Scary Enough ?

Daily Prompt: I Was Here

You are the first astronaut to arrive on a new, uncharted planet. Write the note that you leave to those who come after you.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CARTE BLANCHE.

Here is my note :

Scary Enough ?
Scary Enough ?

31 thoughts on “Scary Enough ?

  1. Haha, oh dear. I had never thought of what I would do in a situation like this? I feel like this would be a good time to have a head on a spike somewhere… just in case….

  2. Scary? Mujhe to hansi aa rahi hai (although pataa nahin kyun) 😛

    Waise tere is note ka faaydaa kya hai? Jab tune bol hi diya hai ki jo aayega wo marega, us bechaare ki saari ummeedon per tune to paani pher diya… 😉

    • Hahaha 😛 Koi faeda nae hai bus daily prompt poora kerna tha isleye bongi maari hai 😛 Mujhe khud hasi aa rae thi k meye kya likh rae hun 😛

          • Haan.. tu tension mat le… Tu bhi likhti rahegi aur main bhi padhta rahunga… Lifetime deal… Agreed? 🙂

            Kal padh lunga yaar… Very very sorry for the delay… 😦 Situation of net very poor here… 😦

            • Yeah Pakki deal 🙂
              Its alright meray bhae I can understand sad nae ho take all the time you want me kaheen naheen ja rae na ye posts kaheen ja rahi hain 🙂

  3. Well well, I’ve been lurking around your blog for the past 1/2 hour and I’m pleasantly pleased. You’re sucha cute and refreshing voice. I like your weird humor and your (?) photography. Your absolutely brilliant enough for me to follow! By the way, compliments galore on the clean cut blog theme and snow you have going on.

    And hey, please feel free to talk to me whenever. I’m new around here and I don’t have many friends or readers or whatever, and I wouldn’t mind some.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

    • Aww what an amazing thing to hear that you have passed so much time on my blog ! Welcome to my world , feel comfortable 🙂 Thank you so much for admiring my writings and my blog ! Actually photos here are taken from other sources, I don’t do photography, I just write !
      And…. welcome to word press if you are new 🙂 Many many wishes and luck for your journey here 🙂 Don’t worry you will make a good amount of honest friends in no time 🙂 You are a very nice person. Stay in touch and keep telling me about your experience. Much love xx

  4. Gosh..i can remember feeling trapped on this Planet..and realizing that there was no one but me and complain to…

    And then it felt like home again..and not an atmosphere i could not exist in..

    And yes..i am serious about that..even the atmosphere of the beach was too oppressive for me to breathe freely…

    The saddest ‘zombies’ do live like this on our planet now..and they only hope to be found and loved back to life… you do not scare me at all..When i get to your planet i am only gonna have hope..and do the same i am doing now..

    Share that hope with you…..

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