A Walk To Remember


Water, it is everywhere. Right behind the place where I live, there is a magnificent sea where shades of blue shine with yellow glitter dust of sun rays. Sometimes, fresh fragrant breeze cushions the sun and delicately wraps it in the blanket of clouds. While sometimes, showers of fresh water purifies the surroundings.

I wander at the beach and get lost. Lost in the sadness of sea waves that travel all the way to the beach and slowly crawl back. Lost in the roars of sea waves that strikes the rocks in fury and make me think, why are the waves that reach at the beach so calm and why are those which strike stones so angry ? I don’t know. I don’t want to. I just know that I have to find myself between this calmness and fury, somewhere between sand and rocks.


While searching for my lost self, I walk through life with hands tucked in pockets. White trainers imprint stamps of my past over the sand of my present while I stare at the void of future. I stare with -4.00 shortsighted astigmatic eyes, at the blurry line that tends to join blue and white shadows. The enchanted beauty of this place overwhelms me.

I see a lot of people on my way, taking a walk with their dogs. I see them loving and caring for their dogs as if they are their own children. I feel the connection and I can understand the reasons. Everyone has his own way of getting over life after all. But I don’t know why, every dog barks at me and tries to jump over me. Maybe they see me as an ugly alien or may be they are racist, reality is tough both ways !

Their is a brown colored long bench at one corner of sea front which I can call as my happy place these days. It has a wall build all around it and a roof which makes it appears like a small dark room open at the front. There are names carved on this bench and at some places a sign of heart appears to be drawn too between two names. I don’t understand why people would do that, and then I find myself doing the same. It feels good to be a part of crowd sometimes.



I sit there and breathe. Breathing is new to me, I held it inside myself for too long and it aches at times to let it out all at once. With an empty mind I absorb soothing silence inside me. Thousands of seconds pass by and time stops. Or may be, it repeats itself in endless loops. Past, present and future flow somewhere along this loop.

A mobile beep brings me back to reality, where my husband waits for me at home to give him lunch. I have to go back, but this walk… I will remember forever.

Topic Inspired by Weekly Challenge.





40 thoughts on “A Walk To Remember

  1. An ocean carries a lot of pride… and hence does not like being stopped by the rocks I guess… I also think that the rocks give a good fight but ultimately submits as it is reduced to sand…

    Sea is the almighty… formless and grand… probably that’s why we love it I guess 🙂

  2. HI LR.. a lovely post.. n loved the beach and ur pics! i’m your old reader in a new avatar 😉 if you can remember! 😛

    its really healing to be with yourself sometimes, just you and your silence! the sound of sea waves in a silent night just calms all your worries. allow yourself to steal such moments from your life!

    stay blessed..

  3. Hello my sister.After so many days i have took out time for checking the blogs of my friends and i read your post.I was lost somewhere between seashore,rain drops,sorrows,the layers of water while reading it.
    It was amazing dear.
    Best of luck.

  4. Beautiful as always my dear..it has been very long time that I have made any effort to read any of my blog followers and here I am quite impress to see your post… I am happy for your well being ….keep posting your wonderful story.

  5. It is the 6th..

    and as promised during your periods

    of absence here.. just saying.

    hello again..

    and i am so so tired from

    dancing all night

    long.. my feet

    feel bruised from dance floor

    rhythms of the night…

    but anyway.. miss you..

    and hope you are doing well..

    and hope you grace us with your words

    sometime soon.. my old friend Lala..

    whatever your last name is


    • I am doing well my friend. Thanks for missing me here and remembering me. My last name is still the same. I don’t need to change names 🙂 Lots of love to you xx

      • An Elephant never forgets a friend nor do I ever give up on one or break a promise on the 6th..

        Glad you are doing well and for over the 500th day consecutive I can truly continue to say I am doing better than ever..:)

        Much Love to you too.. LaLa Rukh still.. Love that name.. Happy to still see it..:)!

  6. Greetings little Sister, 🙂

    the way you wrote this piece made me fall in love with the waves AND those rocks!
    It is so hot here and looking at you all snug and taking in the the ocean, truly beautiful!

    Stay happy, little Sister. Oh and Happy Belated New Year to you! Hugs Paula xxx

    • Oh look who is here 🙂 Greetings big sis ! I missed you.
      Thank you so much for reading me and sharing your thoughts. It is so cold here these days that sunshine feels like a real blessing. You too stay happy always !
      A very very Happy New year to you too. Hugs back. xoxo

  7. Howdy Lala its been a long time since we exchanged greetings. But it feels so good to read the beautiful flow of thoughts in your 1st Jan 2015 post! There is something about watching the vastness of the ocean which is calming. The waves represent the ups and down of life whereas deep below all seems so still.

