O’ Moon You Were The Spectator !

Big Ben UK

O’ Moon you were the spectator

of year that passed by -leaving

cynical ages behind.

Of wounds that were made

which aches and tear apart my soul

are everlasting !

Of broken dreams that scratch

these wounds hard

and the brimming blood

nourishes my heart.

Of wishes unfulfilled that

pricks like thorns,

cuts like a sword; sharp and fine.

Of the rains of my fate which

were destined for someone other’s home.

Of the grave that lies

in a corner of my heart where

un-listened prayers sleep.

Of the un-heard moans and sobs

of my injured heart that

spoke through eyes

alas! no one was there to read.

Of my eternal search inside

myself – The search of self

search of The Divine.

Of the enduring solitude

Of  the withering bliss

in the spring of my life.

O’ Moon you were the spectator

of metamorphosis that de-colorized

my life’s zest from

white to Black and shades of grey.

O’ Moon I am scared

Of the abyss I have to jump in with

open eyes and wide arms but

crying heart and stinging soul

in near future.

O’ Moon be my guest

hold my hand and walk with me

through the vexatious path

towards the ultimate future

where each step pierce the countless

blisters of my jaded soul.

O’ Moon can you endure

my feelings pure?

O’ Moon can you give me

your shoulders to cry on ?

O’ Moon can you bear

the dilemma that is near?

The moon smiled and spoke

words that I am in a habit to hear.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea”

And veiled its childlike silver face

underneath the blue clouds

on the limitless sky

where a new year was beginning

just as a ray of hope

rises through melancholy and gloom.

The Speak Easy Challenge.

59 thoughts on “O’ Moon You Were The Spectator !

  1. Wow enchanting. I love the moon so much maybe that’s why Hamad refers to me as a lunatic! Please do read my poem Eid Mubarak which was also inspired by the moon.

    Love, Mehak

    • Haha Not every Moon lover is a lunatic you know 😉 Love you both. Loads of thanks for appreciating my work sweetheart 🙂 I will definitely read your poem 🙂 Love you xx

  2. I love your poem…!
    very flowing within the Moon’s energy
    I tried to vote, but I can’t figure out how…can you tell me how?
    and I will go back….
    This is really wonderful Lala….
    Take Care…You Matter…
    Hope your New Year was everyting and more for your wishes!

    • Oh I am so glad lady blue rose that you liked my poem ! Thanks a bunch. The voting is closed actually 🙂 You have to click on the heart that appears on each entry to vote. I ll wait for your vote the next time I write for them 🙂 Lots of Love. You too take care sweetheart ! Hugs to you xx

  3. Oh yes I saw the blisters and wounds

    And the sword that pierces them through.

    I saw your quivering jaded soul

    I saw the cut that it bleeds through.

    I too, O girl! Bled with your heart

    Quivered with you, got torn apart.

    I saw your pains and endless tears;

    I lived with you through haunting fears.

    I was the witness of the fog that existed

    On a soul so pure, unaltered, unmisted.

    O yes, I was standing still

    As you were facing the winter chill.

    The day your countless unheard prayers

    Froze into a silent, lifeless grave;

    I too slept in that utter silence

    Just to have them in my embrace.

    “Why did you be my witness O moon?

    Why did you be with me through banes and boon?”

    I was just a reflection O dear!

    On your heart and soul so clear.

    And so when the swords pierced though

    I too was covered in red with you.

    And so when your fears came out as tears

    They rippled through me, and quivering was I.

    And when your prayers slept in the grave

    I kept them alive, O warrior brave!

    I veiled myself in the dark blue clouds

    To let the new year hope shine

    Through your pure but misted soul

    To let you bath in the light divine.

    I am your comarade though fears and pain

    Though smiles and frowns, sunshine and rain

    So cry your heart aloud my dear

    And let go of all gravious fears

    As I am just the reflection on your soul

    And will be there for years to come

    As I am just the reflection on your soul

    And we are not separate but one.


    Bade dinon baad tere post pe likhi hai response poem… I don’t think I need to tell you the level to which I liked the poem… Do I? 🙂

  4. There was something deeply cleansing in your poem…it was as though the moon washed over the soulful pain…lovely way to clear the air for a New Year…

    • Aw your comment is the best…You reached to the soul of my poetry ! Thank you so very much for this lively comment ! Much Love . Hope you are having a wonderful start of the new year 🙂 Hugs xx

    • Its not actually a fiction….But you can call it one 🙂 Thank you so much for these beautiful words of appreciation…Means a lot to me ! Wishing you the same happiness and joy 🙂 Love and Hugs xx 🙂

    • My life is full of gloom so nothing other than that comes out when I write non-fiction ! Bohat bohat shukriya apki duaun k leye ! Bohat acha lagta hai ap ki batain sun k 🙂 Apk leye bhi bohat duaen ! xx

