Somewhere, there is the tall guy boarding a plane

who once used to lay down and see her asleep

while she’d open one eye secretly to steal a look

of his worry-less face and worried eyes wide-open

staring at his temporary present through a distance

of miles between them.

Somewhere, there is the girl feeling hot dusty clouds

floating in her lungs as the pile of ash gets soaked

in those salty little drops which never fell anywhere

but on the tall guy’s finger pores and  that long stick

burns with the nerves in her mind as the pressure of

her blood lowers down.

Somewhere, there is the small hut on the hills

which echoes with the crying silence of the wishes

of people who made it. There is this couch there,

where no one sits to watch tv together and a

stove on which no food is cooked but the song of love

can still be heard from miles.

Somewhere, across the sleepless nights and

nightmares, there is a branched path like the

lines on one’s hand, telling them to start counting

number of sunsets they have to see without each other

while holding hands with the soul mates that were

always meant for them.


The list of nouns : The tall guy, the girl, the small hut, the hills,  the sleepless nights.











14 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. you make my Imagination run amok, wild, loose, out of my own control…
    road branching like lines on a palm…
    the sweat drops that never fall anywhere…
    And yes when I am reading you after such a long time, i have also compared them to your very first writings… And I must say, the writer in you has evolved leaps and bounds..
    the Picture has jumped out of the Frame.
    Proud of you my dear!

  2. There is a tall guy

    and woman who lose a child..

    The tall guy boards a plane

    to find the child..

    in every country in the world..

    As a child that is lost..

    Is always a child to find…

    Every eyes he looks..

    through his expressionless face…

    with eyes that have eternity of empathy

    written into them by God…

    to see a look at him..

    with words that sing same as true

    for the unconditional Sacred Love

    for a found..

    or lost child…

    The hours..the days..the months..

    the years go by..

    and some how a gem of Sacred Love

    in the eyes and words of a child come true..

    He find his child again for some months

    that do come true..

    the soul mate of Sacred Love

    whether in him or her..

    is always Sacred unconditional

    Love for them…


    there are no TV’s or food..

    or even couches..

    that can contain…

    this Sacred Love..

    It lives forever…

    it is FREE…




    OH..hi! Lala Rukh..

    i just started dreaming and writing
    on your blog..

    i’m not sure i wake up yet..

    i hope you don’t mind…


    do always pray you are

    doing ok…

    Sacred Lovexx
    to ya


      • Well..God willing..i will live to 120..and since you are about 22..i will dream with your words here..for 66 years..MORE..until you are 88..IF you still meet me here..when both of us are gray and wrinkled..:)..Love you….

        But with WILL..


        who knows..

        may be neither one of us

        be gray or wrinkled..

        in SOUL
        HEART AND SPIRIT!2!..:)

  3. Oh, Lala, I’ve missed you so much! Where have you been? Your poem is gorgeous, so beautiful, but so sad… how are you, dearheart? I havent heard from you since your wedding! ♥♥♥ ;^)

    • I missed you too aisha and it feels nice to see you after such a long time. I was here… just struggling through life. I am fine, hope you are fine too love. How is life treating you?
      And about the poem… I hate it. Thanks for saying such nice words about it though 🙂 Love you.

      • Lol, you hate it, or the object behind it? I’ve written poems like that too, they are good therapy. Life is definitely a struggle sometimes, especially in the times of big changes, dearheart. Poetry is so awesome for helping us through those times, isnt it?!
        It’s wonderful to hear from you, I’ll check on you more often. Life is rolling along well right now for mohamed and me, alhamdulillah – it’s our 15th wedding anniversary! All my love to you too, sweetheart ♥♥♥ ;^)

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