Of The Being….

The unbearable lightness of being (1998)
The unbearable lightness of being (1998)

Seeds were sown, in the infertile lands

an immortal being was born

pain do it yield, tears make it torn

as it, eats up self of its own

Story be told today

Of the bouquet of

yellow faded leaves that this being is

Of the sore cramps all over it’s soul that

blisters gather up to tingle

Water in the blisters be like

in the inquisitive

eyes of a sad Mother

whose children sob in the nights and

sleep beaten arms can’t comfort them

Their pain, they don’t tell

sympathies don’t make them well

Of the stinking fragrance of it

fragrance like of the flowers in the eyes

of a beautiful damsel

flowers that bloom on the plants of

abandoned gardens and die there

Of the angelic body

as of the body of a married lady

which is, tired of embellishing

loveless deceitful fancy beds

Story of the being that bathes

in the moonlit nights under

flaring silver skies of it’s darkest desires

that burn in their own sweat

Story of the being that, with all it’s imperfections

is dunk in the divine sanction of Him

as it suffuses beyond time and space.

Dedicated to all the readers.


















43 thoughts on “Of The Being….

  1. You worded the ending so perfectly, on such a fluffy positive note! I missed you blog, Lala. Sadly I’m not coping up with my schedule and I’m not motivated enough to write. But I’ll be back in mid-December! Hope you missed me πŸ˜€ !

  2. Well.. it’s the 6th..

    and as promised i am here again..

    and i guess i’m still blessed as words still come..

    As still i don’t have to plan them to make them come…

    And i think that is how it works sometimes..

    IT’s like playing the piano..

    and truly creating.. coming from deep within…

    yes.. a gift a keyboard is..

    to someone who has great difficulty

    with pen or pencil alone in saying anything..

    Truly anything at all…

    So when they say.. Allah works.. in mysterious ways..

    They must be true.. yes.. must be true..

    As Allah can even lead us to invent keyboards..

    to help those who are too diverse..

    in mind and finger..

    to use a pen…

    But all these are instruments of Allah..

    As Allah does find mysterious ways to speak to US….

    And then.. one day.. we too..

    alone.. Allone.. with Allah become..

    his instruments 2…

    and then are able to breathe Allah’s life into

    others 2…

    Yes.. sometimes it is poetry.. song.. dance..

    and yes.. even numbers…

    so many instruments of Allah’s LOVE

    WE can be…

    So.. i invite you back..

    to Allah’s instrument here.. of yOur love..

    to just see what comes..

    Cause i for one..

    Want to hear it..



    your friend..

    And yes there is that tear i am talking about..

    on the 31st…

    it is rolling down the left cheek as these words

    still come…

    please come and dry it off..


    If you will..

    as now one is rolling down

    the right cheek


    but with Unconditional Sacred Love

    there is truly





    And that means if you don’t come back by the 6th of next month..

    Like the Terminator says.. if you’ve seen that movie..

    I’ll BE BACK..

    And with that humor the tears do evaporate..

    and stay

    IN LOVE..


    as i again.. WILL never give up on you…

  3. Well.. it’s the shadow day of Halloween back over here in the U.S. and i’m gonna break my rule and promise for now.. of only visiting on the 6th when you are not around…

    So i just say today.. i miss you .. that is all for NOW..

    And be back on the 6th to tell you something else..

    as don’t think for one second i will ever forget you friend…

    whether or not you ever come back…

    with a tear in my eye or not……

  4. Hey my little sis, how are you? πŸ™‚

    I’ve been away from blogging and had to see how your going. You my darling little sister have a way with words. Truly beautiful. I hope life is being kind to you. Hugs Paula xxxxx

    • Hello Big sis. I am doing more than fine and hope you are doing fine too. Life is good. I have moved to England with my husband. Thank you for coming here and reading me. I missed you ! love you loads ❀

      • Wow! the U.K, how exciting for you both. πŸ™‚

        I’m very happy that your happy. How cool you might have snow for Christmas! Hope your enjoying your weekend. Hugs and much love being sent your way. Big Sis xxx

    • It wasn’t a prompt but the photo and poetry are linked. So glad that you came here and read me Stacilys and remembered me. Love you to bits. Hope you are doing fine ❀ ❀

      • Awwww, I always enjoy reading your blog. And every time I return it’s a new visual experience too.
        Love you too sweetie. I’m doing well too. Just stressed. Going to be moving in January and trying to sell the house and all. Ugh.
        πŸ™‚ ❀

  5. Amazingly beautiful! The story is poetically well told. So much of pathos…………….but still the beauty in the broken is well presented. Love it. Stay Blessed!

  6. There is a time i am not connected..

    A lightness of being..and not being heRe @ALL…

    And then a time of no feeling @ALL…

    Where only logic.. to escape.. resides
    in a place that is once soul… of being

    at core of this being…


    The escape is not escape


    i wanna go home..

    but wHere is home…

    The home is within..FIRST..

    THEN outside..above..so below….LAST

    and forevermore

    NOW….in feeling..FAITH..HOPE BELIEF




    with AND ONE with ALLAH
    in ALL of CREATION

    Yes!.. i love being human..
    the pain..
    the yellow leaves..
    the cramps and blisters..
    the eyes of the sad mother..
    the sobbing children..
    even the lack of empathy that some
    do have..



    ‘Story of the being that bathes

    in the moonlit nights under

    flaring silver skies of it’s darkest desires

    that burn in their own sweat’!

    All of this is what makes us human..

    And i embrace this being…



    Hi! Lala..always enjoy it when you

    As usual nice to visit with you..
    and look to my next visit with you..
    of course…ONE COURSE!


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