A Three Words Resolution !

Trifecta Challenge:

Here is the link for the website: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/.We’re asking for resolutions in just three words.  Make it count; we’ll be checking back in come 2015. If you want to participate click on the following picture.


Please vote for me on Thursday when the voting opens, if you like my resolution. If you don’t like it, still go to the link and read other amazing resolutions.


My resolution for the new year would be the same what I am following from the past few years.

Smile, in pain.

55 thoughts on “A Three Words Resolution !

  1. First things, first: Happy New Year, Lala. 🙂 Not knowing the origin of your pain (physical? Emotional? Etc.), I can only admire your courage and strength to persevere through it all while smiling so radiantly and beautifully. I hope that, despite your smiles, you are, somehow, able to take some sort of action to correct the source of your pain. No one should have to live a life behind a mask, even if the mask is exquisite. My wish for you is for a 2014 where your smiles are smiles of joy and radiate the beauty that so obviously resides within your heart. All the best. 🙂

    • First of all my dear friend, a BUNDLE of thanks for such a lively positive and beautiful comment ! You know the art of healing wounds through words.
      A very happy New year to you ! My pain is mostly the emotional one….suffering from depression from last four five years I wore the same mask of smiling as I ll do in 2014. You wishes for me are much appreciated ! Thanks so much for giving me a chance to smile from inside 🙂 Love you loads xx

  2. Actually, this is a pretty practical resolution. Smiling releases endorphins — the “feel good” chemical in our brains. So you’re on the right track. Keep smiling and may you kick pain’s butt. Happy New Year, Lala.

    • Oh I never knew that. You have made my resolution much more beneficial for me 🙂 Love you and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Much Love. A very happy new year to you too ! Hugs xx

  3. I’ve read many resolutions that inspire me, but none I admire more than this one. Smiling in the midst of pain to me shows an indomitable spirit-one that we can all learn from. Lala, I wish you nothing but painless smiles in 2014:)

    • This is a big appreciation Valerie I am so glad you found my resolution good enough ! You have to learn things that you don’t want to, sometimes ! Many many thanks for your priceless precious wish for me……. I wish you all the happiness Love and joy in 2014 🙂 Much love and hugs xx

    • Oh Sun you and your shining comments…I LOVE them ! 🙂 Thank you so much beautiful…..I wish you all the glowing sunshine and joy in 2014 ! Lots of love and hugs to you xx

    • Yes but you have to do it when their is no other choice 🙂 Thank you so much for your beautiful wish….. I warmly welcome yu on my blog. Much Love. Hugs xx

    • Yes Jannat it really is tough but I guess you have to do it when there is no choice left for you 🙂 You are too sweet to give me such a sweet wish 🙂 I wish the same for you…endless happiness and peace ! Hugs xx

  4. Dang, not sure I could summarize it in three words like that! I hope that pain goes away though… and is replaced by genuine bemusement and indifference.

    Okay, here’s my best attempt: “Shake my head.”
    Ha! So basically just a continuation of my life as usual 😉

    • Aw Much thanks for your sweetest wish 🙂 I love you for that…and in real too 😉
      Lol Your resolution just made me laugh…you really have the art to do it, Beautiful Magician 😉 It is lovely to meet you ! Keep spreading smiles like that always 🙂 Love you. Hugs xx

  5. Make it count
    Feel force within
    Get over it
    Enjoy wonders around
    Give, smile, prevail
    🙂 I have lot more 🙂 let me know if this is something useful.

  6. Oh haan before I forget again… Happy New Year 🙂 (Tension mat le… happy hi rahega… 1 mahine 14 din ke baad bhi… Main hoon na… Hum sab hain na…) 🙂

    Ya… smile in pain… But keep an outlet open, to pour the pain out… Samajh rahi hai, meri baat… 🙂

    And mera resolution… kabhi banaaya nahin… Sochta hoon 😉 🙂

    Jitna ho sakaa… comment kiya… baaki kal karunga…

    Now keep smiling and keep writing…

    P.S.: Sorry… starting thoda emotional ho gaya ho to… 🙂 Waise mail pe tere reply ka intezaar kar raha hoon 🙂

    • Happy New year to you too brother ! And 1 month aur 5 din bhae 14 din naheen….Aik week aur agay hogae thi date…. I am left with just a month to live 🙂
      I hope that outlet remains open…I hope…. No I don’t hope my hopes and wishes don’t come true then why should I ?

