About A Dream.

Dream. ©Lala Rukh

There is this beautiful garden fenced in by tall trees. Some flowers along the sides, a bench in the corner facing the setting sun. The kind of bench in tales. Where you dream to sit with the one you love, staring at the peace lingering in the air. Where leaves are somehow greener than usual and where flowers smell better than most expensive scents of this world. Where birds chirp to compose melodies so soothing that you wish time to stop there for a while. Where grass dances with the wind and tickles your feet. And where we, us together, sit and stare at the sun trying to hide away in the clouds, being brighter that ever. Diffusing warmth inside our hearts. And where our hands touch,meet, as if they were made to be in each others embrace forever.

Perfection find it’s meaning here. May be it’s heaven.

May be it’s a dream.

But then. Something, may be reality, yanks you to life. Or may be it was life itself.

You discern. You realize.

This place. This beautiful place. That felt almost enchanted to you, it’s not special. It’s ordinary. Nothing is perfect here.

You realize, perfection lies only in dreams. And you remember, your dreams were always meant to shatter.

The air, that you imagined holding peace, suffocates you. The leaves are not so green either, they turn black, they wither and fall right in front of your eyes. Birds here don’t sing. They mourn. Flowers smell of burning desires, grass doesn’t dance either. It moans with it’s head down.

The beautiful garden, is not beautiful anymore. Not so perfect. It’s ugly.

The sun, it’s burning everything alive. It always burns. You were wrong to expect warmth from it. You were wrong to expect at all. Expectations are meant to be failed.

Your hands, sitting comfortably in each others embrace, shiver, are pulled apart.

And then you realize, you were all alone there. Always alone. Forever alone. The person you love was never meant to be a part of your dreams.

Your dreams, huh, your dreams. Dreams which were shattered once, so hard and so painfully, that your eyes would quiver with fear before thinking of watching them again. Dreams that once injured your heart and your soul so bad, that blisters there would ooze blood every time you took a breath. Dreams, that you promised yourself never to watch again.

How dare you break that promise? How dare you see a beautiful dream again.

It was meant to be shaken up, broken and shattered. It was meant to hurt you once again.

You realize, doing the forbidden never brings Love. Just tears. And tears are words that need to be written, after all.


8 thoughts on “About A Dream.

  1. I like the imagery in this and also the raw description of the feeling towards the fickleness of dreams. How it makes and breaks you at the same time.

  2. Beautifully written Lala, i had to read it twice to grasp the true meaning of it. As i came in to my professional i tend to follow ” I don’t dream I set goals” approach but ive realized that dreams still play an important role in life and we have to adapt according to them in a positive way cuz that’s what life is. Cheers 🙂

  3. Beautifully jotted down.🙂
    But I believe dreams are meant to either build you or break you. But they aren’t meant to be seized, for sure.
    Once a failure isn’t always a failure. Though once a quitter always is (conditions applied).

  4. Beautifully jotted down. 🙂
    But I believe dreams are meant to either build you or break you. But they aren’t meant to be seized, for sure.
    Once a failure isn’t always a failure. Though once a quitter always is conditions applied.

  5. Do you know how many times I read it? 3. And I’m trying to think of things to write here in the comments but there is so much to say that I fail. This. Was….everything Lala. Everything.

    I want to post this on my blog as a part of my “Talent hub”. It’s been a while since I posted something as a part of that but your post is worth sharing because it’s too beautiful not to share. I’ll give you and your blog all the credit. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t feel comfortable with me sharing it on my blog. You can just say it. No hard feelings.


  6. sMiLes.. now.. one of my oldest real online FriEnds.. Lala Rukh..
    and sure.. forever friEnd.. as i don’t break my promises.. huh..
    with sMiLes.. aGain.. and after finishing around a 3600
    word treatise on Faith.. and taking a Break in my own
    Garden Yard surrounded by different
    coloring flowers with alWays
    at leASt colors
    of Green iN aLL
    iN freest sun dance..
    In a yard that is only
    fertilized by God as Nature
    never seeing human poisons..
    and only eYes as adoRinG and
    WorsHippinG God as Nature sAMe
    as i.. my FriEnd.. and what i determined
    in just a few words from my 3600 or so word
    treatise on Faith is trUe faith is Pure Love my Friend..
    of the kind that gives and never fails through practice of Love..
    too many details here.. not to overtake yoUr Blog.. but the best pARt
    oF aLL in Hell that i received as i’ve often told you about my 66 month stint
    tHeRE is the best pARt of LiFe is the PArt that allows us to FeeL and GiVe Love
    completely with no fear or doubt my friENd forever now.. wHeRe every step and
    every word of liFe’s SonG aS DancE beCoMes Sacred and Holy in the paradox also
    oF aLL thAT
    iS dARk and liGht
    too.. and sure.. in science
    talk that is what ‘they’ refer to
    as self-actualization in Maslow way..
    in the 6th and highest level of that pyramid
    way of Human Potential.. and in Fowler’s Stages
    of Faith.. it is the enlightenment and awakening too.. thru
    the experience of Unconditional Fearless Love aS WeLL now
    but as both theories say.. many folks never reach close to the
    top as one must ring the ladder of lower steps first that often takes
    into the 40’s.. 50’s.. and even 60’s of life stage development noW sTiLL
    and if there is any stress to basic animal homeostasis of food.. shelter.. and
    social roles.. in primate and other social animal way.. in peace and harmony
    in accordance with our human nature as evolved by God of Nature including
    Reproductive success for those so inclined to keep the species going that iS
    an innate.. instinctual and intuitive way of liFE for those who make liFe noW
    a Balance in miNd and Body way of iSrEAL soul.. deep and true as liGht..
    Progress can be stuck at lowest levels of human potential as
    Pure Love as Faith in Trust oF aLL thAT iS iN GiVinG
    ShARinG.. MoVinG.. ConNecTing.. CreATinG ways..
    aCross the lifespan too.. so.. hmm.. i suppose what
    i mean to say is.. you are young.. you will noW
    continue to keep GroWinG as A BaLanCinG
    miNd and BoDy soUL as any free hUman
    WiLL do and one day mY FriEnd..
    as i for one forecast..
    this Love WiLL be
    yoUrs to Give and
    Share alWAys with
    little to no dARk of
    Doubt and Fear
    as you for one
    seek this
    Pure Love
    as HUman
    Faith.. you
    find it..
    you miss
    it.. you find
    it again.. and
    most importantly
    you never give uP
    like i Never Give uP
    on you for no oTheR
    reASon but PuRE LovE mY FriEnd.. as Faith..
    The thing i found that was toTally miSsinG iN HeLL
    wHere thEre is no FeeLinG or SenSinG as Faith as Pure Love @aLL…
    Total separation
    from all
    iS liGht
    and TrUe oF
    HUman NatuRE
    sTar BriGht..
    iT’s nice
    to be Back2..
    And yes.. i noted yesterday
    was the 6th and was giving
    you until the 6th of November
    until i came back again as alWays..
    as i remembered clearly.. you came back
    in September and December of last year and
    came back again in September again.. anYway
    i’ve always
    loved sixes
    and Septembers..
    and you too. mY
    Forever FriEnd..:)

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