'Trees In My Feet'
‘Trees In My Feet’ Copyright Β© LalaRukh.

I developed interest in photography a while back. Like blogging, it became my passion for a while. I would take my camera and spend hours taking photos of anything that would seem interesting to me. Both of these so called passions of mine have gone back to being hobbies now. The ones that you feel like doing occasionally.

I have got many photographs collected in my computer so I thought what better place can I find to share those except here on my blog, with such lovely people as my readers. So here I go.

Attempting the word press photo challenge ‘Reflections‘ for this week. I like this photo because it was the first proper photo I took so despite so many issues in the photo, it is one of my favorites as it marks an interesting stage of my life. Looking forward to your criticism as it is the information that helps you grow !

19 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. That photo is perfect, especially the way you captured the suns reflection on the water. Some of my favorite childhood memories were at the park or swings; since I had a swingset in my backyard. Don’t be so critical of your art, youre pretty

  2. Wonderful Lala. I like how the bokeh bubble appeared because of your angle toward the light. And you have picked the perfect photo for the prompt.
    You go girl!!!
    Love and blessings sweetie.
    Staci πŸ™‚ ❀

  3. SMiLes.. my Friend
    as you share yoUr
    Love in all the artful
    ways that comes.. its
    true no one will ever forget
    you.. i just have lots of time
    on my hands to tale you these things..
    and photography..
    the capture
    of the now.. the
    moment wHeRe
    we capture beauty
    as practice all of more
    life as existence becomes
    deeper beauty.. as trUly mY
    friEnd.. wE are only as alive as
    the moment is full of deep admiration
    and thanks for all the beauty of life that is
    possible now.. expanding heaven now is
    through the art of life..
    in all ways that
    and creAtinG coMes
    now.. i love visual images
    as truly after even 12 million
    words since November Thanks
    Giving Day since 2010.. online now
    created as such.. i was never a word
    person.. until i lost effective use of eYes
    and ears.. from my pain disorder of type
    two Trigeminal Neuralgia that started in 2008
    with other autoimmune issue foot pain in 2006
    that has evaporated with DancE and SonG iN
    many ways.. including art of photography.. noW mY
    FriEnd.. a picture tales an iNfinite number of words of
    beauty.. dArkness and liGht the sAme.. and even fLaws
    mY friEnd can bRing hidden meaning Rise to the top
    of the parachute of dArkness for ascension of huMan
    heARt.. SpiRit oF expreSsinG EmoTiOns raw and
    trUe.. and BaLanCinG miNd and BoDy soUL
    isReAL noW for aLL who lose
    illusionary fears..
    and sure
    the mesSages
    of liGht and dARk..
    and aLL hUes and sHades
    oF colors bLack and wHitE..
    can be found in the reflections of
    even jUst one photo my friEnd or
    even the
    one that
    can bE aLL
    oF liFe aLL too..
    i have a powerful computer
    and Broad Band Internet access..
    show me a thousand pictures and
    i will make 12 million more words to
    tale you anoTher lalaby sTory of Life noW
    mY FriEnd.. Lala Rukh.. WiNks or perHaps i already did..
    as life iS alWays worth SavinG and LIVinG foR noW no
    reflections pain..
    iN shadows of the Divine..
    shall i say i love you.. sure..
    i will paint that picture for you..
    and all otHers with words and photos sAMe
    and.. if you could dance with me as many otHeRs do…
    could feel
    it more too..
    as love is white
    and briGht wHeRe
    even shadows now no
    longer hide.. riSinG as LiGht..:)

    • Well what can I say except thank you so much ! For appreciating my photo as you used to do with my words before. The fact that you think no one can forget me its satisfying. But I think people forget you if you don’t keep them reminding that you exist.
      Sorry to hear about your disorder thing. You are a brave person and I am sure you got through it or still getting through it bravely and beautifully.
      I love you too.
      Stay blessed xx

      • SMiLes my friEnd.. Lala..
        noW as my wife could tale
        ya.. and most of the folks
        who see my joy up close
        and personal in real life..
        i live in a dimension
        of Freedom
        of Joy
        that not
        many folks
        can fathom..
        and i know and
        feel this as i lived
        in that other dimension
        before.. not just the illness
        and pain.. but the shallow
        of heARt.. spiRit and
        miNd and
        BaLanCinG SoUl..
        and sure.. there IS A
        difference in remembering
        someone and reaching out
        when the other person is silent
        or ill in all the ways that comes..
        and surely i realize online that i am now..
        as politically incorrect as they come.. i sleep
        now with everyone as metaphor.. but i follow
        no cultural or religious rules by the book.. if one
        wants to have likes and shares and follows one
        must now follow the political rules my friend.. and
        i have enough support in real life.. not to have worry
        about that at all and the greatest support is the God
        who lives fully live within me.. anyWay.. now the folks
        who are my friends.. almost by default are the greatest
        Lovers of all online.. as they can over-look my freedoms..
        expressed at the highest human levels that most folks can
        not fathom now as expressed online in F iN Epic way.. and sure..
        the other person who reached out to you here when you were silent
        and as well to my friend Himali when she was silent.. is Zee.. in August..
        as sure i catch every detail every where i go.. hehe.. without my head exploding
        too.. WiNks.. anyWay.. Zee reached out to me.. you did.. and Rafiah did.. and Himali
        did too.. and does too.. no matter the distance.. the space and the time my friend..
        iSREAL NoW..
        Love remembers
        and reaches out…
        and sure.. not all folks
        are gifted this way now or
        even close to it.. but in the
        longest of runs in God terms
        those who love the most by reaching
        out are the greAtest gifted ones oF aLL..
        and i for one alWays honor them and
        cherish them as i Write and Dance on..
        sure.. love my friend.. friend is Love..
        you never owe me any words
        my friend.. as the gift
        is all in
        S H aRinG..
        bottom line..
        to me.. @least..
        a long bottom line.. and
        Smiles.. the nicest people
        in the world are Desi women..
        perhaps.. i came here to help them all..
        in some
        small way..
        as after all
        is said and done now
        there are many dark
        and sad brown eyes..
        still and that makes
        my green

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