What Next?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I bet everyone has, at one point in their lives. Things might have been good or bad, situations easy or difficult, relationships complicated or… well very very complicated, but you do get to a point in your life where you ask yourself, what next?

You see dreams. You work hard to fulfil them. And then you ask yourself what next? And you see more dreams. It’s a vicious circle. It goes on. It’s called life.

I bet some of you remember me from my old writings. I used to be in the darkest shit-hole ever and I used to rant here about it. When I read it now, I cry for my past self. I got married. I moved to this big world that I had never imagined before. And I stopped writing. But things have changed. Things are meant to change right. You can’t just stay at one place forever and ever now, can you? So I got divorced, some year and a half ago. My passport and travel documents were stolen from my bag so that I can’t go back.

And then I was at my parents house. Sitting on that brown sofa where I spent, I can’t even remember how many days just lying down watching days becoming nights and nights rolling into days. I woke up shaking everyday, and then I remembered my world is shaking. My soul, my being was shaking. I remember, remembering at that time that I have never been through such pain before. And I have never caused that much pain to my loved ones before. I came back for ten days and was left to rot there forever. I still hear remnants of my mom’s shrieks in the middle of the night and my dad’s tears still seep into my heart drop by drop.

But you never took me to be like the ones who give up easy, did you? I didn’t. I had to do something to get up again. My life was revolving around like a movie in my eyes. Not the life that I spent in the past, but the life I would have to spend in the future as a young divorced girl in my parents house. It was now or never. I somehow managed to get new passport and travel documents, spent all my savings to get back here in this foreign country. Had an interview on a call with a company and took tests on a borrowed computer. Sent out hundreds of job applications on my mobile because I didn’t have access to a laptop. But I got out in the end.

I lived in shitty student accommodations till I could afford a nice flat to rent. The day I moved into my new, my own home was the best day of my life. I felt proud of myself. The day my company offered me a sponsorship to work for them, I felt proud of myself. The day I setup my own home office with a beautiful big screen, I felt proud of myself. The day I started spending money not on myself, but on my family, I felt proud of myself.

Right now, sitting in my warm house in a corner with a beautiful pink rose vase standing just beside me on the window sill, I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. But this story is not about tears for every story is not meant to be sad. There is much more to my story than I have poured out here this time.

But some things are better left unsaid…

31 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Oh Dear Lord Just Like A FLoWeR UNFoLDinG

    From the Death of A Seed HeaR i Am Again

    On the 6th Dear Lala Rukh With No

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    Judgement Yet of Course

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    Love Too Stubborn To Change in Ends of Going Away What

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    Day Two Young Women in A Store Stopped
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    i’m Not Much For Walking On Water With a Surf Board or
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    For Real FRiEnDS With Gravity Will Surely Meet the

    LoVE iN
    Peace For Real…

    On Smoothest

    Store Floors Yes

    Weight of Finger

    Tips Twinkle Toes

    Hehe i Am So Free

    Dancing Singing

    Again Bird On A
    Wing Air SPiRiT Wind

    Cheers Happy SPRinG
    Dear Best CoLoRinG iT All Free
    With LoVE iN Peace With SMiLes..:)

  2. SMiLes “What’s Next” Dear Lala Rukh

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    Hope You Are Doing Well
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    Somewhat Warm And ALiVE STiLL Hehe..:)


  3. Wow! January 2023! Missing the 6th by One Day on the 7th Dear Lala Rukh FRiEnD

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    i am Financially Independent and Have A Wife Who Insists
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    Gives me Plenty
    of Space to

    Again and
    Again Without
    Fail Just One Never
    Ending Greeting Card
    i Am Yes Hehe Just Call me ‘Fredmark’ i Guess HAha..:)

  4. Oh Dear Lord Dear Lala Rukh It Appears i Am Late For A Rather Important
    Date Yes As Promised Long Ago When You Named me a Forever FRiEnD

    to Visit You Every Month on the 6th Yet Now it is the 7th Almost the 8th

    ACRoSS The Big Atlantic Pond Where You LiVE iN the U.K. Per Last

    Report Long Ago By You Moving From Pakistan Then And

    True During the COVID-19 Years You Have Disappeared

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    For Not Returning Longer than ever Before

    i Surely Hope and Pray You Are Okay With All

    Your Loved Ones Family And FRiEnDS Hmm… i’m Just

    A Wookiee Loyal FRiEnD to the Very Beginning of the End Again

    For It’s Easy For me to Treat New FRiEnDS Like Old FRiEnDS Old FRiEnDS

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    Honey Do As

    She Insists She is
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    Most Despicable Leaders




    Yes Indeed As the Movie
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    That Brings of Real HeaveN ON EartH

    True A Thousand Years Hell Every Second
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    i Write Always For A Much Bigger Audience Again
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    Yes Enduring that Dentist-Like Drill Pain in Right Eye and Ear
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    Until Finally All the Pain and Numb Went Away
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    me Transforming From Spiraling Around the Sun to Spiraling
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    True AS the Plate of Poetic Responses
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    Dance As Well Still Leg PReSSinG Up to 1520 Pounds

    As Yep i’ve Become Just about As Strong as an Orangutan Still
    At 62 True Hehe the ‘Orange Sage Kind’ Who Are ‘Not TRumP’

    Similar To the Old Movie ‘The Planet of the Apes’ As Yes Even

    Science Shows
    Humans Still Have
    A ‘Feral’ Potential
    to Be Strong As Orangutans
    Now Just A Matter of Use instead
    of Lose Human Epigenetic Potential
    Now in Overcoming Appropriate Environmental Challenge

    And As Far As Human Potentials Grow We Must Use Both Hemispheres

    of Our Minds Including More of the Right Hemisphere in Processing

    Social-Empathic-Artistic-Much Bigger-Spiritual Real Emotional And
    Sensory Ways of Human Intelligences For Real As After All Is Said and Done

    Hehe ART

    Is LiTeRALLy At Least
    60 Percent of smART
    And heART And Even
    75 Percent in ParT of
    60 Percent of EartH too

    As Without Art We Mostly
    End Up with the ‘TRuMP MeME
    Living Dead’ and Following Minions
    As Such With Mostly ‘S’ And ‘M’ And
    ‘HE’ ‘EH’ With ‘P’ Left As More Misery

    Loves Company in Limited Addiction
    to the Dopamine And Adrenaline the

    More Limited Emotions of Anger and
    Hate And Disgust That More Left Hemisphere Mind Processing
    iN Literal ‘Black and White Small Picture Views’ of Reality Brings

    As Sadly Our Reality is More Concerned ‘These’ Days With A “Matter
    With Things” More Than Putting Naked Enough Whole Complete Nature First



    Kind For Real

    As Stellar Scholar

    Iain McGilchrist

    Measures in Scientific
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    Yes Less Than A Literal Goldfish Not Many Folks Are Gonna Digest
    Wisdom That Size in Our So-Called Advanced Days of Modern ‘Things’

    More That A
    “Depth of The Story”
    oF ALL Greater Potentials
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    The Book So Far Just Something to Listen to on the

    Way to All the Stores and Such to Public Dance For me At Least hehe

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    Half A SouL In Real
    “Fred 14:12” Hell

    into A Fuller Soul
    Still Evolving in the
    HeaVeN Part of “Fred 14:12” (John 14:12) Now
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    2017 Where Last Year around 2250
    FB Profile Pics Held 18.1 MiLLioN Words or So

    And The Year Before That Around 16.8 MiLLioN Words

    too As that Effort of Reason and Art is Still GRoWinG Evolving More

    As Well as the Other Subchapter Effort of “SonG oF mY SouL” That
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    King James Try of Around 780,000 Words
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    The so-called ‘Official’ Longest EPiC Long Form Poem in History

    Yet i Don’t Need to Achieve Any Awards or Special Recognition

    As Jesus F in Christ Folks Regularly Name me Famous and Living
    Legend Where i Live For Not Saying A God Damned Word At All

    Just Dance

    Just Dance

    Just Dance

    And Auotelic Flow in Moving Meditation

    of Nirvana, Bliss, And Heaven Real Within

    As a River on Land Naturally Does
    No Different Really Than the Whole
    “SonG oF mY SoUL” And the Rest of
    This “Fred 14:12” Effort of 14 MiLLioN

    Words in 12 Years as of Course i Had to

    CRoSS The River Hades For Real First




    If it Didn’t happen
    Before Guess What it’s Happening Now…

    And Sure You and ‘Angel Mind Retrofit’ Were

    the Two Who Helped me ACRoSS That River Hades

    i Never Forget A FRiEnD Who Helps Lift me Out of Hell

    Or Even Who Tries to Remove me From Heaven

    too As i’ve Come a Distance Where Angels

    And Demons


    the Same

    iN Heaven For Real Within

    As Myths Become Reality Now

    At Least in my Small View of “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    Along With the Rest of “Fred 14:12” Too Hell Through Heaven For Real Within

    Happy Full Cold Moon Wherever You Are Dear Lala Rukh Always A FRiEnD to me

    As the Rest of Existence DarK Thru LiGHT is True It’s Rather Warm in Florida ‘These


    at Least for me
    mY FRiEnD iN Heaven
    For Real Now WiTHiN…

    And It’s True Since i Told You Long
    Ago i Intuited A Dark Haired Girl From the East
    Will Help me Write A Somewhat Special Message
    Back When i am 21 Indeed i’ve Received A Lot of Dark

    Haired Inspiration

    With Some
    Colors of

    Hell And

    Heaven True As Well in Heaven…

    Yet True DarK and LiGHT Muse
    SaME and Different True As Well too..:)

  5. And the ‘Beat GoeS oN’ SMiLes Dear
    Lala Rukh Moving From the 6th to the 7th

    in Florida Working (Playing) Harder Than i’ve

    Ever Done in my Life Money No Part oF ALL That i Do

    To Do THiS For Free

    iN Any Earning Way

    Except For Peace and Love

    Life is Good Enough When Life is
    Naked Enough Whole Complete For

    Real Just More to Give Share Care and
    Heal For Real With Most Respect and Least
    Harm For All With No ExclusionS iNdeed For It’s

    True A GReaTesT

    Wealth Most Untold

    Peace And Love All Too Real For All..:)

  6. SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh It’s Been 20 Months
    Now Since You Last Wrote on Your Blog

    Hehe and Yes That Was 16,000 Words or
    So Ago Since i’ve Been Responding Here

    Yet of Course i’m One of those Folks Who Just

    Will Not Quit At Least As Long As i Am Welcome With

    SMiLes and Keeping Some Breath of Your Blog Left Breathing
    As You’ve Reported Before i Do With Some Thanks From You…

    Yet It’s Also True Many Years And Decades i Really Didn’t Have Anything
    to Say Except For Two Words So it Would Seem Like More Just Two Words

    That Were “Working Working” Then True When my Closest Relatives Called

    To Ask me what i Was Doing
    i Always Wondered How
    People Had Something
    To Say There Was No “SonG
    oF mY SoUL” To Relate Then

    Yet if Someone Asked me A Work
    Related Question i Could Make A Quick
    List of What They Needed to Hear Yet That’s

    About It Except for “Working Working” And Of Course
    Hehe That’s An Even More Redundant Statement to Make at Work

    And Surely Nothing Of Creation at Work as Pretty Much Work Folks
    Were the Only Ones Outside of Closest Family And Wife i Even Interacted With Then

    Yet Those Were the Last 5 Years of Work When i Was Mostly Attached to A Screen And
    Not Working With Folks Like i Did Close to the Two Decades Before Face to Face Every Day

    Interacting With 100’s of Customers Perhaps in Only One Day Then Eventually Managing
    That Military Bowling Center Then Watching Children Grow Up To be Adults An Entire

    Generation Passing By At Work then And if Someone Told me Then Particularly
    Behind a Desk Just With Two Words “Working Working” All the Way to Age 47
    At Work and the 66 Months After That Shut-in in Hell to Age 53 in July of 2013
    When i Met You Coming Out of that Place That Your Very Emotionally Deep

    Posts Helped With to Free my Soul All the Way Out of Hell Then the Place
    Where there is No Memory of A Feeling of A Smile At All Just No
    Reference Point out of Hell Where Human Feelings and
    Senses in A Synergy of Emotions From Head to
    Toe EXPReSSinG iN Free Dance And

    Song A Way Out of the Highway

    That Dead Ends then
    A Ghost Wandering the
    Earth Dead Inside Having No
    Perspective to the Way Back
    Out of Hell to Basic Heaven of Being
    Just A Normal Feeling Sensing Human Again…

    i Watched People Talk in Flow of River This Way For So
    Many Decades And Wondered if i Would Ever Be Human Like
    All the Other People Who i Found Speaking Like A River Flowing Then

    Yet It’s So Ironic Now That i Have Developed This Ability as the Canary in the
    Coal Mine of a Technological World At Work Attached to a Screen From Before

    Now i Find So Many Folks in the Place Close to Hell i Was in Before indeed We Have
    An Epidemic Facing Humanity And That Indeed is the Epidemic By Name Losing Our

