How Are You ?

Two months and thirteen days…I was absent from here. In two months and thirteen days I learnt a lot. Things that were invisible, things that are beautiful and ugly at the same time. Hardcore facts. While I write today after a long time, words slip out of my fingers like they used to be before. I thought they would have forgotten the path of my heart through fingers but they didn’t.

I missed you all so very much. Writing here today just to tell you that I am fine and I know you guys may have, sometime in your life while wandering through blogs, missed me too. I hope you all are writing energetically and struggling through life bravely.

I’ll be back in some days. I miss writing things out. That was my thing, it still is. In the meantime I’ll try to read your new blogs and reply to your comments.

Stay happy ! Love you all.

54 thoughts on “How Are You ?

  1. Ohh lalaa is back! And I am just so happy..that you say you are happy too.
    I believe that..
    But marriage is a litmus test of life’s joys..and I pray that it turns to be a successful one for you..
    The transition is hard, I know..I have been thru it and learnt the hard way…
    May god shower all his love and perseverance into your aanchal, my sweet little angel.♥
    Stay the way you are, a gem, chaste and true..
    I love you..

    • Awww meri jan you just know the art of making me smile in a second. Love you too so very much !
      You know I heard from some people that the first three or four months of marriage are the good ones and then things start changing. I don’t know if there is any reality in that but I really don’t want to go back to the phase I used to live in.
      You are so right my dear ! Love you so much for all that precious love and words. My prayers are with you always 🙂 ❤ ❤

  2. Welcome back! It might sound a bit odd, but I was actually a little worried for you. It is good to have you back 🙂

  3. hey sister, welcome back. we have sorely missed you. don’ ever leave us like that again. we are lost without you. peace to you sweet sister.

    • Waaaalaekumasalaaaaam !! Meri philosopher kesi hai ? 😉 I missed you ans your writings too yaar so much ! Abhi aik e post perhi hai tumhari baaki aesta aesta perhun gi you know I am no more a ‘Waili’ person 😛 Writing is your thing more than me , you know ? Love you so much I hope things are going good in your life . Take care. Love you.

      • Haha not ‘waili’ anymore. 😛 Ham sab singles abhi ‘wailey’ hi haen. 😛
        Your philosopher ki philo has gone crazy. She digs it sometimes and writes it in her diary only. Now I know why people with pens prefer notepads. Khaer, I’m looking forward to reading your newly ishqiaas now. 😛 Post some stuff soon, k. ^_^
        Love you too. And you know it. 🙂

        • Haha yeah singles hamesha wailay rehtay hain aur married hamesha nusy 😛 That’s a fact 😛
          And why do you write things in your diary only ? Me kesay perhun gi ab 😦 Do share things with us which you feel like you can share. Please ! Muje tu nohat maza ata hai tumharay thoughts perh k…they are unique and beautiful.
          Lots of love xx

            • With face turned … muh phulaing

              Koi (@randomly abstract) aa kay … “KISI” … se kahey kay hum bohoot bohoot naraaz hain … aur … BILKUL “KISI” se baat nahi karne waale … !!!

              ALTHOUGH … we are too much relieved … and our heart is practically dancing … to know that …”KISI” … is back and doing fine … and most hopefully … Happy and Smiling too …!!!

              Per hum phir bhi … “KISI” se baat nai ….!!!

              O what the h***l … I am just so happy to see you … stupid wordpress … never sends me email when you post something… aage he itni late aaya hoon mai…!!!

              How are you … how have you been … how is everything … I have bin soo worried …!!! Ye yu gaiyab hoone ki aadat kabhi jye gi kay nai …!!!

              EEEEEEEeeegggrrrrrlly .. waiting for the reply…!!! 😀

              As always stay blessed and happy…!!!

  4. I believe you got married. And am sorry I didn’t even congratulate you on that.

    Have a great life ahead 🙂

  5. AoA…!
    Great to see you again on Blogging as well as peoples response for you…!
    In this world of selfishness, we should feel pleasure if somebody miss us in his/her spare time…!
    Good bloggers like you should be loved.
    Welcome back and have a happy life…!

    • W.Salam ! Hope you are good.
      Yes , yes you are so right…. With all these sincere people I don’t think anymore that this world is selfish. It depends on how you perceive things by yourself.
      Thank you so much for such a nice response 🙂 Cheers !

  6. Where ever you are and whatever you are been through , i m praying to Allah everything will be perfect soon and you may turn to us soon 🙂
    May Allah bless you , ameen

  7. 🙂 Aa gayi? Mast! Yaar exams chal rahe hain and kai dinon se na to blog update kiya hai aur naa hi doosron ke blogs visit kiye hain… Sorry for that… 5th May se likhunga… Pakka

    And needless to say… Extremely happy to have you back…. Uh… Extremely is a small word… Tu hi samajh le kitna khush hoon…. And… More than extremely happy to find you happy… Well I knew you were happy… I got the news from my ‘sources’ 😛 😉

    So… Anyways… Exams within an hour… so baaki baatein baad mein… See you soon Sister 🙂

    • Hehe yesh aa gae 🙂
      I know you have missed me 😉 Missed you too brother so much and I can understand how glad you are for me 🙂
      What are your sources bhae hamain bhi tu pata chalay ? 😛
      And very very very best of luck for your exams… you’ll do great I know that ! Achay say grades le ker ao aur pher muje treat du 😛 😛
      Ab perhae kero we’ll meet after your exams ! Love you.

  8. Oh! i am so happy and relieved that you are doing OKAY!

    My best prayer for you seems true now..finally it seems i know…NOW…

    And having you like my Easter the best gift i could possibly…

    I am just so glad you are okay..and i never missed a day that i did not think about you
    and pray for your happiness…

    i look forward to reading you again..and yes i will be patiently before now..


  9. so sweet of….nice to see u back….may all ur moments come out to be potential even if they seem apparently bitter. may u always stay happy and blessed.

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