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He was with me like shadow under the Moonlit skies since I was a baby who’d been in this world for not more than a week. I was certain then, that walls of my room were blue and Lucy, the white cat hated me. And I knew that I shouldn’t cry when my Mom was already crying because she’d not pick me up.

When Mom’d hold me in her folded arms to feed me in the morning, I’d gaze at blue scars beneath her starlit eyes. Those scars’d change their colors and places daily and when I’d try to reach them she’d hold my tiny fingers in her soft hand and tears’d fall on my forehead. She’d whisper in my ear that we’d leave this place soon.

My dad’d smell like medicine when he’d hold me while he’d cut my Mom down with his words. He never left his habits and mom never left this place.

He’d sit beside me with a wooden face, covering my ears with his hands to block the shouts; blades with tiny bayonet pointed firmly at my heart.

I’d laugh when he’d tease me that I broke my head when I was thrown from the sky into the world. Mom never liked him and whenever I’d tell her about him she’d not answer. I’d start talking to him and Mom’d start crying.

We celebrated my 18 birthdays together and he was with me that day when dad brought some quaint people in our house. I heard shouts, dad’s cries were a pitcher of bitterness and mom’s quivering voice tasted of sacrifice.

Dad clamped his hand onto my wrist and pulled me through the lounge where Mom sat squeezed in a corner, mouth covered with hands and tears brimming through her opaque eyes.

Pain paralyzes my mind when doctors pierce needles in my arm and I see his shadow fading into the light of nothingness.

We all have to fade, as we all are shadows on the wall of time.


This is my 333 words response to Trifecta Challenge. This weeks word was Quaint and we have to use its third definition (Β unusual or different in character or appearance : ODD ) in our response. Feedback is always appreciated. Click on the badge to see other entries.

40 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. I love the way you played with the language here and bent it to fit your needs. This reads beautifully and is haunting–all of the things good writing should be. Thank you for linking up.

  2. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful and haunting, as someone else said earlier in the comments. I loved how it was written from the child’s perspective. Really powerful, Lala. Great work!

  4. This was painful, but beautifully told from the beginning to end. I love that last line, “We all have to fade, as we all are shadows on the wall of time.” Such a profound observation.

  5. This was so intense and profound!It brought home the fragility of life-of emotions of how our perspectives are coloured by what we experience!Amazing writing Lala-the phrases which caught and held me were many but to quote a few,” Those scars’d change their colors and places daily “,”while he’d cut my Mom down with his words.” and,”dad’s cries were a pitcher of bitterness and mom’s quivering voice tasted of sacrifice.” The last line just made me ache-you are fantastic my friend-keep it up!

  6. Ohhh Little Sister, that was hauntingly beautiful. πŸ™‚
    Not sure the 2 words go together but thats how it made me feel.
    Hope you have a great day, hugs to you. Big Sis xxxxx

  7. It’s amazing how differently life from one to the next..can color the reality that is..

    That is a dark and true story of a reality..but yet there are other stories that are shadow free..

    And even dying happy fulfilling destiny of what one sees as true..

    Well one thing for sure..if there IS no is never fair..never ..ever now..or ever…

    But WhO knows..

    i for
    do not…

  8. I always feel a bit strange leaving my comments. I love sending you a sign that I listened, but then to….well, I do not like the idea that I might sound judging. But that said, this piece really stands out to me – I think I love its directness. Coherent images that still reflect the fragmentation that I always feel in your texts. . For me not getting lost in fragmented sentences & ideas means that the full load of the pain hits me……and now a question( if you do not mind) why do you choose to put your creative energy into drawing images of pain?
    Oh and the word that was at the centre of this challenge – quaint- it stood out and blended in at the same time. Whilst reading I stumbled over it – it did not seem to fit and yet because of that it carried meaning to me: all these quaint people live on such a different plain from the hurt child that there is no hope that the outside world could offer an escape or even just solace. At the same time I hear the lost and misguided voice of a hurt child that has not yet learned / has the human compassion to see that it is not alone (positive) / other human beings suffer as well (negative)…..
    Curious to know what your thoughts are on me responding like this and what I say….

    • Afra, Please understand this : I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS, SPECIALLY THE JUDGING ONES ! I don’t know what made you feel that I might not like them. I love feedback and you have given the best one so far Afra. I have no words to thank you for this and I’ll definitely need this kind of feedback in future from you.
      Thank you so much for the detailed thoughts and for the appreciation.
      Actually we write what we feel inside. If w feel happy, our writings somehow manage to sound happy and if we are in pain, our writings will depict it even if we try hard not to show it off.
      I was actually not sure too that the word fits here or not…I just used it so as to convey the meaning “Odd” that was the third definition.
      Your thoughts are so right and so good Afra, I am really really glad to have this type of feedback from you.
      Love you and hope to see your comments more in future πŸ™‚ Many Thanks…

      • Thank you for your sweet reaction! The reason I hesitate is because I did not want to share any judging words. I do not like how criticism can seem like the text is a helpless animal that is being prodded from all sides to bare its weak underbelly. I believe in underlining the positive. But when I read your posts I wonder what hunger I am feeding doing that. Do my words help you to be all that you are or do my words help you to stay in the cocoon I feel? You seem to need you pain so much – even in your “about” you use your own words to dwarf yourself…………
        (By the way – this is probably way to personal, so please do not feel you have to open to these comments from just somebody on the other side of the world)

  9. It was very sad to read and yet I felt like I was watching a sad silent movie…feeling the pain, the fear and mostly the sadness. Putting myself in the place of a young child and more yet, a baby…what does baby remember, see, perceive when Mommy has scars, bruises…sees those tears yet never ever doubting mommy’s love. Blessings toyou…what a lovely piece of writing to have touched me as much. Namaste, xx

    • Thank you my friend for leaving such a nice feed back ! I really feel so glad to have you here πŸ™‚
      Yes you know realities are often sad…often when seen from the perspective of a broken child of a mother who has to go through such harsh abusiveness.
      Thank you o much for appreciating my writing. Love you o much. Namaste πŸ™‚

      • I have often wondered about the perception of an infant…the early years…up to 3 or 4. You hve inspired me to reflect and perhaps write a story or poem about that. Thank you, Lala!! xx

        • So glad to know that I could inspire you in some way my friend. This perspective was wandering in my mind too for long. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Love you xx

  10. Illustrious!

    Very well written… Very well felt…

    Second line… “white cat hated me…”

    Yaar ek baat bataa… Sabhi kahaaniyon mein father hi villain kyun hotte hain 😦

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