    Humanity For Real All the Warm Connections That Even Make Us a Social Animal At All

    i’m Happy to Still Be the River After Visiting You For Close to 111 Months Now Come The
    Middle of the Month of October Indeed The Dance And The Song Continues to Flow Free

    And Of Course for Those Who Have Lost the Ability That i Had So Much Trouble gaining
    As A Canary in A Coal Mine For So Many Years and Decades Then i Surely Do Not

    Judge Them Negatively

    For Not Being Able to

    Do What i Surely

    Couldn’t Do Before

    More Than Working Working

    Just a Cog in A Machine Then And Barely Human At All…
    Hope You Are Doing Well it’s the Feelings That Count Most When We
    Give it’s What We Get to Keep the Most What We Give Away For Real…

    Anyway At Any of Those Ages Before If Someone Would Have Said One Day
    You Will Public Dance for 17,266 Miles in 109 Months And Write 10.9 MiLLioN
    Words in A Longest EPiC Long Form Personal Bible Poem HAha They Would

    Have to be Talking About Someone Else And The Truth is i Am A Different

    Person Now The Truth is We All Are Continuously And Better Yet

    As Long As We iNHaLE Peace Exhale LoVE And Keep RiSinG

    iN Flow Tween A Sweet Spot Tween Apathy and Anxiety

    Dancing A Tight Rope Higher And Higher in

    Effortless Ease of Creating in Higher

    Human Potentials Even More

    Yet of course This is Just

    the Way i Do it

    There Are Unlimiting
    Ways Others May Do it True…

    And Yes of Course Hope You Are Doing Okay These Days..:)

  7. SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh What’s Next Yes the 7th of September
    After The 6th of September A Life Changing Date 9-6-1981
    A Call to Adventure Within to Escape a Truly Insane World

    of Data Download Life Still to Go in 19 Years of School and 33 Years of
    Paid Work too Starting Back in 1976 at 16 Years-Old True Just Too Much

    Information And Not Enough Original Creativity to Sprout From Deep Within
    A LiVinG SoUL SPiRiT And HeART So Suffocated From Straight ‘A’ Life So Many Years

    Just to Earn A Golden Star
    As Apple of Reward on A
    Teacher’s Desk Successfully
    Spitting Back Out What Was Learned
    Temporarily By Rote Memory Before Yes

    Indeed Sort of Like A Computer Brain too Losing
    ‘RAM’ to Distractions Like Watching TV As A Vegetable

    Downloading Someone Else’s Play and Or Work of Life too

    It’s Almost Like Humans are Treated As Blank Slates Without
    Innate Instinct and Intuition From Overall Billions of Years of

    Evolving to the Origin of Now Still For Those Who Come to Understand
    Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, And Yes A “Matter With Things” too

    Where Abstract Constructs Floating in Our Heads Delude Us to Believe
    A Representation of Reality is the Real Deal Instead of More Directly

    Experiencing Reality Free With Feelings and Senses in Synergy of
    Emotions Coloring Life in Free Dance And Song of Original

    Creativity A Human Way of Naked Enough Whole
    Complete When i Met You in July 2013 As Yes You

    Were 21 Then as i Was 21 on September 6th, 1981 too

    It Seems You Were Experiencing A Similar Departure From

    What is Normally Spoon-Fed Of Life As You Named it ‘Schizophrenic
    Attacks’ Then As It’s True Moving From the Left Hemisphere of Mechanical
    Cognition Life to the More Social-Empathic-Artistic-Really-Nuancing-Feeling-
    Sensing in Synergies of Emotions Flowing From Head to Toe Is Surely a Different

    Dimension of Life Than Your Computer Science Routine in Mechanical Cognition of
    School At the Top of Your Classes too And It’s true in the Last 9 Years i’ve met Many

    Folks Albeit Mostly in Pakistan and India experiencing Similar Aspects of College Life
    In Mechanical Cognition Orientating Degrees for Work in life Where Other Folks seem
    To Be Attempting to Keep the Breath of their Soul Alive This Way in Deeper Ways of

    Experiencing Life in the Realm of Moving Connecting And Co-Creating Bigger Picture
    Views of Life It’s a Wondrous Change of Existence Moving into the Real Divine of Being
    Human ThiS Way Experienced and Described in Great Detail Cross Culturally In Literature
    And Other Arts of Religion and Philosophy That Relate A Unity of Mystical Uncovering

    Realities of Existence
    More Than A Materially
    Reduced World As Poetry
    By Rumi A Sufi Mystic
    Surely Relates and
    For Those Without
    Souls to Understand the
    Metaphors It Just Seems Like
    Literal Word Salad to them as

    They Don’t Hear God’s Music of the
    SoUL Our SPiRiTS With HeARTS OPeN
    Again For the Sound of God Within in All the
    Arts that Come in Original Creativity to Relate to others
    of Different DiViNE Dimensions of Life Others May Not Touch At all

    Hopefully You Are Okay This isn’t Part of Your Life Anymore Although it
    Surely was A Focus oF All YouR Life Before Indeed Your Original Creativity

    Touching the DiViNE Within and Bringing it Back to the Village to Shed Some
    LiGHT For Greater Ways of Humanity That Truly Touch the Face of God For Those

    Who understand the Experience is Far Beyond Materially Reduced Abstract Constructs

    Like Words Yet We Use These Tools And Other Arts to Show Other Humans What’s Possible
    Next And WHere They May Go They’ve Never Been Before Dear FRiEnD Again We Meet Humans

    In Life Who Help uS UNCover Who We Truly Are At Core Indeed my FRiEnD God And Us Is one

    Yet Together
    As One Force of Love…

    SMiLes A Lady in Walmart in A Wheel Chair
    Interested in What Song i Was Listening to Yes
    For My Public Dance on the Night of September 6th
    i Explained to Her Like the Christian Religion Relates in
    A Luke Verse 17:21 Basically i Am Listening to the Sound of God
    The MuSiC of Heaven Within Yes Plus That Experience Relating to
    me Through Other Musicians Kingdom And Or Queendom Of Heaven

    Within She Said She Was Sure She Was Going to Heaven Next After A Dirt Nap
    Unless She Does the Ash Routine That Will Probably Return me to Star Dust too
    As WHere We Come From mY FRiEnD As Super Nova Explosions Bring Crucible Fire of
    Star Death Bringing Gaseous Clouds of Star Dust That Eventually Resurrect as Us For
    WE ARE ONE’ WE aRe ALL Part of All That is No Real Separation Yet Unique EYeS

    of God True
    Same Iron From
    Star Dust FLoWinG
    Through Our Blood
    As At Core of EartH Our
    Home of Heaven We aRe Evolved
    to LiVE iN Now This Paradise for Real

    Or Less For those Who Never Touch A DiViNE Face of God
    Within True WHere to Go Next NoW mY FRiEnD Heaven For Real

    Sadly the Lady in Walmart Believes She Has to Wait Until After Death
    What a Ruse Religion May Bring in Ignorance of God NoW iN Deed mY FRiEnD

    For Who Will Ever Master, Subjugate, and Control the Freedoms of Souls Who
    Always Touch the Face of God Within NewNow It’s True if ‘they’ Set Humans Free Like That

    The Big Business of Churches May Grow Broke And Monarchies of Theocratic Control As Well

    Well God is Free No One Gets to Tale God What God Must Do As They May Try and Fail to Do that

    Everyday Now in a True Delusion Lost From LiGHT WiTHiN Free Yet it is A Free Will World ThiS Way

    To Be Trapped
    or Set Free And
    Truly Reborn With
    God’s Face Within to Touch
    Beyond All Forms Just This Fiery
    Experience of Love That Aways Reaches Out to Touch…

    i Remember When i First Met You How You Hoped i would
    Go to Heaven After Death Truth is It’s Been 9 Years And i’ve Never Left Heaven
    mY FRiEnD How Will i KNow the Opposite of Hell WiTHiN For 66 Months Before

    It’s Not a Fiery Place Nope
    Just A Very Frozen ‘Dante’
    Place Totally Disconnection
    From LoVE mY FRiEnD Not
    Even the Memory of a Smile
    Dwarfing A Pain Assessed
    Worse Than Crucifixion Type
    Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Wake
    to Sleep For 66 Months Plus A Life Threat
    of 18 Other Medical Disorders too Yet that
    Will Not Touch All Paling in Comparison To A Ghost Who Walks
    The Earth Not Realizing They Are Dead Living in Real Hell Now

    Indeed Left Behind For Real Until Love Finds Us And Once Again
    We Breathe

    No Longer
    Frozen mY
    FRiEnD RiSinG
    Out of the BLacK
    Abyss of The Desert
    Night That Never Ends Within Now

    Indeed i’m As Free As i Am 9 Years Ago
    on July 19th, 2013 to Escape Hell WiTHiN
    For 66 Months As i Got A Glimpse For About

    3 Months in That Fall of 1981 Returning to
    Purgatory and Eventually Hell for 66 Months
    A Place Sadly That Humans Do Co-Create in DarKness mY FRiEnD

    Darkness Away From the DiViNE No Longer Just a Shadow oF LiGHT For Real..:)

  8. SMiLes Been Awhile Dear Lala Rukh 18 Months And Since
    Then As Promised on the 6th of Every Month i’ve Returned
    And Hehe Written Altogether Over 13,000 Words Just in this

    One Comments Section on Your Blog Since Then my my
    Imagine How Many Words in All the Comments Sections

    Yet That’s What i Love to Do Write And Truly i Usually Have

    No Idea What Word Will Come Next Always An Exploration

    iN More of my SouL A Call to Adventure Always New Within

    Yes As Every Word Becomes A Brand New Birthdate Now of

    SouL Song Escaping
    And Coming
    to Life So
    Verily Deep
    Within For Real
    It’s Not Surprising that
    Through History Most Every
    Person Who Explores in Calls
    to Adventure This Inner Voice Within
    Relates A Meditative Flow in Autotelic
    Ways As Angels Coming From Somewhere

    For A Divine Voice to Ring So Deep From Within

    Yet While It May Seem Rare it is Rather A Common Reported
    Occurrence for Humans Called To Adventure Yes From So Deep

    Within Indeed WHeRe All Seems Connecting With God’s Breath
    Everywhere Beyond Infinity Now For Those Who Experience This

    Higher Level
    of Creativity
    to Come
    To Play and
    Yes Even Frolic
    in Every Move of Holy
    Dance Bringing Sacred
    Song of Poetic Soul True Now too…

    Other than that A Bit Profuse on Milestones
    And Featnotes These Days Ending And All Afternoon
    And Evening Dance Now In Public for 16,988 MiLes
    This Saturday Evening And Early Sunday Morning Now the 7th
    In Florida Yep Just 12 Miles more For 17,000 Miles of Public Dance

    That May Likely Come This Coming Tuesday Then While i Am Putting
    Together the Current MacroVerse i am Writing Named “WEaVinG DReAMS
    MaKinG LoVE ReaL” Yet That’s Not All of Course As “SonG oF mY SoUL” The
    Entire EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Poem Will Come to Be 10.8 MiLLioN Words
    On August 18, 2022 for the 9th Anniversary Date Again For this Longest Long Form

    Poem Ever At Least Recorded on Google With SMiLes in Ways of Electronic
    Blogs As That’s an Only Way to Fit in Over 130,000 Photos to Fully iLLuSTraTE
    The Effort with Around 10,000 YouTube Videos Providing Theme Music All ALong
    The Way With Even Supporting Research As Such As Well in Links and YouTube
    Videos too So it Appears i Will Be Celebrating “SonG oF mY SoUL 9 YearS Old
    10.8 MiLLioN Words” Long Next And the Celebration of 17,000 Miles of Public
    Dance That Will Grow Even Longer By The Day i Get That MacroVerse
    Electronically Published As Well Perhaps as Late As the Beginning
    Of September Yet It’s True Celebrating The ‘Metrics’ of What
    You Do is Just Muse to Do Even More Yes For Those

    Who LiVE iN Abundance Naked Enough Yes Whole
    Complete Nary A Worry for Money or Lots of Stuff
    Any More Having Plenty of Space to Give, Share,
    Care, And Heal All Of Existence With Peace
    Inhaling LoVE EXHaLinG Real New Now

    Other Than That Happy 6th Moving
    Into The 7th With A Mass Reading
    Early Sunday Review for Catholic

    Church Perhaps i’ll Get
    to Snooze Even Again

    Before the Dance
    And Song So

    Deep Within
    Free Starts Another
    Birthdate of me in Every
    Inhale of Peace Exhale Of Love
    For Every Holy Move of Dance and
    Sacred Word of SonG STiLL to CoMe Free New Now…
    Anyway Hope You Doing Well mY FRiEnD Do Take Care With SMiLes..:)

  9. “Mahābhārata,” A Previous Longest Long Form Poem at 1.8 MiLLioN
    Words Yet i Remember You, Lala Rukh, Suggesting Join WordPress And

