Other Side To The Story !

Peshawar Attack 16-Dec 0063

Once upon a time there was a man who lived happily with his family, a wife and a son. One day his son went to school and never came back……….

Oh no you are guessing it wrong. Lets read the story once again.

Once upon a time there was a man who lived happily with his family, a wife and a son. One day his son went to school and never came back BECAUSE some soldiers were searching for a terrorist and during this search operation, many children were killed that day.

The same day while that man was carrying dead body of his son in his arms, a drone attacked his home and killed his mourning wife.

On 16th December, that man along with his friends invaded a school full of students. They killed hundreds of them. Put bullets in the shining eyes of children until all the dreams of a shining future came out in the form of boiling blood. Grabbed two children and cut their necks with sharp knives until their innocent souls left their body and they turned cold. Made bullet holes in heads, chests and backs of children crying with fear, delicate children who were used to cry with pain on minute injuries. Burnt a teacher alive in front of her students.

And while doing that, their hands didn’t shiver but their faces turned black and cold after they were killed.

All that was left in the school that day, were books drenched in blood and floors piled up with dead bodies….. Sky never fell down and earth never cracked open.

They witnessed. They cried. Everyone cried that day.

Because everyone knew what happened. Sometimes, similar things happen in other parts of our country and no one cries. Because no one knows what happens there.

Except the sky and the earth….. And Mothers who are left to mourn their children forever.


Everyone knew the story. I just explained the other side as well. I had always think, what thing urges these terrorists to do such things like to attempt suicide attacks. After all, they are plain humans like us. The same emotions, the same heart and same bodies. No wings or extra ears. Then what happens in their life that they kill themselves and kill many others along with them. May be they suffer with the worst kind of mind disease that is born with the death of their whole family. Revenge mixed up with this sickness can do devastating things like ‘Peshawar incident‘ and the famous ‘9/11‘ !!

May be, the simplest way to eradicate all this nonsense is not through the “revenge taking cycle“. May be the way is to change the whole system of “War against terror” started by America. No one is stupid enough to notice that this system is producing more and more terrorists instead of eradicating them. Killing the innocent along with the guilty, Oh no this isn’t the way !

Stop lighting up candles and pray for the martyrs, for our nation, for our country.

War, terror, fighting, killing…… No good can come out of all this. War is never the solution.

Peace, Patience and hope…. That’s the real solution.

52 thoughts on “Other Side To The Story !

  1. I love your work. though I don’t get to come here very often. But whenever I come I am not disappointed.
    Keep up the good work. :*

  2. This incident shocked everyone here in India. I was bloddy beyond depressed. Hope Pak government could now see the real face of Taliban. I just plain shiver when I try to visualise this incident.

    • Let me tell you Sahil, Taliban were originally the people who started fighting against the cruelities being done on Muslims at the first place. They knew how to fight the right persons, because they knew that our religion never supports the killing of innocent. Then, through some wicked means, a group of people were added in Taliban who knew nothing about Islam and they are being used by those wicked sources to destroy Pakistan and to destroy the Image of our religion. The people who did all that, they were not Talibans. They were animals in the clothing of humans.
      Yes this incident has shocked everyone Sahil. I guess this depression is never gonna end now. I really appreciate your concern ! Love you loads for reading and sharing your thoughtful points with us.
      Have a very Happy New Year 🙂

      • Exactly Lala. No religion ever tells us to kill people. These people are just simply terrorists who define their actions to be wrongly correct in the name of religion. I had seen footages of Pak news channels where the parents held the same view. Terrorism is above religion.
        May this new year bring us all peace. Happy new year to you too!

  3. Thanks for some background to this terrible happening. Like the rest of the world I wonder at the minds of these killers. Without doubt it is a tragedy for the father to live with, but It doesn’t justify the deliberate, inhuman slaughter of innocents. How to break the cycle of violence?

    • There is nothing in this world that can justify this slaughter of innocents Sir, But yes we have to find our reasons to live with this. I don’t know how to break this cycle…. But someone has to take initiative otherwise this cycle will destroy all that we are left with. Thank you Bruce for sharing your thoughts with us ! Hope all this atrocity ends someday.