      I know intezaar ker ray ho….I am sorry as usual and I will reply too soon ! 🙂

      • Tere paas 1 month nahin… bahut zyaadaa time hai jeene ko 🙂 Tujhe kya lagtaa hai, bhagwaan tujhe pehle apne paas bulaayenge? Na… I am much closer to him, main pehle jaaunga 🙂

        Your hopes and wishes don’t come true? Koi nahin… I will hope and wish for you. Zaroorat padi to outlet apne haath se bhi khol ke rakhoonga 🙂

  7. My three word resolution would be – NO HEART SURGERIES – I was 29 when I had my first heart ablation January 2103. After the surgery they said I was still having tachycardia in another part of my heart but the multiple pvc’s (extra beats), where gone. So I had to go back on beta blockers, which I feel horrible being on – I don’t feel myself. Well, a little let than a year later, my chest has been bothering me again and I kept making excuses because I don’t want the surgery again, for example, saying the chest pains were scar tissue. I went to the doctors and the maxed out my beta blockers and I have to go back in a few weeks. He said that I’m more than likely going to have to have the surgery again. 😦 – The worse news ever. So I’m hoping things miracously change and I don’t have to go through with the surgery again. The first one was rough and has a story behind it but I won’t tie up your page anymore. Sorry this was so long. I just have to say my 3 words are NO HEART SURGERIES!!! Happy New Years to everyone. Also, I really enjoy your 3 words. Good Choice!

    • I am feeling sad…heart broken after reading this 😦 You are a great women, and you know that , don’t you ? I am honored to have you here Ma’m….Really honored !! I can’t do anything for you but I can pray for happiness and peace for you in the new year and I will do that….There is no better new year gift I can give you. Many many prayers and blessings…..May you enjoy every second of your life with peace and bliss and May your lips don’t stop smiling ever 🙂 Much Love. Hugs xx

      • Thank you so much for the kind words! You truly are a sincere person and I’m thankful for your comments. Don’t be sad, it just makes me a stronger person. I really hope you have a healthy and blessed New Year as well. Have fun, live life, laugh, love, and enjoy every day. Thanks again. 🙂

        • I have no words you know sometimes you meet people for whom words are not enough to describe how you feel for them. You are one of those. You are amazing and I need you now to learn how to be strong in life ! I ll stick to you hope I don’t make you feel irritated 😉 😛 Thank you so very very much for all these sweet wishes and prayers for me ! Love you so much ! Hugs to you

  8. i like your three word resolution. i hope to remember to vote for you, but you may need to knock on my blog door to remind me. i think my would be: don’t self-destruct. do you think that is a good idea??

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Don’t worry I will remind you to vote. Just read my next post and there will b a link in that.
      And yes your’s is fab ! Hope you stop self – destruction in the new year too in real. Most of the time my resolutions remain as JUST resolutions 🙂

  9. By the way..mine is Just DO IT..

    But i can’t use it..

    CAuse Nike Trademarks IT…

    That doesn’t seem fair…

    Everyone should be allowed to…

    JUST DO IT…..

    And use IT
    whenever and wherever……

    • Oh your’s one is awesome too ! And I guess they will let you borrow it once in a while, No ? 🙂 They should actually because you like it so much .Stay blessed xx

      • Well..i was kinda kidding..

        But seriously as much as I wear NIKE products in stores dance walking 23 miles like i did on December 21st..i guess they should be paying me for free advertisement…

        But..i don’t need the money so i guess if they ever decide to pay me..i’ll donate it to feed the hungry or something like that..

        And by the way..i think i am gonna come up with my OWN three word trifecta..NOW

        BRAVE AS ONE..

        YEAH..THAT’S IT…



        love’s enough for me…:)

        • Haha they sure should pay you, not with money but with smiles and love 🙂 Thank you so much and I am so glad to know you found it interesting enough to give it a try 😉 I Love yours ! and yeah don’t forget to vote for me on Friday 😉 Much Love xx

    • Haha. Katiemiafrederick, that’s a good one: just do it. That used to be my favorite line at some stage in my life.

  10. Ouch..:)

    Is that one word..two words..or three?

    I guess one..
    or two..or three..
    of one…

    But anyway..


    Happy New year….
    once again..
    Now it’s here….
    Love and Pain….
    Is not that unusual…..
    But smiling can be harder…….
    Oh goodness.. thISIS way more than three words..;)
    Are you smiling yet…
    If so..
    as the Beatles say…
    you already made your New Year’s Resolution..

    with a little help from your friends…

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