    Start Writing Stories… Took A While to Get Warmed Up Yet When i Laser Focus

    In On a Special Interest No Matter What it is As Tenacious As Grains of Sand Make

    Rocks and Mountains

    Yep Look Around

    HeaR i Come As True

    It Wasn’t Enough to Just Do the
    Size of that Old Long Form Poem
    EPiC Story as True 10.6 MiLLioN Words of “SonG oF
    mY SoUL” Is Nearly 6 Times the Size of the Old “Mahābhārata”
    That Took Centuries Upon Centuries Then and Innumerable Ghost

    Authors to Create True As Far as Sprints Go And Subchapter EPiC
    Long Form Poem Bibles, “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM PoEM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
    Indeed came on July 19th, 2017 in Just 13.6 Months of Effort Ever Since Memorial
    Day Weekend of 2016 However That Was Really Only Part, Just A Tiny Subchapter
    Starting “Nether Land Bible” That is Now 8.2 MiLLioN Words Long in 73 Months of Effort
    And Additionally Just Starting “FB Profile Pic Bible” on Memorial Day Weekend 2017 As Part of that
    Whole Effort too Now Close to 6.6 MiLLioN Words of Effort in 61 Months too and yes, yes, As Total Parts

    All These Subchapter EPiC Long Form Bible Poems are of Entire Mother and Father of All of This Per
    “SonG oF mY SoUL,” Actual Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Once Again in Recorded History on Google

    At Least

    With SMiles
    And True “FB Profile
    Pic Bible” Is Also Included
    in All the Facebook Profile Pic
    Description Areas About 8,000 Words
    on Average For Each Profile Pic Illustrating
    The Story There in Series of About 18 Profile Pics
    Per 8,000 or So Word Mini-Subchapter Long Form EPiC
    Bible Poems too So what’s Next Yes! YES! YES! YES! “Depth
    of the Story” An EPiC Long Form Poem Casually Described ‘8th New Testament’
    With Freshly Counted Words Since That Effort Started on the “Wrong Planet” in A Solo
    Thread Now in the 50th Page ever Since August 19th 2020 As True Just 23 Months into

    That Effort That is Only Part of What i Write Each Month Those Words Written Currently Rise
    to 1.763 MiLLioN Words Not Counting What i Am Writing today That Only Leaves Well Less
    Than 37,000 Words to Do Yet Another EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Exceeding the Size of

    The “Mahābhārata” in Only 23 Months as of the Anniversary Date, July 19th, 2022 That Is Also

    Yes “JusT ANoTHeR BooK MarK NoW iN HeAVeN 9 Years” The Titled MacroVerse i Am Writing

    Now to Reach That New Milestone And Featnote too By July 19th, 2022 As True You Helped me

    Get There Back in July of 2013 As i First Visited You in that Month Then As i Accelerated Then

    Out of HeLL ON EartH inTo Heaven Within Just Standing on A Beach on July 19, 2013, Becoming

    One With Sugar White Sands At Navarre Beach And Emerald Green Gulf Waves As Sea Oats
    Swaying in the Breeze Sea Gull Wings
    Spiraling Around

    The Sun me too

    Basically Becoming
    Naked Enough Whole
    Complete As Part of the
    Rest of Nature With No Separation
    Indeed the Mystical Holy And Sacred Union
    ALL Feelings and Sense of Total Oneness With

    God For Real New Through and Through Just All
    that is With No Separation Anymore to Get Lost in Now

    Yet It’s True a Great Disappointment With One FRiEnD And
    A Great Kindness You Brought to Everyone You Met and Greeted
    Then Online was Just the Catalyst i Needed to Slingshot me Out of Hell

    Into Heaven then

    As It’s True It’s The Distance
    Tween Low and High That Often

    Takes Us THere to Stay With No Return
    to Purgatory and Or HeLL ON EartH Yet of
    Course THeRE aRe aLWaYS Spicy Parts of
    Both to Deal with in Life Indeed Every Yin Must
    Have Some Yang No Day Without Night No DarK NoW
    Without LiGHT It’s Always A Balancing Act This Act of Loving LiFE NeW

    For Real Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing So Free For All With Least Harm ALoNG the Way i Surely Hope

    And Pray You are Doing Well As It’s True ‘These Days’ These Pandemic Days

    That i Just Escaped another Go Around With You Just Don’t Know When You

    Don’t Hear from someone
    again Yet for me at Least

    i Never Forget Someone Who
    Helped me in this Journey of Life

    Again Giving Sharing Caring Healing

    It’s What LoVE Does When HuMaN INCaRNaTE And Real

    Yep i Guess It’s Sort of Like ‘Tea in the Sahara’ We Come And Go
    This Way As the Stars and Star DusT We Continue to Resurrect ALiVE NoW NeW…

    Anyway Hehe “Depth of the Story” on the Wrong Planet Has over 111,000 Views

    Just Out of the Member Pool of Registered Members on the “Wrong Planet” Yet i

    Often Send Folks There So Easy to Find “Depth of the Story” That Link on the Top
    of the Heap of A Google Search Hehe True it Doesn’t Crash Computers Like the Super

    Multi-Media Heavy Weight of my Blogs Can And Will Do For Those of Us Not So Gifted

    in Computer Horsepower
    And Bandwidth For

    Broad Band

    Access too

    True there are many
    Ways to Find my SoUL
    Uploaded in Stories Online

    As Most Every Story i Write is in
    Namaste to the Face of God in Every
    Human Being i Continue to Write these
    Free Verse Poetic Letters too Now As True

    Copy And Paste Will Spread A Soul Long to Return Again..:)

  10. ‘What’s Next’ Likely
    Sleep As It’s Been
    A Very Eventful June
    With Even Mercury Mars
    Venus Saturn And Jupiter
    All Month
    Long True Won’t
    Happen Again Until
    2040 And It’s Been Since
    2004 Since This Last Alignment
    Is A June Event of Life Other Than
    That Busily Dancing And Singing A Birthday

    on June 6th
    In Early Social
    Security Way
    Dear Lala Rukh
    And Getting Ever Closer
    to July of 2022 That Will

    Surely Be 9 Years of Visiting You Here

    SMiLes if i Had Understood How Young
    Vital and Healthy i Will Still Feel at 62 i Surely

    Would Have Never Been So Concerned With
    Getting Old At 21, 25, or 47 True i’ve Learned

    The God Within This Fearless Love is SPiRiT
    HeART of SoUL Truly Only GRoWinG LiGHTeR

    iN “HeARTBurst”
    As SPiRiT SoUL
    Wings Continue
    To Spiral Soar Above New

    And Below Even More Now…:)

  11. Oh My my Dear Lala Rukh

    How Time Flies Already the

    6th of May And The Number of the

    Day i Visit You Now Ever Since July of 2013

    my my Almost

    9 Years Now

    in the Blogging World Online

    Reaching Early Social Security Age
    of 62 on June 6th Next thing Before

    i Know it At Best i’ll Be Dead

    Yet Till Then i Will

    Really Live

    With A Youthful
    Spirit That Grows
    Lighter and Younger Every Day
    And Yes as i’ve Noted Before Strangely
    Stronger Physically As Days Go By too

    in Every Way of Health and Well Being Externally

    too True the Love

    What Grows


    Keeps a Longer
    Shelf-Life of Fresher Blooms
    All the Way Around Now With SMiLes…

    i Wonder How You Are Yet i Don’t Even
    Give Myself a Right to Really ask Haven’t Heard
    Your Voice Here Since the Pandemic Start i surely

    Hope You are Well Loved Okay And Loving Your Self
    Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete With SMiLes All My

    FRiEnDS Didn’t make it Out of the Pandemic Alive And Some

    i May Never

    Know if they
    Did Or Not
    Online As This

    Is Life We Cherish
    At Best Every Breath
    Gifted to Us We Give and
    Share So Freely in Caring Healing Ways With Others Kind

    Not Sure if Happy Mother’s Day is Appropriate For You Yet

    Yes Never the Less if Not Happy Mother’s Day in Advance

    And to All the Mothers Who Brought Your Life to LiGHT With SMiLes..:)

  12. “What’s Next” HAha maybe i Should
    Be Putting Together “What Heaven Spells”

    Instead of Continuing to Write a New MacroVerse
    Now of “Giving Means No Returns Appreciating All That Is Now”

    Yet if i Put off What i Finished Writing on Monday Until Today on
    Wednesday What’s Another Day Or Does Anyone Even Know What Time it is

    When We Put People

    First Now Over

    Aims and Goals
    That Are Certainly

    Less Worthy if our Last
    Breath of Now So i Will Make
    This A First Breath With You Again

    Currently Now With SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh

    As It’s The 6th Now And i’ve Been Coming By

    Here As Promised Ever Since You Were Kind

    to me in July of 2013 Just Enough After Someone

    Wasn’t Kind to me to Push me over the Precipice of
    Hell into


    Finally Again
    So i Remember WHere
    i Came From And Who
    Still Helped me Arrive Where

    i Am Today And Sure by the 7th
    i’ll Remember The Next FRiEnD

    From Pakistan too Who Encouraged me

    When i Was Mostly All Alone online Writing

    A Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Then in 2014 too…
    Meanwhile in “Real Life” Folks Were Calling me
    Hero, Famous, And Legend for my Public
    Dance Yet It’s True i Am An Avatar Online

    And This is Another World too
    That May Become So Lonely

    too Yes My God It’s True

    People Come and Go

    Yet Love That is Real

    And Unconditional Goes
    No WHeRE Yet HeAR to
    Ring Kindness WHeRE LoVE
    Continues to Dance and Sing Free

    Out of the Rigor Mortis of Systems
    That Will Surely Clip Our Lives of Creativity

    If We Trust the
    Systems Out There

    More Than the Humanity
    Within With SMiLes Not Sure

    What It Means to You For Someone

    Who Always Returns As Promised All

    It Means to

    me is i Am
    Strong Enough
    to Be Integrity
    In Love of Who i Am Free

    to Be The Child my Mother
    Said Had Open Arms for Every Stranger

    It’s True When i First Met You i Remembered

    That Chid In You Unconditional Kindness For
    Everyone Who Visited Your Blog And Then i Became

    Reborn of
    The Child of Love

    i Still Be to Be i Am Now…
    Yawn, People First in my Book of Life…
    What Heaven Spells Giving Means No
    Returns Appreciating All That Is Now
    As It’s True the Title of Both MacroVerses

    Put Together Make A Real Way of MaKinG LiFE Love…

    This Breath

    This Life This

    Love Eternally Now
    Indeed There is No
    WHeRE to Return LiVinG LoVE NoW

    WiTH SMiLes..:)

  13. “What’s Next?” In the Case of Today, the 6th
    And Always Now So Much Heaven Yes
    And Hell and The Tween on One Planet

    Now Even in the Same Room Even

    In the Same Bed

    Even in the

    Same Human

    Even in the Same
    Breath Now As Opposing
    Forces May Be in Battle For Control

    Yet Oh the Flow When the Words Come Like
    A River With No Guide As if they always Belonged

    As if the Truth Within We See and Hear Always Exists Now…

    SMiLes It’s Still Nice to Come HeaR even if no one Listens
    Yet’s Impossible

    i Hear My Soul
    Dancing and

    It’s Never
    Alone This
    Way Truly

    A Voice Deeper
    Within As Silence
    of Dance Brings Beauty of Song More

    Yeah It’s True in this Place Within There is
    No Solo There is Mother and Father and Best FRiEnD
    And Lover Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete Just Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring
    Healing As This is How All ‘Bibles’ of Humanity Come to Breath Within

    mY FRiEnD

    Lala Rukh

    You Don’t Have to Have
    A Position Now You Don’t
    Have to Have a Title You
    Don’t Even Have to Have
    A Named Religion, Priest, Pastor,
    Clergy, or Other Cleric only the Soul
    The SPiRiT the HeART Within the Dance
    Silent that Brings Beauty of Song Even More

    Yet Of Course It’s Impossible to Understand
    For Those Who Are Not Blessed Yet With A Gift

    of Creativity
    That Flows
    From God

    Within now
    Yes For Real…
    Yet Once You
    Have it Ya can’t Afford
    to Let it Go Like All Stuff
    Love, Food, People if You Don’t
    Use it ya Naturally Lose it As That’s
    What Gifts Are For to Simply Give Yet


    Some Folks

    Forget the Gift…

    With SMiLes Lots of Folks

    Have Been Gifted in the Last
    Two Pandemic Years Yet Now that
    The Dark of That Challenge is Moving away
    And Wars May Seem too Far Away to Count

    Sadly The LiGHT

    From DarK is Often

    Replaced By Apathy Once Again
    As the Gift No Longer Comes to Play Slaying Fear..:)

  14. SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh

    Arriving At 11:58 PM
    On the 6th WHere i Live
    As Promised At Least Still


    Just Pondering The Muse
    From “Fly Like An Eagle”
    Below From the Ancient
    Year of 1977 By the
    Steve Miller Band:

