn i do share and give that ulTiMate Gift of Will iN LoVE..
    Best Wishes Hopes and Prayers for you to keep LooKinG uP mY friEnd NoW..:)

      • Hi.. Lala Rukh.. nice to see You Returning to the Creative Pages of Your
        Life and nah.. they’ve Never been Boring to me for True i See all Human
        Blooms as FLoWeRS Ranging From Rose to Grains
        Quartz Sand
        of Magic Beach..
        Life is Longer Traveling now
        And Covered with Veils of what
        we come to Find or Loose of so
        Many Potential Intelligences of
        Life in Both Arts And Sciences
        True i’ve been Covered and
        Naked in and From
        Ignorance too
        my Friend
        in Original
        Greek Definition
        in Apocalypse now
        of Lifting those Veils
        of Ignorance into Greater
        Lights and Human Potentials too
        but oh the Magic.. Yes.. The Real MaGiC NoW
        iN SpiRit of HeART and SoUL going now so much
        further than Neo-Cortical Places of Time Distance
        and Space that need not exist when Astrocyte Waves
        Come in Synergy of Balance in Metaphor of Unleashing
        And Releasing so much Greater Quantum Human Potential Blessed
        to be in this Place Rising since 66 Months ago in March of 2013
        Still Traveling IN Hell
        Then Rising out
        of What Truly
        Felt and
        Sensed Like
        Hell In the March of
        That Year until rising out
        of Hell of Pain and Numb
        in 66 Months of doing that from
        January of 2008 through July of 2013
        it’s True A Holy Spirit of Creativity will come deep
        from within when one is still living in the Pain and Numb
        of Hell my Friend and perhaps with 4 Months like it did with
        me send some one straight from Hell into Heaven Real Within
        inside outside above so below and all around and with 6 Million
        Words and Lots of Help from Friends across the West to Ocean
        Far of East i’ve just about got a Job Done of ArTicuLating a Reality
        of Heaven for those with Deep Enough eyes and ears to see for you
        see my
        in no meaSure
        of Science nor is
        God in one Word but Kiss of all that is now..
        Best of wishes but remember Science takes both Art and Soul away..
        And use it or lose it applies to all that is life but there is always now to sTarT aGaiN
        Even if all of the Science of Life takes the Art and Soul Away That’s Good News my Friend
        Back Returning As Art For
        ReaL And GRowS AGAiN NoW
        Ocean Whole more than ever before..
        but no one told me any of this when i was
        your age at 26 now nor or even at 53 until then or
        even at 58 A few moments ago before i meet God now
        more fully within now as Love that is ReaL Art NoW
        as that
        now for those
        who free themselves
        of words and other symbols of limits and expectations of any less than now more..
        As Most any 3 to 5 or Earlier Year Old Child Understands before trapped in a Desk of PriSon..:)

  9. Good to see you… Achievements irrespective of how big or small they are will always be achievements.. They really help us in lifting our morale during those low moments and make us feel proud of ourselves.. All the best girl..

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