Bless me.

Bless me with pain, I want to feel alive

once again.

Bless me with tears, I need to cry out

my fears.

Bless me with love, I want to shine

high above.

Bless me to pray, to push this void

far away.

Bless me to beat despair, to breathe in

fresh air.

Bless me to write, to live once again

with pride.

Bless me a fresh start, to wake up my

sleeping heart.

Please bless me with pain, I want to live

once again !

Words are out of my grip. My fingers have stopped writing. The struggle I had to do, to write such less words, was very hard on me.




55 thoughts on “Bless me.

  1. Well.. today is the 5th and not the 6th and i will come a day early to visit you my friend Lala Rukh AKA White Pearl.. from before.. as Love Has no rules but Love.. sMiles..

    And this morning a like from you on my blog is like a 10K word treatise of Love that i am currently working on.. and i am currently praising friends and Nature.. and you my friend are part of that.. so i am writing this now to you.. to celebrate my friendship with you again as well.. AS this will be a part of THAT..:)

    You see i am blessed with the gift of moving.. connecting.. and creating but as you know AND FEEL.. i have none of those gifts for almost 66 months.. and before that.. i have little to no creative ability in expressing something truly original.. for about 4 decades or so..

    So yes.. i know and feel all too well the dry spells of life away from moving.. connecting.. and creating as well as severe physical illness where the only Savior is GOD and a wait of NOW for GOD to save me.. at GOD’s discretion where GOD gives me signs and ways of healing eventually through GOD given gifts of human innate instinct.. and intuition..

    So yes.. as much as i wish i could look into your flesh and blood eyes.. and give you this spark.. this gift of GOD that lives within me so deep now.. IN expresSING.. Creativity that i feel you long so much for as your post says here from May.. i know and feel THAT Truth and Light that is between GOD and you.. and no matter how much you are loved by family and friends like me..

    Only you and GOD have scale iNow of Feeling and Knowing.. to bring you the gifts of life.. that i am sure do still LIVE and LOVE.. deep within you just waiting to flower again.. like they do in the Summer of 2013.. like magic about the same time this happens with me.. Yes.. i visit the blog you have before.. where you talk mostly about food and pretty clothing as many Muslim women focus on the journey for the customs of cultural marriage.. but obviously a switch is turned on.. and Lala the Food and Clothes girl.. becomes an Enlightened Philosopher.. Writer.. and Poetry Person.. overnight.. like me.. almost overnight.. with eyes lit up with Moon and Stars…

    This is how GOD works through grace of human gifts.. it is magic.. no doubt.. as it comes and goes on GOD’s scale of intent.. meaning.. and purpose NOW.. when NOW comes.. through GOD’s eyes and ears manifest in human..

    So anyway.. this is my tribute to Lala Rukh.. a girl I think of often.. who i always pray for the greaTest Gifts of Life.. for happiness.. peace.. and Love to COME FOR HER AGAIN.. AND AGAIN.. and this Spirit of creativity expressed that means so much to her will always Live and Live again.. in the written word here or however else she chooses to express IT..

    But again.. GOD is magic.. and so are we.. even when we lose all emotions.. including faith.. hope.. and belief.. this spirit of GOD is just welling up inside us manifest as us.. coming to explode.. in emotions and senses IN Will of survival and all stuff associated with Love..

    But anyway.. as you must know and feel by now.. i am different.. there are no limits or expectations of Love for me.. and perhaps folks like Katy Perry in her song ET.. and Lady Gaga in her song Born This Way.. are new age prophets.. taling a story of future.. NOW.. wHere people like US will RAIN a New Unconditional Love in AND ON the World.. that is one of old.. come new again.. before ‘THE APPLE’.. fall away from THE ALL innate.. instinctual and intuitive Spirit of GOD who lives naked and free in US.. and the fall of human to material stuff.. where BEFORE AGAIN NOW.. no one is afraid to dance naked as GOD’s children..

    like me.. YES..

    NO regrets.. no shame.. no sins.. all forgiven.. Naked and Free…

    LOVE WITH touching DANCING eyes.. and

    flesh.. and yes.. human words too..

    WITH this great Love
    GOD gifts us with..
    all natural..
    all FREE..

    i will be waiting for your words my friend..
    if IT takes me to my last

    and no.. i am not going to die anytime
    soon GOD willing.. GOD still
    has much more
    as Nike
    and Magic
    says.. JUST GO
    OF RUN…

    ‘NIKE SHOE’..
    ‘LOVE sMiLES’..:)

    • oh my god ! Just tell me how would i be able to manage to give a reply to all of your precioys words and feelings for me? I can’t. I can just tell you that I love you my friend and this tribute was a oerfect gift for me, I feel honored and lucky to have you. This live in yoyr words never seems to be fading away, even after all these years. Thank you so much. That’s all I have to say. Thank you Love !