      • Interesting — meri batain bhi kisi ko achi lagein, shukr wajib hay mujh par!
        This whole sansaar is full of gloom n sorrow just because it is an illusion. we tend to run but find nothing.
        Herat ki baat ye hay k fankaar apnay dukh dard ko apnay fan main samookar, osay show kartay hain.
        Aor aap hain k jab non-fiction likhne baithtii hain, tab ap ko apnay dukh yaad aatay hain. 🙂

        • Haha naheen me ab try kerti hun k fiction he likhun…. Ye pehli post thi jo fiction naheen thi is blog per ! Bilkul theak kaha ap ne….This world is not for us that’s why it is full of gloom…It is actually full of glitter too for the people who love it 🙂
          Bohat bohat shukriya apki itni achi batun k leye 🙂 Khush rahain 🙂

          • Dua k liye shukria —
            Lekin agar main kahoN k dekho, Lala Rukh kitna enjoy kar rahi hay life ko, os k pas sub kuch hay — tu batayeN k Lala Rukh is k jawab main kia kaheingi?
            Other than that — ap tu door say daikh rahay hain, ap ko kia pata, ap Lala Rukh ki dunya main akar tu daikhain!! 😦
            Love for world — ah, hum sab ko maloom hay dunya apnay end tak barh rahi hay, and even before this we, the human, gets to end. Then, what is actually love for world? Except deception!!!
            And — who not know that the deception leads to a state of gloom.
            Urdu ka mahawra hay — har chamakti cheez sona nahi hoti!
            Because — GOLD found only in the hearts of the people who are sympathetic towards humans.

            • Bilkul theak keh rahay hain…me yehi kahun gi per I know you are a writer yourself tu ap aisa sawal pochain gay he naheen…writers can feel what is inside the writings…That what is hidden.
              Bilkul her chamakti cheex sona naheen oti aur ye duniya bhi chamakti hue cheez hai jisko hum soona samajh k beth jatay hain jeenay….. Sad but true.
              Love your last lines. Thank you so much for these amazing words. Love xx

  5. I like how you focused on the moon rather than the clock tower. Like Suzanne, I was glad to see that a bit hope appeared at the end to make us feel that it was possible that the sadness/anguish would subside.

    By the way, I loved the imagery of the steps piercing blisters of the jaded soul – such a vivid description 🙂

    • Oh Thank you Jannat your comment just made my day ! And yes, hope is the key after all….The only thing to hold on to in pain ! Thanks so much for taking time to read my post and for all this beautiful appreciation…I am humbled ! And Jannat your name is beautiful 🙂 Much Love xx

    • Thank you so much Suzane for the beautiful words of appreciation. So glad to know that you loved the hope in there 🙂
      Speakeasy was fun to do really enjoyed it ! Looking forward to participate more in future 🙂 Much love xx

  6. Well.. i guess the moon is kinda like Parents watching over us but never truly often knowing who we are as our own independent Universes..to just see what we see of life…

    Well at least i think..the Sun is a better bet for all of that..as you can be sure that whatever despair may lead the brighter rays of Sun are always here to warm ya friend…

    I don’t like the moon to much..it was too much of a friend..when i could not see the day of light for it was so to bright..and the lonely sliver of a face at 3 am at night with no one else to share it was surely the devil for me instead of friend..

    Well i am certainly glad to be able to see the Sun again and friends..and seriously that is all i hope for you friend..no matter where darkness may find you in light..for for fuller insight and LOVE that is always friend…

    For who you truly are friend..
    As simply Light and LOVE..
    No matter who or what may come your way…


    • I wish I could see the sun and feel its warmth too like you did. Thanks so much for wishing the best for me. Thanks for your lovely words. A very happy new year to you 🙂 Love xx

    • Thank you so very much new friend I am really glad you liked my poem so much. Many thanks for this beautiful appreciation and for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around more often now 🙂 A very happy new year to you ! Love xx

  7. “Of the enduring solitude
    Of the withering bliss
    in the spring of my life.”

    ‘That’s not a good idea’? I heard it say, ‘yes pretty girl. I’ll be there together. Will watch you enter your new journey from there above at the sky.’ It was smiling, poetess. It said it will ask the one above the skies and the one inside one’s ‘self’ to give rest to your soul, to look after you well, and to bless you with all things pure. (:
    Happy new year, Lalarukh. Wonderful poetry, I love the title too.

    • Haye Maria you just redefined cuteness ! I wish It could say these words Maria but it doesn’t …. I wish all this that you just said come true…I can’t imagine how beautiful life would be then.
      A very happy new year to you too…Many warm wishes and Duaa’s for you ! And many thanks for the appreciation yaar your words really means a LOT !! Love you xx

  8. My darling little sister, I hug you and wish you a great New Year. 🙂
    I wish I could pick you up and take you away to where your heart is the happiest, but I can’t. 😦 So instead I will be here for you and when I can’t come to you? Come to me and I shall come straight across to here hug you and surround you with my love. Love to you, Big Sis xxxxxx

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