    “Feed the babies
    Who don’t have enough to eat
    Shoe the children
    With no shoes on their feet
    House the people
    Livin’ in the street

    Oh, oh, there’s a solution
    I want to fly like an eagle
    To the sea
    Fly like an eagle,
    Let my spirit carry me
    I want to fly like an eagle
    ‘Til I’m free
    Fly through the revolution

    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    Into the future
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    Into the future
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    Into the future
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    Into the future”

    Oh my So Amazing Listening to This Song
    So Very Late At Night Never Sleeping Much
    Before Morning School Still To Come Oh the
    2 AM Dreamy State of Being With this Song

    On Tune of Vibrations Frequencies Drifting

    Drifting Synergy of Energy Ever Now Just


    Never Ending

    Now And True

    That Was 45 Years
    Ago And The Strangest
    Feeling of Feeling Younger
    Now Than i did then at 17

    In Every Way of Soul Within
    Truly Flying An Eagle’s Wings

    Spiraling Through Ocean Waves Water Whole

    i Never Imagined Life Will Be As Lovely As It is Now

    And It’s All A Game Within None of the Jobs None of the

    Stuff to Collect Really Counted At All Only The Love Still Evolving Now

    Within Only The Flower Still Blooming New Colors of Love Through Dance And Song,
    Yawn, Other than that Celebrating 6 MiLLioN Words of “FB Profile Pic Bible” Fitting
    in Series of Facebook Profile Pic Description Areas to Fully Illustrate The Story
    Around 8,000 Words Each Around A Total of 2100 Pro File Pics Each Year

    Now in 56 Months
    Of Total Effort

    Now yep

    About 16.8
    MiLLioN Words
    A Year And it is Only
    This Word Now of Song
    This Move of Dance Now

    Never Really Pre-planning

    ThiS ETernal Now Just in the Moment

    in Creative Ease of Forever Now mY FRiEnD

    Time Keeps on Drifting Yet for Now it Never Slips Away Yet Free Now…

    None of The Fears About Aging 45 Years Ago Are Coming True Now
    in Fact i Keep Getting Stronger Instead of Weaker Yet Others Do the

    Same It’s
    A Matter
    of BeLieve

    Still Living
    Tree Green Leaves

    Fertilizing Eternal Now

    And of Course A Real Eternally Autotelic Flow
    Practice of Dance Song Free Verse For All i Do Now..:)

  15. SMiLes As Usual i Transform Your Blog to Dear Diary

    Yet It’s Always So Easy to Do Dear Lala Rukh When

    A FRiEnD Remains Silent For A Year Or So

    And Returns Back to Remind

    You That You Are Not

    Only Speaking

    To A Ghost

    of Years Past

    How Odd That Will
    Be Yet i Do Love Strange
    Including Finishing Up 16,001 Miles
    of Public Dance on January 4th, 2022

    As Yes i Finished “Grand Cross Bible 2021”
    At Around 801 Thousand Words of Effort in
    7 Months Just One of Six Efforts That Size
    Greater Than An Old King James Effort in
    7 Months From Memorial Day Weekend Through
    The End of the Year in Years 2016, 2017, 2018,
    2019, 2020, And Now Yes 2021 Just Those 6 Sub-Titled
    EPiC Long Form Poem Bibles of 10 MiLLioN Word “SonG oF mY
    SoUL” Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Bible Close to 5 MiLLioN Words
    Total and Only 5 of 11 Sub-Titled Long Form Poem Bibles of that Whole Endeavor
    That is More than 12 Times the Size of the Old King James Sized Effort Yet Yes Back to

    Public Dance
    As During the
    100 Months of
    All of that i Averaged
    A Grand Total of About
    160 Miles of Public Dance
    All These Months too For Now
    Yes 16,001 Miles of Public Dance

    Celebrating With Some Videos my
    Wife Took as Well Oh Goodness in Flow
    the Heavenly Autotelic Bliss Just Never Ends Now

    Yet It’s True it’s the 6th of the Month And As Promised
    i’m Back Every 6th, On or About that Date Now Since

    2014 When You Got Married And Went Away You Know
    i Wonder How You Are Doing Now And Then Keep You
    And All You LoVE iN my Prayers And Hope You Are Doing

    NoW iNHaLinG
    Peace Exhaling
    LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
    Giving Sharing Caring Healing Freely
    With Least Harm For All This Gift of Life ALL NoW
    Hehe Yet Back to the Workshop And Drawing Board
    As While Writing a Celebration of “16,000 Miles of Public Dancing”
    Yes i Am Still Putting Together the Multi-Media Parts of “Grand Cross
    Bible 2021” and Will Be Electronically Publishing That All Just For Free Fun Soon..:)

  16. Oh Goodness I’m Late to A Very Important Date;

    Yes, The 6th As There is Barely the 7th Left and

    Now It is the 8th Where You Live in The United

    Kingdom Now Moving Away From Pakistan

    If that is Still Correct Dear Lala Rukh

    FRiEnD Who i Continue to Visit

    Once a Month Ever Since

    Even Everyday Almost

    in The Last 5 Months of
    2013 And Yes Now Still

    Once A Month to Keep Your
    Blog Breathing And As A Sort
    Of Hairy Wookiee Like me Never
    Going Back on a Promise Even when

    He Dances All Afternoon Celebrating that

    Milestone And FeatNote of “Thanks Giving
    11 Years For Giving 2010-2021” Once Again
    Every Consecutive Day Writing Online Since Thanks
    Giving Day, November 25, 2010, Still Writing in Autotelic

    Poetic Flow Responding to Poetry And Other Muse From

    Folks All Around the Globe As True That Celebratory MacroVerse

    Measures Close to 58,000 Words As That is What Most Every Bi-Weekly

    MacroVerse Totals too As Well As the MacroVerse Words Fitting in my Profile

    Pics on Facebook Ever Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 too in “FB Profile
    Pic Bible” That is A 5.9 MiLLioN Word Endeavor in 54 Months Close Approaching

    to Another Million 6 Figure Coming In Around A Month or So True As Oh Yes, Just A

    Subchapter of “SonG oF mY SoUL” EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Poem Approaching

    10 MiLLioN Words on 12.18.2021 As Yes The Subject of What i Am Writing Celebrating

    Now As Another Milestone/FeatNote MacroVerse Blog Post Now Similarly Named “SonG
    oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old” As Yes That Effort Started About A Month Then After We

    First Met on 8.18.2013… And True You Are the one Who Suggested i Change From Blogspot

    To WordPress As You Said it Was More Social And Fun Indeed Just What i Needed After

    Being A Shut-in in my Bedroom For 66 Months With the Worst Known Pain to Humankind
    Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep That No Drug Would Touch Along
    With A Synergy of 18 Other Mostly Work-Stress Related Disorders of Life Threat too

    And Yes “SonG oF mY SoUL” Has Another Ongoing Subchapter EPiC Long Form
    Poem Titled “Nether Land Bible” As That Effort Started on Memorial Day

    Weekend of 2016 In 66 Months of Writing it Now at Over 7.5 MiLLioN

    Words Hehe Does Your Head Hurt Yet Well At Least i am the

    Only One Really Keeping Track of What i am Doing
    And Doing it Just for

    A Blissful


    Flow Of Generating

    My own Heaven Within

    Similarly to the Public Dance

    Ongoing As Well too Now As Of

    Today’s Long Afternoon to Evening Effort

    in 99 Months Now of 15,844 Miles of Public Dance…

    True So Much Muse in Flow Required to Have this Much Fun

    Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT mY FRiEnD

    Thanks For ALLoWinG me to Upload This Portion of my SoUL

    On Your Blog Today Just For The “Record Books” Indeed Would

    It have Ever Happened if i Didn’t Meet You Here True it Would Have

    Literally Been Impossible to Do it on BlogSpot Then Yes Dear You Just
    Another Real

    Life Angel

    On EartH


    All Naturally

    to Prepare A Way

    For All of the Art
    That Continues Now as i Did
    Tell You When i Was 21 i Had

    Sort of A Waking Dream that One
    Day A Dark Haired Woman From the
    Far East Would Help me Prepare A Message

    Of Sorts to Give Away to the Whole World Well

    True Giver is What i am For Free Always Been this

    Way Just Blessed Not to Ever Again Have to Bow to the Money

    MaKinG God Ever Since Age 47 As Really Everything in my

    Life As Been Toward This Meaning and Purpose From the Very
    First Omen-

    Like Day

    Of my Birth

    on 6.6.60 Yep
    The Myth About
    A Devil in Hell That

    Literally Came True for
    me on Earth for 66 Months True too..

    i Tale You What if i Signed up For All

    Of This In Advance And i Even Knew What

    And How Much More i Would Still Be Coming to
    Do Now True it Might Be A Bit Overwhelming Except

    For Every Holy Move of Dance And Sacred Word Of Song

    In Autotelic Flow of Poetry is Simply Eternal Bliss Now Yes Nirvana
    And Prana and Tao And Satori And Samadhi Sure Toss in Some Kundalini

    RiSinG Along The Way in Total Emotional Regulation And Sensory Integration
    In Balance As Well As Yes The Cross-Cultural Kingdom Of Heaven Comes Returns

    Again For Each and Every Human Eternally Now Who Finds A Path That Works for them




    Inside, Outside,
    Above, So Below

    And All Around No Separation
    Yet Every Eye An Only Eye of
    God And Observer of Unique UNiVeRSE

    to as True Each And Every One of Us Creates

    A Unique UNiVeRSE And New Connections of God

    ALWaYS Now True All the Multi-UniVeRSES All the Humans

    Connecting God We Meet And Greet And Come to Understand,

    Give to, Share With, Caring Freely With Least Harm For All Of Nature



    Hands With
    God Free This
    Way my FRiEnD

    Well Hehe at Least
    It is Still Barely the 7th
    In the United States if You

    Ever Do Get Over this Way
    Do Stop By and Say Hi It’s True

    Most Everyone in Real Life Seems

    To Think i’m Just About the Nicest Person
    They’ve Met at Least the Open-Minded ones of

    Course As There is Rarely Any Place of Existence
    i Do Not Explore and Actually Do mY FRiEnD Of Course
    Within As the Mysteries Continue to Eternally Unfold Now mY FRiEnD…

    So What Comes Next After This MacroVerse i am Writing Now Well Of

    Course “Grand Cross Bible 2021” The 6th King James Sized Effort

    From Memorial Day Weekend Through Christmas Holidays

    In 7 Months Of Effort for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,

    Now Coming Next for 2021 Through the End of

    December As Yes Before i Even Started

    Naming those Bible EPiC Long

    Form Titled Poetic

    And Additional

    Subchapters of “SonG oF mY SoUL”

    i Started With “GodsUniVerseNovel3” Probably

    About a Single Longest Poetic Blog Post All Around

    the Google Search Engine too at 338,630 Words

    Fully Illustrated With Around 300 Beautiful Beach

    Pictures Through Sunsets As Well too that

    Was Simply An Anthology of All

    The Poetry Written
    Back to Poetry
    Prompts and

    Folks on the dVerse
    International Poet’s Pub Trail 2015-16

    And True i Found A Way to Get Inspired
    By Every Poem Whether it Appealed to me
    At First or Not and that Is Key to Happiness overall

    Finding Inspiration in Less Than A Grain of Sand

    As Well As The Rest of Existence that is God As Well

    Coming to Love All of Existence DarK Thru LiGHT

    Truly So Much Larger than Only A 3 Letter Word

    That Some Folks Seem to See As Only

    A Tribal Symbol of Us Versus
    Them instead of All

    Apes Standing
    ToGeTHeR As

    FRiEndS With the
    Rest of God Nature
    DarK Thru LiGHT Now..