  2. Hey Lala. I know I’ve already posted here, but I’ve been thinking of you lately and wondering how you are.
    I must say, after reading this poem again, I love it. I totally believe that suffering produces great fruit. I recently posted a brief Gogyokha poem about it, so I can empathize.
    I hope you and your husband are doing very well in England and enjoying the summer.
    Love and blessings
    Staci πŸ™‚ ❀

  3. August 6th.. and the Dog Days of Summer coming to an end.. a post by you on May 13th.. and a wonderful assurance that you are alive and well.. this month too.. and in my online journeys i come across a spirit like you.. in fact i have to look twice to make sure it is not you speaking on another blog.. as this person says lovely comments of love to all who visit her blog.. and she tells me almost immediately that her blog is equally mine as hers.. just as you do when i first come here..

    It is that loving connection with others that makes a blog magic.. no matter what the form or substance of the words that come from heart expressed as spirit of mind and body balanced soul of human are.. Yes.. it is the connection and the LOVE that counts and that has never changed for social animals.. humans or dogs.. the same..

    A happy human is a human who connects.. reaching out to others.. when all cold days can and do finally end of heart.. expressed spirit of soul.. but anyway.. it’s good to know and feel you are still here somewhere and all that reach of my eyes of heart in spirit expressed soul.. still touches yours as well somewhere as bond of Friendship Love can be the strongest of all..

    And finally with me.. coming up to my 4000th mile of Dance Walking this month.. as i start that Journey shortly after my recovery when i meet you back in July of 2013.. and now up to 11 million words of Hurricane wordy me.. hehe.. since November 26th 2010.. and yeah.. you still blow some of that wind at my back.. from your Kind and Courageous… Unconditional Words of Love.. back in the Summer of 2013..

    I am always praying and hoping.. that your Love will come back here to connect with so many other Eyes of Love as it does before.. but i know and FEEL Full ocean of life.. the calm waters.. the growing waves.. the Tsunami’s spreading of this and that.. and Tidal Wives that seem to wash it all away with flooding water of eyes as well.. but any effort to spark a heArt.. a soUl.. a spiRit.. is beyond a price of earthly gold.. for it is the feelings of US

    that make
    with LOVE

  4. Oh.. goodness.. the 6th again.. already.. and yes.. time does fly
    when one lives in the heaven of now.. mind and body balancing..
    feathering one’s way through air on terrestrial land..
    Oh.. the power of Allah.. lives within.. heArt
    expressing spiRit in balance as above..
    so below.. inside.. outside.. and
    all around US.. in Golden spiraling
    flowing soUl
    if we dare
    to reflect
    the dance
    and song
    but anyway.. hope
    you are doing well..
    and doing whatever
    it takes to
    bring you
    in life..
    my old
    friend in

  5. May you always share your inspiring words, for even just a single word from you births a smile! I will keep you wrapped in a blanket of daily prayers dear sister…hugs and blessings always!

  6. Well.. it is the 6th again.. and i cannot forget today.. or you.. as i turn 55.. and am blessed with many connections in life.. as truly you are a first real connection of friend on the Internet.. almost two years ago.. as you accept me for all i am.. and what i find now.. is the world is a big enough place.. for all the people in the world to find folks who accept them.. somewhere in the world.. for all of what and who they are.. and do.. thanks to new technologies that connect the world in human connections…

    I know what it is like to be quiet in life.. for far too many years.. and how brave you are to share all your emotions and rational mind on this place online with so many others here.. that you do.. when you can..

    But anyway.. i will never forget you.. and you will continue to see that truth.. for as long as your blog lives here.. with or without your words friend.. your soul remains a piece and place of mine..

    in heart felt and spirit

    expressing ways as well..

    So part of my birthday


    is you my friend..

    whether or not I see your beautiful words again or not..

    That friendship lives on in both my fingers and shaded eyes

    of blue and free

    as God’s Skeyes

  7. Glad to see another post from you Lala though I’m not sure I’m happy to see the sentiments.

    Could you really be feeling so numb you crave pain?
    Have you really so lost touch with the pain of your past you can’t draw on it for empathy and inspiration?

