Why ?


Sacredness makes me strong

Blessed with wings but I creep along

Carving words of silence, I sing a song

In Meadows, Beyond ideas of right and wrong

Lies the soul absorbing light through the pierced wounds

Home of love invite to be the guest unknown

Paths to you are shown by trees long

I Search inside where you belong

Empty-handed, I still Roam.


I don’t know if this photo prompt relates completely to my words or not but these were the thoughts that came into my mind when I first saw it. As I am feeling down these days too so couldn’t come up with anything creative. I hope you’ll bear me with that.

This poem is written in response to Daily Prompt and Friday Fictioneers. Click on the link to see other awesome entries this week.

Photo Copyright – Björn Rudberg.



35 thoughts on “Why ?

  1. I guess this is whats called a ‘picture perfect’ piece! content and picture could never be more supporting and interrelated!

  2. I think the poem is beautiful and it is a wonderful companion to the photo! I’m sorry you are feeling down right now. Some days, it’s all about doing the best we can. I hope joy will soon find its way into your heart.

  3. Beautiful poem, Helping others often activates your solar plexus and heart chakra . Whenever I am sad I prefer feeding food to street dog and blessing them with love, or else I have registered myself on a page where I among others pray for those who enter their requests , sometimes I also ask for prayers but then the reason I am sharing it with you is because you said you are down these days. Look your post made me pray for you right now shall I call it act of kindness 🙂 anyway stay happy always .

    • You are so right Shetall your words boosted up my energy 🙂 Loved your thoughts. A warm welcome to my world. Many many thanks for stopping by ans sharing these pearls with me. I am flattered 🙂 Loads of love to you xx

  4. the final line, “empty handed, i still roam.” i think of the soul ever searching to be complete. go easy on yourself, Lala. you did wonderfully. thanks for sharing your ♥ thoughts. cheers!

  5. Y ask y..
    y asks Y..

    Sometimes..y is no Y…and Y is no y…

    So Y ask y..as y asksY…

    i simply saY..to make every move of every second “sacKred” ..

    including letters..numbers..words..pages..stories..photos..

    and every step in life..

    simply SacKred…

    Yes..tHere IS once a time.. in life wHere pain took all “sacKredness” away from life…

    But then a time when a step toward reverse instead of forward..made that step..finALLy..NEW..
    sacKredness exists..once more…

    in my life…a
    ALLy Again…

    Sometimes the problem is finding something
    NEW..to spark the “sacKred” of all..
    NEW once again…

    By the way..this is my favorite..
    so far..of everything..you’ve written…

    You let it flow…

    is NEW..:)


  6. I think it goes perfectly with that photo.

    “Paths to you are shown by trees long
    I Search inside where you belong
    Empty-handed, I still Roam.”

    Paths to Him are shown by His creations only. Wandering souls do bear difficulties through out their journeys. Empty-handed they roam, but some time- just some, some time they do find EVERYTHING back.
    ‘Blessed with wings’ you are. Be happy! 🙂
    and: I love you a whole lot, Lala Rukh. 🙂

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