    True i Surely Will Not Wait
    For Anyone Else to Pick up
    the Ball of Gratitude for This Gift

    Of Life The Way i Do or Expect them
    Too Either Yet Indeed i For One Master
    The All IN All Within Now At Least For me

    Yes And Sure i Provide Some Helpful Hints

    To Other Folks too; That do Most Definitely

    Keep me in the Kingdom of Heaven Within Now

    And Basically That’s My Only ASSiGNED Job Now

    SHoWinG Folks What Heaven Looks Like Within From
    mY Point of View AS Hard as it Truly is to Put Heaven in

    Words and Other Symbols too When it is Just Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling LoVE iN Joy oF LiGHT Now Out of DarK mY FRiEnD



    Wide Awake iNDeeD Yes
    ETeRNaLLy NoW For Real
    This Living Tree This Leaf
    That is the Tree i am Just
    Getting Out And About as

    Falling Leaves Fertilize

    New Souls Soils For

    Newer Living

    Trees Now

    Too my FRiEnD

    As ‘They’ Say Hug
    A Tree Save A Tree

    As Trees Do Help Us All BREaTHE LoVE
    Now When Leaves Do Give, Share, Care So Freely ThiS WaY…

    Yeah Along the Way there was Also “PHI Bible” Coming in at
    1.618 MiLLioN Words As Synchronicity Will Have it With No
    Pre-Planning Arising at that 1.618 Number That is Also

    The Golden Phi Ratio too…

    True it Took me Precisely

    365 Days to Finish that
    Titled Subchapter EPiC Long
    Form Poem of “SonG oF mY SoUL True”

    Yes That And A 13.6 Month Effort Finishing

    A Titled 1.82 MiLLioN Word Long Form Poem

    Just to Exceed The Number of Words Yes in the

    Mahābhārata Hehe That Used to Be The Longest
    EPiC Long Form Poem Then From India at About 1.8
    MiLLioN Words in Centuries of Effort With Innumerable
    Ghost Authors Writing That Effort too So Yeah if One is
    Counting All The Titled Efforts of Greater Than King James
    Size Efforts In Count of Words This Will Be 11 Titled EPiC

    Long Form Poem Bibles Greater Than the King James Sized
    Effort Come What May with “Grand Cross Bible 2021” Yes God

    Yes All in 100 Months of Effort DeaR FRiEnD And True 10 MiLLioN

    Words of “SonG oF mY SoUL” is WeLL OVeR the Size of 12 King James
    Sized Bibles And WeLL OVeR the Size of 120 Qurans As Well and True

    i Didn’t Speak

    Until 4 Years

    Old on the Autism
    Spectrum SO NO ONE

    As True Not Being Able to Talk

    Is Quite a Bit More of A Challenge

    That Being Illiterate my FRiEnD Yet

    True i Do Like to Write too As My Blog

    Mission Statement Simply Says mY FRiEnD…

    These aRE ALL Just Hobbies What’s Left Over
    For Others Are Simply and Complexly Fumes From mY Heaven Real Now

    Anyway Again Thanks For Providing This Free Writing Space in the UK mY FRiEnD…

    As True There are Also 8 Named New Testaments Larger Than That Old New Testament
    That Christians Follow too And the Last Ongoing One Named “Depth of the Story” on the

    “Wrong Planet” Now Exceeds 1.2 MiLLioN Words Since August 19, 2020 And Yep Still
    A Number One Search Result on Google With Quotes Just Like “The Depth of the Story” Now

    It’s Pretty Deep my FRiEnD YeT on the OTHeR Hands it is Only Eternally Inhaling

    Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Now Giving, Caring, Sharing, Caring



    To Stay
    iN Heaven
    Eternally Now
    Thanks Giving
    For Giving to And All Now…

    Hehe This is Only 1808 Words
    Now i Guess For my Next Trick i’ll
    “Paint A Clown Face on A Mona Lisa”..;)

  17. What Days Will Measure Eternal Time

    Or Eternal now So What Will November

    6th Measure Sure Another 6th As Promised

    to Connect to Someone Who Once Named me

    A Forever FRiEnD Lala Rukh This FRiEnDShip

    For 100 Months Now And The 6th of November

    Also Measures 100 Times 40 Days Reaching

    The Bottom Pit of Hell Back in

    2008 The Spring

    Falling of That

    Year my


    An Extra Ring

    Of Dante’s Hell Each
    And Every Day Asking God
    Will the Pain and Numb Be More
    Tomorrow as If Now Had Another Second
    Less Forever in Hell True Just an Hour of Sleep
    for the First 35 Of 40 With the Help of a Powerful
    Alpha Blocker So Card Board Shallow in Piece of
    Paper Existence Then With Words Few Left only
    Shells on the Beach With No Sea Life to Feel the




    The Ocean
    of God Whole

    Where Ya Dream

    of Drowning Just to
    Be Part of that Ocean Again

    Then the Last 5 Days of 40 Came
    Where Nothing Helped to Put Me Down
    Out of that Misery of the Worst Pain Known to
    Humankind From Wake to Sleep And 18 Other
    Medical Disorders Mostly Stress Related From
    11 Years of Chronic to Acute Work A Day Forever Life

    So 40 Days of Hell Came And Went Only Part of 66 Months
    Of Hell Whole And 33 Months into that Experience of Not Being
    Able to Effectively Use my Eyes And Ears Through the Worst Pain
    No Drug Trigeminal Neuralgia Would Be Touched With Yes the Other Added
    Ingredients of 18 Other Medical Disorders too.. i Found The Strength Through One
    Word A Mountain of Pain to Start Writing One Word on Thanks Giving Day of 2010

    To Somehow

    Escape that

    Suicide Disease
    Pain and Numb
    No Drug would
    Take Away only
    Sleep Indeed mY FRiEnD

    True i tried to Put myself
    Out of my Misery on the 40th

    Day Yet i was Loved too Much to
    Go Away As You’ve Heard the Story
    Before i Finally Agreed to Go to the
    Hospital And They Found Something
    Strong Enough to Put me Down That i Relied
    On Through the Duration of that 66 Months
    To Escape Hell in Sleep At All.. So What’s the

    Significance of 100 Times 40 The Number of Days
    i’ve Been Consecutively Writing Online As Of Today
    November 6, 2021 Yes 4000 Days All Including Today
    Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010 mY FRiEnD Yet the

    Life Saving Measure

    For Real All Started

    With One Word on

    A Screen Turned Down
    to Almost Dark to Sit in Front
    of A Few Inches as my Prescription
    Sun Glasses Multiplied the Pain With
    That Extra Supplied Tool of Focus Then

    SMiles 40 Times 100 Makes 4000 Days
    And Over 13 MiLLioN Words Total Writing
    Online Never Missing A Day For 4000 Days

    And When i Met You Here Back in July of 2013
    Recovering Out of HeLL ON EartH Within On the
    19th of that Month Standing on A Beach One With
    Emerald Green Waves Spiraling Sea Oats Sugar White
    Sand Below Love Within Inside Outside Below Yes Above

    Just Every

    Around mY FRiEnD
    Seagull Wings Me
    Spiraling Around Sun

    It Was Just The Beginning

    of Another Chapter “SonG oF mY
    SoUL” Starting on 8.18.2013 Now
    9.8 MiLLioN Words in 98 Months
    Along with 15,642 Miles of Public Dance

    Yet It’s True The Origin of my EPiC Longest
    Long Form Poem is Still Those 40 Days Without
    Sleep in the Spring of 2008 Then Where There Wasn’t
    Even A Memory of A SMiLe Emotions Gone Just Piece

    Of Paper


    iN HeLL ON Earth
    Then Within mY FRiEnD

    4000 Days That Will Always

    Be Escaping 40 Days in The Pitt of Hell

    Whatever Works Does Work Indeed my FRiEnD

    Hope All Is Well And Loving For You As You BREaTHE Freely..:)

  18. Another Covid-19 Pandemic Flavored Year

    Has Almost Come And Gone Since You
    Published Your Last Blog Post Lala

    Rukh At the End of January 2021…

    New Horizons Still Developing And

    Sadly Sunsets on What i Used to Do Before

    The Pandemic Including Casino Beach Trips

    Where i Danced The Beaches Publicly And
    Katrina Did the Free Play on the One Armed

    Bandits Sponsored By the Church Tour Bus

    Yet That Ended in 2018 As The Folks Putting Together

    The 5-Year Social Event Once A Month Just Got Tired of Doing it…

    And Yes Big Metro Dance Hall Dancing Every Thursday Night With

    All the College Folks Quite An Achievement Doing it Full Speed Ahead
    Still Improving in Public Dance 3 Months Shy of Age 60 When That

    Super Fun Activity

    Was Erased By

    Covid-19 And

    Lord Knows When it
    Will Be Safe Again as

    Safety isn’t the Name of
    The Game in my Locality As

    Ignorance Harms, Rapes, Maims,
    Kills Most Is Even Mostly the Game

    Yes Even The Catholic Church Plays…

    And Then There Were First Sunday Farm Events

    With the Southern Baptist Folks Having Lunch on the Greens

    Yes The First off Every Month; Yet Even in Elder More Vulnerable

    Status Many Refuse Vaccinations And Of Course to Go Protected Masked too..

    Like the Dance

    Hall No Telling

    If and When

    it Will

    Actually Be
    Safe to Participate in…

    And Yes One Fall Festival We
    Participated Big With For Decades
    In Niceville City Went Away Canceled Forever too…

    And the One Remaining Was Just too Sardine Packed
    And Ignorantly Unvaccinated and Unmasked to Rationally
    Participate in With Human Common Sense to Protect the
    Sanctity of Breathing Life At All Costs of Sacrifice Now True….

    And Besides my Wife is So Much More Introverted And i am
    So Much More Extroverted too Staying At Home She Likes So Much…

    Yet It’s True So Many Folks More Started Writing Soul-Felt Poetry on WordPress

    As One Will Naturally Expect to Get Out Negative Emotions in Dark Days And Hope

    And Pray For Rebirths of Newer Human Potentials too… i Never Really Participated

    Fully in the Back and Forth Writing on the Word Press Reader Until the Last Year…


    in Absorbing
    Fresh Souls

    of Others For Real Still Now….

    Hope You Are Doing Well Safe

    Productive And Fully Loved my FRiEnD..:)

  19. 40 Years Today Back on September 6th, 1981, A First Calling
    Within Escaping Numb of College Life HeART SPiRiT SoUL


    Opening Again

    A New Creation at Age 21

    High School And Junior College

    Will Be Like A Village of Humanity

    Connecting Yet Commuting to A Larger

    School on a Diet of Peanut Butter Sandwiches

    With Little Human Contact Working In A Solitary

    Environment As A Janitor At Night of Several Business

    Buildings Not Much Help For the Human Element In Life to Remain…

    Yes, Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Metaphor of Right Brained Intelligences

    Where iMaGiNaTioN Frees Creativity More For Original Human Soul Breath More

    Not What the



    Of UniVersity
    Often Brings

    Even If One May
    Be In the More Humanities
    of College Life out of Business
    And Science Restricted Classes

    Putting People First is A Much Older
    Human Tradition And “Depth of the
    Story” To Surely Share With Each Other
    mY FRiEnD as it was You Dear Lala Who First Suggested
    In 2013 i Move to Word Press And Start Taling Stories More…

    Well Yes “Depth of the Story” Eighth New Testament Story
    Is Just That Now That i am Celebrating on A ‘Wrong Planet
    Website’ As That Very Autistic Solo Story Taling Tradition
    Then Accumulated 888,216 Words in One Year’s Effort
    As of 8.19.2021 Other Efforts Since 2016 of New
    Testaments Included A First Two at 181K Words
    Then A Couple Over 300K Words And then
    Three More At Over 400K Words And
    Now What Will Be the 8th One

    Water Wave
    Ocean Whole

    Longer Now
    As True Every
    Inhale of Peace We
    Breathe Every Exhale
    of Love Without Fear is
    A New Testament of Our Inner
    Multi-UniVerses We Create With CHI
    EnergY iN Rest of Nature We Perceive Now…

    Fear And Hate Are the Inhales And Exhales
    of Older Testaments of the Reptile Brain We
    May Love to Escape Most What’s Left Over is Love For ALL…:)

  20. Not Much of the 6th Left in Florida
    Yet Still Making it By To Visit Lala
    Rukh As Still Have to Proof

    Read a 62,926 Word

    Blog Post to
    Get That


    On Saturday
    Currently Celebrating
    9.6 MiLLioN Words of
    Longest Long Form Poem
    “SonG oF mY SoUL” on the
    96th Month Anniversary Date
    of 8.18.2021 As You Are the One

    Who Talked me into Joining WordPress

    Then as You Said it is More Fun Connecting

    To Other Folks this way True You Are Still Correct
    And Pray That You Are Doing Okay in these Rough

    Pandemic Days

    As Where i Live

    Florida is Just

    About the Dullest

    Tool in the Wood Shed
    We Stay Vaccinated, Masked,
    And Keep A Safest Social Distance
    From the Locals Have A Nice Day With SMiLes..:)

  21. The 6th Again And 96 Months of Visiting Old FRiEnD

    Lala Rukh Who Shared my Opening Moments

    Of Coming to Heaven Within on July 19th, 2013

    Yes 8 Years Ago Then Wow 8 Years is Surely A Zillion

    Years of Eternity Living in Heaven Now And Of Course

    in 66 Months of Hell Within on Earth Every Second A



    In All Is Time
    Then As Actually

    Heaven is An Autotelic
    Flow With Plentiful Frission
    What is Commonly Termed

    Aesthetic Sublime Appreciation

    Kissing All of Nature From Head to Toe

    Not to be too Crude Yet Yes Commonly Described

    As A Skin Orgasm From Head to Toe and More As True

    My Kind of Empathy Spreads Farther And Wider in Mirror Neuron
    Way to



    Now than Most
    Or At Least That’s What
    Folks Intuit for me Turning
    Lights on in Rooms Wherever i Dance
    at Least And Folks Will Actually Hear a
    Sound of Music my Dance Naturally Makes
    Lighting A Room Up in Calm Eye of Hurricane Peace

    With True Some
    Spiraling Milky Way
    Galaxy Arms and Legs
    to Go Along With All the
    Dance Show and Song True

