Black Magic ?


People imply that it was

Black magic

that ate her up

like worms eat up the woods.

She was transformed

From an elegant glowing beauty


an awful filthy mess.

She had flesh on her bones

but no impulse.

Like a lifeless corpse

her face turned pale black,

her soul departed her body

taking away the shine

in her eyes.

She was Dead for

the world.

No one knew, except me;

she was bitten by ‘Life’

And I swear

I heard her silent breaths !!


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A post written in response to Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

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62 thoughts on “Black Magic ?

  1. Those who think love can destroy has never ever been in love…it was “Black Magic” turly! just as you say it “Bitten By Life” but never Loved by it. Very well said Lala Rukh

      • Lala Rukh, Can I disagree with you on Love of Man being Black Magic?
        Allow me to express…
        He is not a man who owns his lover. He is no man who oppresses his lover. He is no man who enslaves his lover. He is just a person who was brought up that way and thats all he knows to practice upon others. He is a true hater of himself and he knows it.
        Same goes for a woman as well.

        Love is freedom and respecting ourselves and then of others. If one can’t love oneself, they sure can’t love anything or anyone.

        • No you got the wrong idea. By Love of Man I meant Love of human being….And The Divine Love that is Love of God is the only one that lightens the heart. Love of human being blackens it out if it is not used as a step to reach out the Divine Love.
          Loving all human beings is another thing and falling for a single human being is another thing.
          I hope you got the idea what I was talking about 🙂

          • Ooops, now I understand.
            Here is my confusion though…how is what God gives us as Love different than what we distribute/ share as love with other human?
            Why FALL in love when Love of God and Parents and others is the same exact love that God gives us to GROW and PROSPER?
            My whole debate is To LOVE is GODLY. Love can never ever make you fall or feel like black magic…it only makes one grow leaps and bounds. What do you think?

            • Okay let me explain. The Love you feel for another human is no doubt a Godly attribute given to us. But when you fall for a person and that love occupies your mind too, you start doing things that our God don’t like. I am not just talking about the sins….Running behind that Love if it is not your fate for life, Destroying your self respect in front of that specific person etc is included in it. And that is what makes the heart black.
              The Love we distribute among the Humans normally don’t let us do these type of things.
              Love of God actually means loving His humanity !

              • Lala Rukh … When My loving as a Human being for another human being is GODLY…matter of pure BELIEF…then all the rest you say to explain Love being Black Magic is meaningless. It’s not what other intent to do with me, It’s what my own intentions are. Always…I make sure my love makes other grow, and I make sure the choice of love I accept is truly love that MUST make me grow as well. If I ever try to believe in UNGODLY love than I will definitely subscribe to your definition. But as I said before, you are always right…because that’s your opinion and I respect that. There is no FALLING in love…the moment u feel a FALL, IN LOVE thats the day you stop GROWING IN LOVE…your mom and dad love you (hopefully) so that’s why you grew not fell. Think about it…

                • Ali I am talking about something else and you are taking it all on the wrong side. I am in Love too….That love took me to God’s love but that same Love let me do mistakes that take me far away from God sometimes. And those mistakes involve running behind the person that is not my fate, weeping and crying for him, not being honest with all my heart with a person that is my to-be-husband and relating all my happiness and wishes to the person I love.
                  If you say that this Love of Human never causes any harm then what is that ?
                  Yes it can’t be harmful if you just keep loving a person without ever talking to him without attaching emotionally to him and without letting him know. Than that Love of human will be pure Godly Love but can you believe it is possible for us humans ??
                  Sufis and mystics can do that…..But we normal humans can’t. Many Sufi’s went closer to God through the same Love of Human but they left it behind….Those who can’t let it go by killing their self inside can’t be pure Ali.

                • The Love you are talking about the Love we do with our parents and friends and everyone else don’t let us do things that are not acceptable….They are natural….. THAT love of human is not natural beyond certain limitations which I ve already explained.

  2. True Lala. When life bites hard, it definitely does. The real danger is of your soul being taken away if one does not recover from this bite.

    There has always been a question in my mind to which I have never really had a sure answer:”Why do some people get what they want and why is it that some don’t?” (Karma is the only suitable and best fitting answer I have got.) What is the magic formula for this? Without an answer to this, all I can say is if gaining a particular experience we want can have the effect of magic, loss of a particular experience we equally need can have the effect of black magic. Everything in us simply dies. Ok, now I don’t want to sound dark 😀

    • You know some people get SOME things and the other gets the OTHER. No one gets everything perfect in this world. And the ones who don’ get anything at all, we have a concept of the life hereafter where they ll get everything they missed here. You are right about the magic thing too. Lol you won’t, I have seen the DARK already 😉 Love you Rexie Love you for your sweetest wods and lovely thoughts. You are the best 🙂 xx

  3. This was a stunning read – it is hard to get me to a poem, and make me read it, but this one bit, darkly, mysteriously. It was not sentimental, such a big plus, and was not about the writer, an even bigger plus! Wonderful, wicked and magical.

    • Oh I am loving your words about my poem….They are beautiful and magical too 🙂 Many many thanks for this AMAZING appreciation….It means a lot to me, really ! Thank you so so much. Lots of love xx

  4. You have once again spoken mountains to me through your words! It’s been one of those days……rather life times it seems! Happy new year may many great blessings come your way sister! God bless!

  5. muhabbat isi tarah maarti hay k log osay kala jadoo hi samajhnay par majboor hotay hain — no reason no season!!!
    As love is life — so bitten by love couldn’t recover!
    Muhabbat main bhi tu aankhon par patti bandh jaati hay– so balck magic hi hogaya naa!!!!!!

  6. I remember seeing the movie the Exorcist at about 18..and oh goodness that seriously had me imagining that there was some type of black magic in this world..

    But the imagINING part was key…

    Going to the beach with only seagulls..white sand…and emerald green gulf…

    There can be no black magic in the skies the oceans..OR ANYWHERE ELSE…

    But ..that was before i saw the movie JAWS and dam if that didn’t make believe in

    black magic again…

    But soon forgotten as just another illusion of fear in life..later on…

    But never the less there truly is negativity and darkness in life..and almost any environmental or psychological factor can be attached to that…

    Humans are capable of incredible dreams and quote the movie Contact..

    And to further quote it ..the human connection in the only real thing that makes ALL


    • You are right I too have seen black magic in just movies. It can be an illusion , It can be a psychological thing or just a fear or it can be real….Who knows ?
      You are right no darkness can overcome passion. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂 Love xx

      • Absolutely, the darkness like a black butterfly comes and takes all the colour away from a red rose and make it its own, a black rose is born, a unique flower which has the power to heal people with broken hearts and souls. It is wonderful, created an interesting conversation between my alter ego and I. Thank you.

        • Wow now who is the writer here ? I LOVED this analogy of your’s…..Actually I am in love with black roses so it fascinated me too much. Very beautiful. Thank you for your brilliant response Mr. Abozdar your presence is highly appreciated 😉

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