    Well have a fulfilling and peaceful New Year 🙂

    • Hello dearest Dilip ! Yes it feels soothing to get lost in this exquisite beauty of universe. Thank you so much for visiting my space. Love and hugs to you xoxo

  8. Lovely Lala. However, “Maybe they see me as an ugly alien” –I don’t think so. How can that be possible? You’re too beautiful sweetie.
    “It feels good to be a part of crowd sometimes.”
    –Yes, definitely. It doesn’t matter what type of personality or temperament one has, we were made with the need for relationship and connection. Maybe that’s why I like blogging so much. Connecting with people and relationship.
    Happy new year to you, my sweet friend.
    🙂 ❤

    • Hello Stacilys, my dear friend. I missed you. Thank you for staying with me always.
      And many thanks for sharing your beautiful views. A very Happy New Year to you too ! Love and Hugs xoxox

  9. Hay my Cooler …. !!! HAHAHAHA :p

    GOD I HAVE MISSED YOU … !!! Haan haan ab tu boole gi kay mai ne bhi miss kiya hai … bla ..bla …bla …!!!

    Saari garmiyaan mai intzaar mai sarta raha … kay kaha gya mera Cooler … pata hai kitni garmi parti hai ider UAE mai …!!! :@

    Well I am glad to know that there is a place where you can find peace and joy …!!!

    And you dont need to become a part of another crowd … you are already a part of our little lonely crowd … jis mai tu hai … Maria hai … aur mai bhi … kabi kabi … hehehe…. !!!

    So forget about that stupid crowd …!!!

    Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you … Stay Blessed as always …!!!

    • Hello my star 😛 Salam ! And I won’t say that I missed you because I didn’t 😛 I have better things to do 😛
      And Oh tu ap UAE pohanch gay hain… I know that was your way of telling that you are there 😛
      Okay I will forget about the crowd If I could….Or may be I am already a part of it. I don’t know. Choro.
      Chalo Have a very Happy New Year and Many Duaa’s for what you are doing in UAE.

      • Star se pehle Super lagana bhool gai lagta hai …!!!

        Yes I can imagine … shaadi shuda khatoon-e-khana hain ab aap … bartan maanjne hoon ge … taaki pherni hogi … rootiyaan pakaani ho gi … so and so … HAHAHAHAHA 😀

        Ge …. pohonch gya hoon … ab obviously brag to karna he hai na …!!!

        Bus khujli ho rahi thi … kay kuch khud kar kay dikhana hai … so pohonch gya … per Allah Baksay … Naani yaad aa gai … HAAHAHAHA…!!!

        Woh nazam likhi to thi yaar … “Matti ki khushboo wali” … jis per tuje promotion mili … ab asis nazmain tabi to nikalti hain … jab naani yaad aati hai … aur ye bhi khoob rahi … saari musibat koi jheele … aur promotion phir koi aur le ura …!!! :p

        Mai chaahe UAE mai hoon …. ya kahi bhi …. I will ALWAYS … need your sincere prayers ….!!!

        A very happy new year to you as well … also most specifically Eid Millad un Nabi (Salalaho Alehe Wasalam) bohot mubarak ho …. kush reh …. hasti basti reh … jaahaan bhi hai ….!!!

        Stay Blessed …!!!

        • Ab kya jawab dun apki in ulti pulti baatun ka bhae saab 😛 Bus best of luck for your new adventures in UAE. My prayers will always be with you. Salam !

  10. Wow THIS-IS-BEAUTIFUL. Your words has this ability to leave this lasting impact on the reader’s mind. I felt like being transported right there with you…Splendid!

    Happy New Year! ❤

  11. These are certainly words of lyrical beauty on this New Year’s day 2015..

    and i remember once your dream is to visit the beach..

    so it’s lovely your dream comes true now. 🙂

    And i suppose and find all the answers of Truth Lie somewhere..

    in between

    the boundaries of balance in life…

    May your search for balance never end..

    as perfect balance WILL be the end of search…

    So in other words..

    i for one suggest a CONTINUING perfection of search..



    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015..



    in creating a peaceful force of balance..


    LALA Rukh..:)

    That’s WHAT i for one..

    PLAN TOO.. JUST DO IT.. AS ‘our’ friends from NIKE say..;)

    • You are a big fan of NIKE 😛 Now I know that. Yes you remembered…once again. It was my dream to visit beach and sea side and now I can visit them everyday. Sometimes dreams become true in mysterious ways. I am searching…and I know I’ll have you by my side always. Love to you xoxo

      • Ha! Ha nice to the back of you to finally and it confirms for me that you are that shy and and very intelligent looking young lady on your Facebook page from the past with the over-sized glasses who I would love to meet one day to shake her hand or perhaps give a hug to if she was afraid I would break with a BEAR hug.. HE .. He… ! But anyway dear that’s one of my many beaches and I’m you find yours as I continue to walk with brown sandy feat of love xx.. And smiles for you too..:)!

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