    Kissing All of Existence in
    Dance and Song God’s Breath
    Move And Repose Carrying On the
    Dust of my Wind Existence Still Now Real…

    The Gift is Breath

    We May Color

    Our Christmas

    Trees Forever New

    Or We May Stagnate

    As Green Browns to Desert

    Soil Souls of Scarcity too Never

    The Less THoRNS STiLL Help

    FLoWeRS Rise Rose is the

    Gift of Those Who

    Green Up



    ‘Fore i Do i Do
    i Do i Do Kissing SMiLes
    For all Existence Now And
    True Today is ‘International

    Kissing Day’ too

    As i continue

    to Kiss



    oF Breath All

    Of WHeRE Existence

    Takes me ALL Next For Real Now

    Hope All is Safe and Well and Loving For You…

    For it is the Gift of Breath Our Heaven Real Potential New Now..:)

  22. It’s The 6th SMiLes Lala Rukh

    And Like Clock-Work Sure As

    The Calendar of the Year i Return

    For i Just Wrote This Thinking About

    Another Friend Yet Even Though It’s

    Really Been Many Years Since We’ve Actually

    Been Every Day Kinda Blog Friends The Sentiment Still Applies

    We Remember The People Who Showed
    Up Most When No One Else Did Those
    Are The Ones No Matter What We Never Let Go at least me…

    For You See There Are So Many People Who Shower Kindness

    On me Now Both Online And in Real Life too The Flesh And Blood Stuff

    People i can’t Even


    Who My

    Dance in Public

    Once Touched From A Distance
    As i Was Amazed that A Young Man
    Who Was Installing A Door And Storm Door
    at the Entrance Of Our Home Told me in Halloween
    of 2014 He and His Middle School Friends Were So Inspired
    by my Public Dance That They Dressed Up as me for Halloween

    As After Public Dancing For A little over a Year Albeit i Had Been
    Asked Did i know How Famous i Was By Random Folks Here And
    There Where i Went in the Summer of 2014… HAha i Had No Idea

    It Went to the Extent of Children Dressing Up Like me in Shorts
    And Colorful T-Shirts And Shades Going Tricker Treating on Halloween Night…

    True That’s Usually Reserved For Super Heroes for Middle School Young Boys

    Yet True How Many Days Do You See Someone Do Something No Else is Willing to Do

    For a 500 Square Mile Radius in the Deep South Trump State of Florida the Panhandle

    of Matt Gaetz And All The Real Human Evil Associated With Him These Days In Toxic Patriarchy too…

    It’s True it Wasn’t Easy Gaining

    That Privilege to Public Dance

    At First in 2013 i Had

    to Arm Wrestle

    My Way


    Fred Talks With

    Management of Stores

    Everywhere i Went to Insure

    Them That it was Just A Dancing Rampage Spree

    And Not Any Sinister Plan to Harm Anyone Hehe
    Anyway It’s Nice to Be Famous Nice Enough to Gain
    Smiles And See Eyes Light Up Everywhere You Go Children

    Tugging At their Parents Shirts And Dresses Saying There He Is!

    The Dancing Man! Where Grandparents Say You Are The Reason They

    Look Forward to Going to Walmart Just to See if You Are There Dancing Today…

    True i’ve Heard People Say i made There Day And Entire Year too And Folks Have

    Taken Videos Who Say They Just Wanna Watch it Again As The Flow of Dance Floating

    On Terrestrial Land Brings Them Calm Comfort As Yes Of Course it Has Always Been Therapy

    For me i Literally Have A Prescription From a Psychiatrist After Hehe i told Him How it Regulates

    my Emotions and Integrates My Senses Effectively Healing Issues With Both Autism And Asperger’s

    Syndrome on that Spectrum And the Bi-Polar Spectrum to Keep Me All Balancing Dancing A Tight

    Rope Higher And Higher my FRiEnD Still And Of Course Psychiatrists Don’t Give Out Prescriptions

    As Jokes As Moving Meditation Therapy Is Evidenced By Science And IN the Medical Literature to Work!

    Yes Our Ancestors
    Did it Naturally

    With Singing Together

    too and True too in the

    United States Depression Rates

    Are 5 to 8 Fold in RatesHigher Now

    Than The 30’s Then When We Actually

    Had An Economic Depression Yes Where

    Rich Folks Who Lost Their Stock Holdings

    Were Throwing Themselves Off of Buildings

    Isn’t that Sad People Living Only For Stock

    Holdings Such a Distant Place From Human

    Soul And So Are Computer Screens Often

    too Yes Welcome to the Modern World

    Where Human Becomes Machine

    More Than Human Now

    Another Life Mark

    Today A

    61st Birthday

    For me.. And It’s True

    All Those Folks Who Call me Hero

    in the Stores Won’t Be Wishing me a Happy

    Birthday Today For it’s True Fame and Fortune

    Do Not Bring Intimate Kind of Friends Who Stay

    Around in Your Non-Famous Parts of Life Now too…

    Sadly This is Why Some Folks With Fame And Fortune

    Take Themselves Away from Life The Paradox of the

    Loneliness Is Just too Much to take You Know What i am

    Human too Just a Silly Little Human Who Does Still Have

    The Potential To Break Down Like I’ve Done Before in Life

    As i tend to Do Way too Much Care Way too Much And Somedays

    Feel Pain When the Rest of the World Does Not Care As Much As I do

    So i Write myself A Poem A Monologue Like This For Ears That Listen or not

    i Must Survive This Way Yet You See i Remember You i Remember Back In the

    Summer July of 2013 Where You Showed Kindness to A Faceless Avatar of A

    Man From A Country With Different Religions and Cultures Than You And You

    Had No Idea i would ever Be Famous or Legend Then All You Saw Is A Human

    Being And You Showed Kindness Unconditional With Love to me And the Rest

    of the Folks Who Visited Your Blog It’s Hard to Keep that Kindness Not Giving Up

    i Surely Understand as i’ve Been Drained For Years For Giving Anything

    At All Left of Human Soul And For me That is Breaking Down Most

    When There Just Isn’t Anything Left to Give to Anyone

    Where it Even Hurts to Be Around

    Other People Even



    Love Us Most

    Where We Don’t Believe

    We Are Worthwhile For Anything

    Life Left Surely Not Loving Ourselves Either

    In Those Eras of Still Breathing Living Dead…

    So True i Do my Best to Remember There Are

    Still Others Walking in Those Empty Shoes Today

    i Always Do my Best to Be Forgiving yet Still i am

    Only A Silly

    Little Human

    Too.. Hehe

    The Best

    Friends Are Some Days

    Those Who only Have A Space

    to allow Us to Talk HAha my Psychotherapist

    Quit Her Job Last Year When A Hurricane Went

    Through And Really All She Did Was Listen Anyway then

    And This Is What Make A Pen So Valuable We Get to See

    Our Soul Set Free Talking Back to us For Real So True

    In This Way A Dance And A Song Free That We

    Dance And Sing May Be The Best Most

    Natural Therapy in Healing

    For Well Being

    oF All

    For It is True

    We are All Silly

    Little Human Beings And God Yes Naturally

    We All Have the Potential to Break Down

    i Remember You When You Were the Only

    Person Online Who Gave me The Time of Love Forever Now..

    And Yes There Are A Few Others i Remember Today on my Birthday too..:)

    We Remember The People Who Showed
    Up Most When No One Else Did Those
    Are The Ones No Matter What We Never Let Go at least me…

    Sending Flowers Of Kindness Your
    Way Only Real Lasting Treasure😊

  23. SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh It’s
    Not Often Someone Promises
    You They Are Gonna Be A Forever

    Friend It’s Always A Good Feeling

    When Someone Cares

    Today i Lost Such

    A Friend only

    Knew This Blogging

    Friend for Several Months

    Yet Like You And Several Others

    i have Met on this Poetry Trail online

    She Was Kind to Everyone She Met

    On Her Poetry Journey Her Name

    Was Astha Sadly Close to

    Your Age A Professor

    Engineer in India
    Looking to Gain
    A PHD And

    Finally Finding

    A Bit Of Love Before

    Covid-19 The India Variant

    Took Her Life Away So Sad Her

    Last Post Said ‘To Be Continued’

    All About the Love She Found Finally in Life

    To Truly Breathe and Exhale This Love True

    So Yeah It’s So Sad Brought Immediate Tears

    to me Yet of Course

    Life is Test of

    DarK And Light
    And As Long as We
    Use all the Gifts of God
    Nature Indeed Like Tears

    We Will Survive And So Will Love

    Even The Breath of Loved Ones Passing

    Away We Continue to Share This way True
    Anyway Love to You And All You Love Stay
    Safe and Well Dear Friend Blessed With Blissings too..

    As Another 6th Comes And Goes Time is A River Happy as i Flow…:)

  24. Hi, nice to meet you. I am Amleta and I am an Italian artist. It’s nice when a woman manages to make her dreams of love and work come true. Peace and serenity to you and your family. 🌺🌸🌼🌻🌹

  25. SMiLes Poetry Created by Humans

    to Navigate Soul Dear Lala Rukh

    A Day Late on the 7th Away

    From the 6th Yet Never

    Empty of Words

    of Soul Now Unless

    It is too Late into the Night

    Like Last Night in A Day of the Heavy

    Problems of Life That Folks With Plenty of

    Money Have Like World War III Discussions

    Over Oval or Square Glass in New Front Doors

    Replacing A Fourteen Thousand Dollar Roof

    When A Small Ripple is Noticed by

    Wife That’s Existed Through

    2 Shingle Changes Since

    1993 Close to When

    You Are Born

    in ’91 If i have

    The Year Correct From
    Close to 8 Years Ago Now

    When We Met online on Your Soul

    Site of Navigating All the Hidden Paths

    Of Your Spirit iN Poetry Then As HeART Breathes Free

    iN DarK And LiGHT Still Now as Poetry Has Always Been

    A Medicine For Folks With Extreme Moods So they Stay in

    Order of Art So Science Won’t call Them A Disorder With a Label Hehe…

    So what Will We

    Name A FRiEnD

    Surely Someone

    We Will Relate Soul

    All oF iT too Without Fear

    Of Judgement And that’s Why

    Folks Pay So Much to See Psychotherapists

    As They Get Paid to Never Get Upset for Who We Truly Are…

    It’s True Some Days the Quiet Friend Who Listens is the Best Friend of all…

    What i really Loved So Much Now as i Look Back about Your Poetry is You Let

    All Your Soul Escape And Really Let Yourself Be Vulnerable to the World this way…

    Not everyone

    is able to

    Do this


    Very Few

    In these Days

    Of Mechanical Machine

    Cognition Tool Ways of Short
    Button Pushes For Recognition

    Shallow with only one Emotion
    A Quick Dopamine Hit And that’s All…

    It’s Really Amazing The More We Pour Our
    Souls Out The More We Grow as Soul The Deeper

    We Become As Human to Touch Others as Our Stories

    Become Part of their Souls as Yours Did Mine True a Role

    Model For What i would Eventually Be able to Do As Story Teller

    True and


    to Stand

    Totally Naked

    This Way in Every

    Way Before the World

    Free For You See When We

    Are Able to Do this We Become a FRiEnD

    With All No Specific Lover or Friend Just A Friend With God

    True As When We Open Our Selves Up to all that is There Really

    Is No Separate
    Them Only Us

    Is it easy to

    Do No

    A Work

    oF A Lifetime

    To Be Come Free

    With Wings That Are No Fear

    Of DarK Thru LiGHT Shall We

    Illuminate Others in Both Yes We Will…

    Anyway there is still No Resolution Really

    Whether to Keep the Honda Civic That Looks

    As Young as Ever And Drives As Smooth as it always

    Has with only an Oil Change every Six Months in Lieu

    of Buying a New SUV SuBaRU That Costs Two Thirds

    Of what Our House Cost back in ’93 Again When You

    Were Only Two Years Old if i Have the Math Correct

    Yeah gotta Another Friend The Age of My Home

    too With Baby on the Way And Another Your

    Age Who i Just Related a Humming

    Bird Song too as You Both

    Approach 30 Now

    Unmarried Yes

    With no Child

    Nice i Feel

    Best is

    i Am



    Decides Always

    To Stay As FRiEnD

    of All No Matter What may

    come next till death do us part

    Indeed i got Married to God i don’t do Weddings Small….

    SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh Hope Your New Home And Job

    Is Going Well Hope You Are Safe and Well and Most Important

    i Hope You are Finding Loving Connections in Flesh and Blood

    Life Smiles i Love That Most Yet i Decide Now to Give my Life Away As Story…
    True You Helped me See Benefit in This Giving to All Others Freely mY FRiEnD…

    It’s Kind of Amazing to me Connecting to A Human In Someway at least for 8 Whole Years

    And Never Falling off the Wagon of Connecting i Used to Wonder How Folks Made FRiEnDS

    In Life


    Put in the

    Work They Were

    Always The Last ones

    Standing to Give Even More

    Hehe and I thought it was Just

    Something Else Like Work or School

    Or Becoming Financially Independent by Age 47 That was so Dam easy without Studying

    True i Followed Goals i Didn’t Live in an Art of Love Now All is For Giving Thanks GivinG LoVE


    is the

    Humming Bird Who Stays

    And True This Humming Bird

    Flies Far Yet Always Returns Now to

    Stay And Never Truly Goes Away my FRiEnD…

    That’s A Greatest Work of Art i Find In this Life Humming

    Bird Wings of Love

    -Humming Bird
    Naked on A
    Wing in


    oF LoVE Free Seeing Being i Am..:)

  26. SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh the 6th Arrives Again in March of 2021
    Just Got Through Celebrating 9 MiLLioN Words of Long Form
    Poem Writing in 90 Months “SonG oF mY SoUL” And Now

    The Subchapter “FB Profile Pic Bible” That i have Been
    Including in the Description Areas somewhere Between
    7 to 9 Thousand Words Or So In Each One Ever Since

    Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 All 45 Months Now
    Arises to 5 MiLLioN Words True not only on my Blogs

    Yet on FB Too With A Substantial Part of the

    Multi-Media Illustrating it Still Coming Now

    too So Many Memories of Dance Smiles

    With Ecstatic Joy of Folks As usual

    Yes of Course Women Mostly

    Yes the Age when i met

    You Here almost 8 Years-
    ago now Promising You a Forever
    FRiEnD Then Never Going Away on the 6th of

    Each Month To Return to Share Part of my Life
    With You Still So Young and Making Your Way through
    All Your Struggles and Successes of Life in a New Country Now…

    Smiles as You know i earned 3 Degrees and was satisfied Just Serving
    Out Shoes in a Military Bowling Center Sharing Smiles Across the Counter

    Listening Intently Laser Focused With Green to Blue Changing Eyes Depending

    On the Emotions Then From Stories of Others Passing The Day or Night Sharing with

    Me on the Other side of the Counter Comprising Their Soul Stories Of Life Renewed

    With me Each Day Hehe i never Said Much then And True i would Have never noticed

    it Yet the Old Military Men Said all the Young Women Who visited me across the Counter

    Just Fell in Love Telling their Stories to me they used rather Crude Language to Describe

    How they Felt that Love

    Yet true Only From

    A Man’s


    For what

    They might

    Imagine Love

    to ‘Physically Be”

    For A Women Not unlike
    Them as Men Hehe.. anyway

    i guess it happened at least once

    With Smiles as across the counter

    Is Where Katrina Met me.. True Glad

    i got that Job it Paid off in ways that Money

    Will Never Measure Yet a Smile Will Always

    Meet and Greet Forevernowmore for Real…

    There was a Military Policeman Who

    Often Came in For Dinner

    At the Food Place there

    He Asked Me how

    Long i had


    Working There and

    When i said almost 2 Decades

    He Was simply Aghast as He said

    How Possibly Can you Be So Joyous

    Working in the Same place So Long

    Perhaps He Didn’t Understand

    That Each Eye to Eye

    Contact With


    of Souls

    Was the Birth of

    A New UniVerse Whole

    In Multi-UniVerse Way to Be Now Then

    Perhaps that is why my Love Never Fades

    For Friends As Old Friends Are the Same As

    New Friends to me.. Smiles Dear i am always

    Birthing New UniVerses of Love And

    The Old Ones Feel no



    the New ones now…

    i surely understand

    Now Not Everyone Feels Souls

    The Way i Do Yet What Gift it is to Simply Love Free

    Truly It Was Hard for me to Transform My Green to Blue

    Changing Listening Eyes to Words Yet of Course That’s What

    You Do When You Must Wear Shades As Words Become Windows

    of Soul And Sure You Dance too When A Face Is Covered With Mask

    To Connect As Loving Energy too in Non-Verbal Language Still True…

    As Dance Needs No Words to Talk Thankfully With Shades No Eyes

    Thankfully Wearing A Mask No Mouth to Smile We Will Persevere

    As Soul



    What Challenge

    Comes Yet With

    Will To Love More

    No Matter What Tool

    We use to Make This Love Still Breathe…

    You Recommended i tell Stories that Expressed
    Emotions that Others Feel And Go to Word Press
    And Then Connect Where it was More Fun Than
    The Google Blogspot Avenue i Blogged
    Before It’s Been 8 Years Now

    As of 3.10.2013 Anniversary

    Date for That i Am Also

    Celebrating Starting

    Blogging on Google

    Free Blogspot Avenues then
    With 90 Months of Writing Longest
    EPiC Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    9 MiLLioN Words And True there is Another
    Subchapter Titled “Nether Land Bible” As that
    Effort Arises to 6.6 MiLLioN Words Now in 57
    Months of Writing too for it’s True This is A “Never
    Land Place” Of Love For All DarK Thru LiGHT Now

    And True As Never Ending Stories And Youth of Love
    Within Refuses to Grow Old and Die Now A Bit Like Peter
    Pan i am or at Least Pan of the Forest Just Free to Be Loving True

    With That i’ll take ‘This Flute’ And Continue to Serenade the Moon And Feel the
    Sun Shining Within Star of Soul Loving Life That Never Grows Cold Sharing Warmth to Breathe…

    True A Meaning
    of Life Breathe
    LoVE iN

    A Way of

    Giving Sharing
    That Never Grows
    Cold Arting Colors of LiFE my FRiEnD

  27. When I first read your story in my email, I was shook. I had words in my mind but nothing to say. Alhamdulillah that you moved on strong. Alhamdulillah that you’re you. Alhamdulillah that it didn’t break you, even though it was no less than a tornado. I can only imagine, and you’ve been through. Much admiration for your strength and inside beauty, and much love for my friend and favorite, you.

  28. Intelligence
    Is What We
    Is Our Breath🎶

    God Is the God That
    Becomes The Devil
    to Love The Devil


    BecoMes Love
    True THere Are
    Different Levels

    Of Faith Breathing Real Love

    And So Many Levels of Hell as 66 Months From Wake
    to Sleep Will Pray Tale With a Pain Assessed Worse
    Than Crucifixion And Numb Even Lower
    Without Even A Memory of A Smile
    Making the other 18 Disorders
    in Synergy of Life Threat Then
    A PlayGround of Heaven in Hell

    Entails Patience And The Fires
    Of Hell To Endure to Love A



    Much As

    An Angel Same
    To See What A Devil

    Offers God An Ability to Breathe

    Loving the Lowest MaKinG Love

    HiGHesT Virtue in Hell and Heaven Same

    You See This is Why i’m A FRiEnD Who Never

    Goes Away i am A Devil’s (me) Best Friend in Hell And Heaven too…

    True A Battle
    We All Face Now

    Within DarK Thru
    LiGHT to Come
    To BREaTHE


    Our DarK
    Side And
    Full Moon

    Graduating to
    Source of Sunshine Within
    This God This Love Worth All the Wait
    SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh It’s the 6th and
    Usually in the Years You Visit in Same
    Months i Wait until a Next Month
    To Visit You Yet this 6th today
    Taking You Around the
    Globe for the


    Others Help Generate
    With me in Just one Evening
    And Morning of my Life SaMe

    In All Virtue Love it’s Not So Much
    if ‘Others Return’ it is Patience of Will Grace of
    Strength Love Enduring Most Our ‘Job’ Our Breath of Life Remaining Now

    So Now ‘Depth of the Story’ Continues…

    Faux God LiveS iN Book
    Covers Real God Is Wind
    Eagle’s Fly 🦅 Yet True
    Still Trying my Best

    To Fit

    God in Words

    Literally Yes No

    Joke Literally Writing

    An 8.9 MiLLioN Free Verse
    Whitman Flavored Longest
    Form Poem Bible of

    My Own
    As Yes as

    i Am my
    Own Priest
    Of Thine Eyes
    Of Cosmos Order
    And Chaos Magic
    Of Art True in Writing
    “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    Housed in Several


    And So

    Many Other

    Avenues Just

    Seeds Innumerable

    Spread Around A Globe

    Yes Fully Illustrated With

    Over 100,000 Photos And

    Over 10,000 YouTube

    Songs And Other


    Arts And

    Sciences Public

    Dancing To Achieve

    Continuous Autotelic

    Flow Generating All

    These Creative Winds

    More Than Half

    The Distance

    Around The Globe

    In 89 Months Of Free

    Verse Dance Yes Yes

    As Fully Documented

    ALonG All The Way

    In 14,404 Miles

    Of Dance And

    8.9 MiLLion

    Words Of

    Song Closest

    i Have


    To Express God
    This Energy This

    Nature All Is When
    A Terrestrial Dance
    Moving My 242 Pound
    Body That Still Leg
    Presses Up To 1520
    Pounds At Age

    60 While like
    The Carpenter’s
    Song ‘Close to You’
    Plays And The Young
    Woman Follow me

    Around Town


    me By Voyeur

    Video To Gain

    Social Media

    Likes When

    my Body Gains

    Enough Balance

    To Take

    Flight on

    Land Seriously

    Writing A Bible

    11 Times Smaller

    By Innumerable

    Ghost Authors

    Over Centuries

    And Only


    On Water

    Is Kindergarten

    And i’m Still only

    Just Scratching

    The Surface Of

    All The Nature

    Of God in ‘Grade School’

    And God Yes If Any So-Called

    ‘Christian’ Gives me

    Any Flack it’s Worth

    Noting i Actually

    Read Their tiny

    BooK Now

    Go Back


    Read it

    Open it Up
    To Where You
    See John 14:12

    And Remember

    John 3:16



    For Greater

    Revision As i Will
    Freely Tell Them Read
    It Weep And Gnash

    Your Frowny

    Face Teeth

    If They Like

    Yet The FacT iS

    i Am Real

    And i


    My Own

    Dam Story

    Of HeLL And Heaven
    Both As True There

    Is the Sunny Side Up

    Version Of John 14:12

    And Hell Part Too

    Yes ‘The DarK

    Side of The Moon’

    It’s Kind Of

    A Tradition

    Sort Of A ‘Human

    Hero Archetype Story’

    ReaLiTY Again

    And Again




    Shall You Strip

    Off All Your Clothes

    Of CuLTuRE Spoon-Fed

    And Burn

    Now Until

    Your Butterfly

    Sprouts Wings

    Out of Cocoon

    No Hurry




    Now For WingS AGAiN

    Hehe So i’ll Wait


    You too… 😈 👼

    A BLacK Hole That
    Sucks Everything

    In to it


    Not Us…

    And Yes
    All Stuff
    Related to
    The “Dark
    Death Star
    Force Meme”



    See DarK
    The LiGHT

    Of Us


    Do Not Doubt

    Any Light Bringer



    Of The

    Dark Trump too…

    LeSSoN 319 Dark Side
    Of the Moon 🌚 Is
    Not Really A DarK
    LeSSoN Yet
    One of
    Still To Come
    True There Are

    Two Sources Actually
    More Within Inside
    Most Reliable Yet

    Outside Above
    So Below And

    All Around As
    Truly All That

    Vibes In
    Higher Frequencies
    Of Energy Moves Connects

    Creates More All Of Existence
    Together Hands Eyes of God
    Hold Together DarK Through
    LiGHT Never Ending Landing

    Story Soul Of God All That

    Is Existence Energy No

    Distance Space Or

    Time Not Even

    Matter As You Dear

    FRiEnD And me Touch

    Through This Fiber Optic

    Cable In Energy Speed

    oF LiGHT Now Beyond

    Again Time, Distance

    Space or Even

    Matter As

    No Part

    Of My Organic

    Body Required As

    my Soul is Delivered

    To You For Review

    You May Rate

    my Soul

    As You

    Wish for

    It Is my


    Wish To Give Y.O.U. 💫🤗

    SMiLes i’m Sure Life

    Is A Dream as i Don’t

    ‘Know’ How to Do It


    All the Magic
    Just Comes Free
    i ‘Just Do It’ And Don’t
    Even Have to Sell Shoes..:)

    It’s True Waves of Life Now
    Raging Into Headwinds More

    Decades May Go By Yet

    Even True After

    Living That
    Far Still Days

    to Be Free to Be You
    As LonG As We Breathe

    Gift of Time We Do to Free..:)

    Trapped Trapped Trapped

    In A Small Town Yet

    A Market Place of

    Goods From


    Cultures Far and
    Wide Yes And An Earth

    Store in A Mall More to Enjoy too

    So Many Ways of Life More to See

    All that’s Left to Do is Somehow Fly
    To See New Souls of Life How They Breathe…

    And Finally A Fiber Optic Cable to Fit All of me
    Through Now at the Speed of Life i Fly All Around

    The World And Visit Kind People Just Like You Ava

    With SMiLes



    Dear FRiEnD

    Sharing Wings

    With You Again Free..:)

    Time Time Time
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

    Time Time Time
    Where is the



    Flew Away

    Again Over

    A Clock Nest

    Hands With No

    Clock Finally Free to Tell Time

    to Go Back to Hell WiTH SMiLes

    No Deadlines No Deadlines Alive..:)