    I dunno. Do you feel that you’ve settled in the UK now or are you still experiencing the shock of relocation? Maybe you’re still so overwhelmed with new experiences, perspectives and sensations you’re having trouble making sense of your responses.

  8. Well.. life is certainly about eating and sensing but more than anything life is about feeling.. and connecting to other human beings.. and helping each other on their way..

    We live in a strange world.. where once humans are villages and there is no disconnection of flesh and blood..

    And now we live in rooms with electronic devices and the worst of all offenders are TV’s that never let us speak back in human terms of expressing emotional spirit…

    The emotional spirit of human is a true organic muscle that must be exercised to stay alive.. and the soul at seat of self is nourished by heart of emotions to inspire that emotional spirit to live again in connecting expression with other human beings ALIVE!..:)

    And you know.. i will hold not HOLD ANY bars back to go the distance to hell and back to never lose my soul.. heart..
    and spirit again…

    And some of the things i do with instruction from Allah are places that most people never dare to go.. but my covenant with ALLah is to share all of that with others no matter how hard that can be for me to do..

    But the bottom line is this.. as i know you FEEL without FEELING THIS SOUL AND HEART AND having the inspiration in terms of Allah to set Spirit FREE IN EMOTIONS OF ART.. however that may come to be..

    IS a desert of existence that the Artist AS INSTRUMENT of Allah cannot withstand to truly live and love life…

    And.. I suppose since you now live in the UK that full expressions of spirit in emotions of songs abroad are no longer censored for the fear that one might have passion of Free Allah Spirit to go their own way in FREEST INTERDEPENDENT Love again!..:)

    I will link this song for you to hear.. if it is beyond your timeline or cultural ears of past..

    And honestly.. it does say it all my friend.. Yes.. it is

    ALL about SOUL.. AND TO grow a heArt STRONGER.. and be able to fully express that heaRt again as emotional spirit.. does not necessarily take dark pain of inspiration again.. it can come from the light as well.. but to know and feel the light is to feel the soul.. through heart and SPIRIT EXPRESSED AS EMOTION!..:)

    And perhaps there is positive ART out tHere somewhere that will further inspire that SPARK OF SPIRIT TO EXPRESS IN YOU.. AND OUT!.. Ah!.. the avenues of that Love in expression of human spirit passionate.. wild.. and FREE!.. are without limit these days.. with the Instrument of Allah that YOUTUBE CAN NOW BE too.. IN GENERATING HUMAN EMOTION OF HEART.. IN SOUL GROWING AS SPIRIT MORE FULLY EXPRESSED IN ALL WAYS OF ARTS IN LOVE MY FRIEND..:)

    SO YEAH..

    wRite ON!

    With heart and soul

    TO share with others..:)

    • Hello my dear friend. You can’t understand how amazing I feel when after a long time I open my wordpress and always, always find one or two comments of yours. Always supporting me, believing in me and sometimes sharing things about your life. I feel good reading them. Trust me, it’s like a never ending bond. Love you. Thanks fort sharing such a beautiful video. And yes. I AM here.

      • “A Simple Band of Gold Wrapped Around my Soul”
        “Love Unconditionally With Kindness and Courage!”
        Two years ago.. almost to date..
        i meet a Pearl on the Internet..
        an extremely Bright White Fiery
        heArt expressing Spirit of Pearl..
        and with the simple words
        of ‘i love you more’.. then..
        to stranger some 32 years
        older without a face.. this
        heARt of soUl Expressing
        as spiRit of words.. LIGHTS
        a flame of emotions Bright in
        me.. that the world does not
        see.. since 1997.. or so..
        when the dark starts
        to slowly envelope
        my life of culture
        and work related
        stress.. if i only
        with you just
        that one
        you will NOW
        still mean as much
        to me.. as your Kindness
        and Courage to Love a
        faceless stranger
        gives me life
        still as
        the sun
        shines now
        as me.. greater
        than ever before..
        with a core of White
        Pearl.. still behind it all..
        believe it or not as Ripley
        says.. it is true as Love is Truth..:)

        So.. here’s another song.. and i will
        always be here.. for you.. my friend of NOW..:)

  9. Lala !! I can understand this internal struggle. I wish I could do something to make it better. All I can do is remember you in my prayers and give you loads of love ! Big bear hugs to you ❀

  10. Greetings,

    This is beautiful, powerful, poignant, and deeply spiritual poem. Thank you so much for it. I admire your courage to create it, and to express it. I resonate strongly with it.

    All good wishes,


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