  4. Yeah, as I was telling Moniba, in the 60s and 70s the US bombed a whole load of mountain villages along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Cambodia to rubble. Shortly afterwards a horde of homicidal maniacs descended from those mountains and carried out a monstrous genocide on the whole country.

    Seems to me the US and Pakistan governments have been doing the same thing in the FATA for quite a while now. You’ve gotta wonder if they expected a different result.

    It’s easy to condemn the monsters who carry out acts like this – and there are real psychopaths in the world who just don’t give a fuck – but when so many people join a cause that could carry out such a horrendous crime you’ve got to ask what could have happened to them to make them think killing and dying in such a way was the right thing to do.

    The response of the Pakistan government was, of course, to step up its attacks on those mountain villages. And so the cycle continues.

    • Yes the cycle continues Cabrogal, Alas ! And their is no end to this continuous loop. I think the same… I mean Pakistani Army had their reasons to kill armed people there. But the way they adopted, AND whatever America does, That was wrong. And who do you think provide these kind of deadly weapons to Taliban ? I am sure they are not rich enough to buy them. America arms them and then find a reason to do massive killings.I guess no one can see our country alive, but I can tell you for sure, It will be alive till the world lasts ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts Cabrogal. And I am sorry if I sound a bit emotional to you 😛

  5. Reading this, it felt like I could see the kids being killed, it felt real….but it is real! Over here in Nigeria, northern part, its just about the same thing. And now little girls are used for suicide bombing. Its so cruel.

    Whatever revenge they are taking is totally wrong. They are just going thru the wrong door in solving the peace issue.

    I wish this madness would stop soon in sha Allah.

    • I totally agree with you brother ! Condemning this act of atrocity can’t help now. Someone has to step forward to change their minds and that can only be done through education and enlightenment of hearts. I find no way to do this but I really hope this happens some day !
      InshAllah this madness WILL stop. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on this matter. And thank you for the reblog ! xx

  6. “Killed in the name of A false GOD created by human…

    Killed in the name of A false GOD created by human…

    Killed in the name of A false GOD created by human…

    Killed in the name of Allah for someone who knows NOT Allah…

    Killed in the name of Allah for someone who knows
    NOT Allah…

    Killed in the name of Allah for someone who knows
    NOT Allah…


    Human is a destructive Force..

    God waits….

    Justice COMES..

    Human knows not GOD of NO WORD

    GOD’s Justice speaks in NON-VERBAL WAY….”

    Only if people underSTaND GOD ‘thinks’ IN GOD’s own way..

    perhaps then they WILL reAlly respect GOD

    with due fear too….

    i for one DO NOT want to be

    on the other end



    tHere is NO escaping GOD.. not even in death..

    and I’m sure i do NOT have to write 10 million words here.. at least

    to convince you for one of that..:)

    LOVE..Smiles and always a Happy now to you.. my friend..

    Lala Rukh

  7. Let me show you the third corener of the picture , you born in a family where you have like 6 sisters ans 4 brother , everyday you see your dad strugling for basic household items . There is this guy came no where and offer you 30k $ for your life , u see your mom and dad who struggle for food everyday than you see your sisters and your 14 years soul says ok i”ll sacrifice my life for my family .

  8. Two wrongs will never make a Right!! Your point is valid but it still does not justify the barbaric killing of innocent children, neither are the drone attacks killing civilians be declared correct! We need to join heads and hearts to find a way out from this quagmire. To break this vicious cycle we shall have to make better sense prevail.

    • I am in no way trying to justify their barbaric acts yasmeen…… I am as angry as you are, I cried watching those children die as you did. But tell me one thing, if our army and Americans do mass killings of innocent, what would they expect in return?

  9. A very thoughtful post Lala, you are so right about this revenge taking cycle, We have to see the root cause of problem not just eradicate what resides on the surface.
    My thoughts and prayers are with those little angels and their families. May Allah give them strength . Ameen.

  10. It’s hard though to be able to be so pragmatic when the horror is so shattering… after this last act of violence I find that I am so very very angry. I do agree that that isn’t the best way to be 😦

    • Yes we all are angry my dear at this act of cruelness and absurd inhumanity but anger has never proved to be the right way so we have to calm down and think ! May we find a way to live in peace 😦 Thanks for sharing your views.

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