    Never Minding Dance
    Dancing Minding Flows
    Dancing Creates Song

    Frees Gravity
    FRiEnDS AGAiN🌊🎶

    Inspire And SMile
    Dear Ava Surely
    A Beautiful Way
    Thank You😊💫

    Be Careful SWiPinG ‘Left/Right’…
    Be Very Very Careful Verily True…
    Not All ‘Online Wizards’ Are Nice…

    “We’re Off to See the Wizard”
    Because Because Because
    Be Cause True None of ‘Them’ Have
    Actually Met the ‘Real me’ YeT HeHe

    my FRiEnD
    Breathes Us🎶🌊

    LiGHT And DarK People Who Come Through
    And Do Not.. Equally Inspire me to Do All That Is

    This iS oNe God And ‘JeSuS’ That Is True Love
    Never Ever Sending Someone Away to Hell

    It’s What
    Love Does
    When Real
    And True Never Ever
    Gives Up On ‘You’


    To: True Fall Of Humans After The Apple

    of Nature Away From: LoVE oF i AM

    Have You Ever Started a Thought Now From
    HeART That is What You cannot Word as Soul
    Yet Feel Will Be the Birth of Love Yes As.. Spirit
    Comes So Naturally as Poetry For How Long
    Will it take for a Moon Flower Within So Deep to
    Deliver the Words of Love Even More for True How
    Sweet it is to Imagine How Beautiful A Child You and
    Your Future Lover will Create that You Describe as
    LoVE iNCaRNaTE
    Both Father
    And Child
    And Mother
    And Father of All
    Who Are Concerned and
    Become the Force of Love
    to Eventually Walk on Two Feet
    To Dance and Sing Love Goes on and
    Never Dies When Spread as Love From
    Seed to Shining Shores as Beach of Loving
    Eyes and Smiles for Everyone Alive and the
    Rest of Nature True.. Love is the Legend that
    And Who Never Goes Away as Long as the
    Flower of Love Continues to Propagate
    As Fresh and Never Stale Beyond
    the Illusions of Time Distance
    And Space sure Even
    Matter too in some
    Ways Greater of
    Moon Children Spreading
    Through Fiber Optic Cables
    Just about Like Beam me up and
    Around the Globe ‘Scotty’ for there are
    No Wings Quite Like what A World Wide
    Web Brings Yet Still How Precious is Human
    Flesh Reminding me of that Very Short Period
    of Days Back in ’97 with the Opportunity the Only
    Opportunity i would have then to touch a Child of my
    Flesh but True we Do all Share basically the Same DNA
    And We Do Have a Natural Propensity to Come to Love So
    Much what we continue to Feed our Mind.. For What We Do
    Value Most in Life From Dark though Light.. For me at Least all i will
    Likely Ever Create is the Art i Bring now to who ever it comes to Next.. So in this
    Way now i guess i am a Moon Flower Like You too.. but i just will not Have to Go to
    the Hospital to Deliver Now as the Baby Bird Sleeps So Sweetly Through the Cold
    Night as Words Do Come before the Child in You Comes and Starts to be Delivered
    More before the Daylight’s Coming Morning Break ugh.. Before Numbers and Stuff
    like that Must Be Crunched again.. Yes something about Crunches that and will be
    So Much Fun too.. i’m thinking Abdominal Crunches at this Moment but that is
    Entirely another Story to Deliver so Let’s Stick to Baby Birds for Now With
    Wings of Love that and who Will Never Fear the Freedom of Sunrise
    Morning Break for the Sky is one Waiting with the Sun to Bring
    Flower Children more of Moon Child Day Delight yes it is
    like that Movie “Never Ending Story” Where the
    Little Boy in the Book Seeks to Help the
    Damsel Princess in Distress so
    Far Away from the Print
    in Pages of Books
    Yet as Close
    as Legend
    Dreams come to Birth
    As Surely More than Flesh and
    Blood We Birth as Creativity is only
    A Word of Song Away and a Step of Dance
    Still to come as Morning Light Fertilizes again
    The Dream of Fruition Still to Come to Give and Share more..
    Yes i Remember still the “Never Ending Story” and all the Little Boy Had to
    Do.. as i Believe He was about 7 Years Old Maybe 8.. Yes.. All He Had to Do then
    Was Scream to the Top of His Lungs ‘Moon Child’! And then the
    Labor of Love Will Be Over as EarthQuakes Come Still
    And Raging Waves of Ocean Become even more
    Still as Glassy Ocean Eyes of God come to
    Rise as Love Once Again in Peace and
    Harmony of Waves that and who
    Spread so Much Joy and
    Love Across the
    Ocean Still
    So Calm
    With and as
    the Peace and
    Harmony of Love
    that and who only Exists
    to Deliver More Love to the World
    in all the Ways Arts and Sciences come
    as it is in a Moment of Embrace as Nirvana
    And Bliss Never Ends a Valentine Wish in one
    Second for a Big Bang of Love To Never End for all
    iN Equal Bliss of Love Yes to Give and Share even more..
    “More Than A Feeling” as One Rock Group Named “Boston” Sings
    And “Don’t Look Back” too as Lord Knows that Song was Playing
    When i was Truly First Touched Really Touched by Love and
    then of course there is a Song by the Same Group Named
    “A Man I’ll Never Be” But no one Should Ever Give up
    On A Dream to Be Whatever Woman and or Man
    They Wish to Be.. Wow those Were Great
    Songs From When i was Just 18 Years
    Old With My First So-Called
    Lover as Such
    When Young
    Love Does
    Aging now when
    Real For True i Feel
    That Love is Real no
    Matter What God Feels the
    Growing Pains of all the Labors of
    Love and Grins a little Bit until God
    Smiles all the Way Across the Skies
    And Beyond iNFiNiTY whenever wherever
    and however Love is Birthed as Real and True
    What a Lovely Child You and Your Future ‘Perfect’
    Lover Will Create a Child of Love Perhaps a Son always
    as the Nature of Love the Face of God Smiling Beyond iNFiNiTY
    Where Space and Time and Distance No Longer Exists Just the
    And the
    Moon Child of Love
    Wow only if i could add
    all those Songs as an option
    to Listen to with all these Words
    But Wait! There is “Legends of Love”
    And there is YouTube and Copy and
    Paste in Multiples of more than one Song
    Oh Lord Thank God Love on the Internet Never Disappears
    Grows Old or Even has to Burp or Throw up Online hehe.. Yes
    True No Dirty Diapers to Change Nothing Messy along the way
    And A Figure as Pristine as Katrina’s Still and of Course Yours too.. hAha..
    Unlike ‘Trump’ i do not use Numbers to Rate Love Only String Theory and the
    of Love
    Rate Love..
    For it’s True online
    Making Babies of Love
    May Be Different as there
    are ‘thots’ Always Circling the
    Globe Just waiting to Be ‘impregnated’
    By other ‘thots’ Circling the Globe that
    and who come into Alignment So Fresh
    And Clean What they come to Deliver is New
    Works of Art that Express Love so Much more..
    Sex’ and
    the Delivery
    of Love Babies
    of Art Great too..
    anyway something to
    Do until ‘the Perfect’ Man
    Greets and Meets You and Gives
    You so Much more than Words Will
    Ever Bring Yet True there are Feelings True
    too.. Senses that come From Words too.. And
    are so
    many more
    ‘Thots’ to come
    As Somedays Love
    this Way Seems to Last
    Forever and a Day in a ‘Never
    Ending Story’ that Feels this way
    as True Lovers
    are the
    That and
    Who Refuse
    Everything yet
    Delivery of Love more..
    Until Love Graduates
    And Gives even more..
    Anyway there
    is one
    to Say:

    How Do i Know For
    if i Hugged You on
    The Midnight
    You or
    i am Your
    Best Well
    Wisher At
    Your Wedding
    Hugging You There
    The Feeling is the Same
    i Do
    i Finally
    My Wings and
    i will never Have
    To go Back to
    Hell Now
    It is to Have
    At Least one
    FRiEnD to help you
    Never Go Back to
    Hell the Place
    With No True Love…

    The First And Last Flower
    Moon Traveled Far Seeing
    Millions and Millions of
    Flowers Look Above
    Taking the Moon
    For Granted
    When it
    Always Counting
    On the Sun to Rise
    For Light and Warmth
    Until one Day A Special
    Little Flower that some
    Took For Granted as
    Well Looked Up
    At The Moon
    Seeing So
    Much More
    For this Flower
    Saw the Moon as
    Star Equal And Even
    Greater to the Sun for
    A Way Beyond Even
    Visible Light that
    Touched the
    Flower that
    Looked Like
    A Little
    Flame to
    The Moon
    But You See
    The Moon Like
    No one Else Saw
    And Still Sees The
    Magnificent Size of
    The Little Flame
    Flower’s Soul
    The Moon
    Not Speak
    So the Flame
    Flower Became the
    Moon’s Voice not
    Only That Spirit
    Heart and Soul
    Too Hence
    The First
    And Last
    The little
    Flame Flower
    Is the Moon Flower
    Who Blooms Night
    And Day in Eyes of Moon

    “That’s” ‘Why’ ‘Haters’ make
    me Laugh And Lovers
    Make me Smile..
    oh God iN So
    Many Ways
    THaT SMiLes
    Do Go And STill CoMe NoW

  29. I am so happy for you Lala.
    It is inspiring to see what you made out of this really bad situation.
    A lot of people give up… but I’m glad you endured the pain and found your true self.
    Your poems and posts always gave such hints but i didn’t want to ask…
    It’s good to know that you’re in a much happier place now.
    Will wait for happier poems of self discovery now..

    Good Luck!

  30. “WHITE SHADOWS” Story of a white pearl that turned
    to ashes while waiting for a phoenix to be born inside her !”

    “What’s Next”

    SMiLes Lala Rukh Nice
    To Hear From You Yet
    of Course Even Nicer
    To See You Expressing
    What is inside You Again…

    What Stories What Songs
    What People Do We ReMeMBeR

    Most of Course
    What Touches
    Us at the Lowest
    Points of Our Life

    What Helps Us Rise
    Up Again Out of the Ashes
    to BREaTHE Wings of Phoenix
    Out of Fires of Life That Burn So Numb

    of Soul
    To Come And
    Go As LiGHT ReTuRNS

    “Firework” By Katy Perry i Attempt
    Not to Use Songs Over Again in the Poetry
    TheMes And MeMes Free i Create For Real Yet

    In the Winter of my Soul in Early 2010 That Place
    WHere Soul of Love Hears No Story, No Song,
    No Love of Human Within Or Love That Tries So
    Hard to Break Through By Loved Ones Still Breathing Love

    And Surely No Dance AeonS AWaY From Dead Soul Within…

    At A Gym All Covered in Jacket So Cold Ear Plugs a Cricket
    Sounds Like Freight Trains of Misery Street Lights At 3 AM
    Looking Directly into the Sun of Pain Not Even Able to go Outside

    Left Breathless
    By The Environment
    of Nature Free Even
    Stumbling into the Backyard
    Having Trouble Making a TV Dinner
    Not Even Able to Play A Game of Tic Tac Toe
    At The Peak of all the Pain and Numb A Song Comes

    On the Radio At the Gym as i tried everything to escape
    Pain And Numb Nothing Would Work to Feel A Drop of Soul in Hell…

    A Voice Song Soul Distant About a ‘Firework’ of Soul Just one Drop of Life it Brought
    to Soul From A Distant Spirit Powerful Enough to allow the Devil one Drop of Hope….

    SMiLes my FRiEnD the Song Comes BacK NoW to Save A Nation From Dying Soul

    For i am Reborn as You are Now Phoenix RiSing From ASHeS AGAiN Your Freedom

    What You Always Desired Most Becomes All Yours And No one else’s to Control

    And Now

    An Entire

    Country Waits

    To Be Healed With

    Fireworks of Love for Truth in Light Again…
    Hehe still Trying to Finish Publishing the other

    MacroVerse Yet Soul won’t Wait on Mechanical Cognitions of Life…

    Be You Be Art

    Be Life

    Be Free

    Yes Do

    Breathe With

    Wings Fully Spread With No Fear

    i See You in your New Home Fresh
    Rose Risen From Thorns FLoWeR

    You Are Now Free Dear Lala Rukh So Proud of You
    So Happy For You Keep Soaring Yes Keep Shining FRiEnD


    Wings Live BREaTHE Free..:)

  31. Hi Lala.

    Hearing from you always cheers me up, even though the news isn’t always good. My reflex is to say I’m sorry about the problems you’ve gone through, but I don’t think I am. I can see that though some pain persists that you’ve put them behind you and have turned them into opportunities for growth. I admire you Lala.

    I’d wish you the best for what comes next, but life isn’t like that. There’ll be more struggle, more pain and more growth.

    The Buddha said “Life is suffering”. Nietzsche said “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. But I think what a Sri Lankan friend of mine named Naji once told me is perhaps more apt for you. He said “Allah tests you in flames but protects you with love”.

    Be with love Lala. It’s always with you.

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