A Glimpse through The Curtains


This is the city that never sleeps. Behind all the shaded windows, countless mysterious stories unfold themselves in the nights and veil themselves in artificial colors as the sun rises. 15 thousand People; but they are as unknown to each other as they are to their own selves. Thick apathetic curtains conceal their inner self and even identities. And hence they live, as neighbors under the sinful shadows.

A young boy wearing a T-shirt and denims appear from one of the buildings among an array of other sky-high buildings. His hair are styled with jell and a shiny brown leather jacket covers his shirt entirely. His breath smells of friend eggs and his face expressions look as simple as noodles. Hands in pockets, he looks around standing in the middle of the colony. He can hear dull laughter coming out of that red door, where a decent woman lives who once sold her own girl to a rich businessman abroad. A man wearing black suit passes by the boy, a respectable man who supplies drugs all over the country.

He stand there impatiently biting his lips until he took a glance of a girl looking through the window. His heart beats become irregular and a pain initiates at a place where his heart lies, pumping blood through his veins, blood that turned white since all his family got killed in drone attacks when he was 15. She is only one person left in this world that he loves, but he can’t be with her because she is from a high class family. Her father is a politician who is involved in big time frauds and embezzlement but her respectable family can’t marry their daughter to a boy with no job and status.

His past starts playing in the form of a movie in front of his eyes. He remembers the time when a man in black coat came to rescue him while he was shedding tears sitting beside the graves of his entire family. He told him to save his tears and anger for the final day, and he did. He lived 8 years waiting for that final day and today was the day. He stole a final look of her beautiful face and walked forward to catch his flight.

The other day, news papers were filled with headlines about the Suicide bomb blast; several people lost their lives and many were injured. Somewhere in the pile of blood stained body parts lie his head void of pain of losing his beloved ones, eyes caught up at a scene of the place where five graves lie side by side. He didn’t know how many graves he has made to take revenge of those five graves.


A flash fiction piece of 450 words under the limit o 500 words, written for Daily Prompt a well as Write On Edge. This challenge gives a photo prompt along with a quote. It’s up to you whether you want to follow the photo or the quote or both. I chose the photo. To read other awesome entries click on this badge.

45 thoughts on “A Glimpse through The Curtains

  1. The visuals and narrative are so vivid in this piece. The line that hit me the hardest, for some reason, was “Thick apathetic curtains conceal their inner self”…perhaps it was the truth of that statement that made it so striking.

  2. What a powerful piece. It brings the human aspect to the forefront of something that can be so difficult to comprehend. I like the way you wove in the truths about the “respected” drug dealer and the woman who sold her own daughter β€” such a reminder that things are not always as they seem.

    • Thank you Angela it is a pleasure hearing such nice thoughts from you. Truths are always hard to reveal, harder than writing fiction. Thank you for stopping by. My love for the beautiful lady πŸ™‚ xx

  3. You painted a very real picture of the personal effects of war. My heart breaks for the boy living an existence he didn’t want. It’s sad, but no amount of avenging their deaths will bring him peace with his circumstances. It will only spread misery to others. How I wish people weren’t so cruel to each other.

    • You are so right Jenna revenge and war can never bring peace for anyone. Thank you so very much for stopping by to share your beautiful thoughts. Really appreciate that πŸ™‚ Love xx

  4. Well.. first of all i did not have to properly respond to the other thread..as my wife was pushing me to take her where she wanted away from my computer..

    I apologize..as i do know you love your country..and i knowing that should not have disrespected it by getting angry like i did at it about the dowry thing..on you blog in public with your fellow countrymen watching…

    There are many ..many.. many things that i do not agree with in my country..but i too would die for it..

    For the freedoms i have…

    And more than anything i am fortunate that i did not have to go to a war of lies like Vietnam and burn in a helicopter like my cousin did in 1969 for a war that was seriously not something that the US should have been in..any more than IRAQ which was obviously in my opinion just for the sell of government contracts to rebuild the dam place and in hopes of acquiring access and control to OIL…

    World Peace is extremely important..but seems almost impossible to get there..

    Seriously because of cultural differences which are in effect now a fight of patriarchal leaning cultures with control over reproductive freedoms..and religious beliefs against those that don’t..

    The west against the middle east..and the converse..per this…

    Well i am also fortunate that i can go to bed at night..and never seriously have to worry about any type of battle or terror on the soil of that which i live on..

    Per this so sad scenario that you so eloquently portray here..of the reality of war and terror on one’s own soil..

    My connection with you..has only made me more happy and more patriotic to be a person of my country…

    And i sure cannot expect you not to love your country..and if i care about you truly i will not disrespect your country or your religion..I was just mad that you are not happy..cause i think you deserve to be..and wanted to be angry at something about that…

    but i did not help you by that comment at all..

    So again i apologize..and love you…

    Thanks again for being a friend..i do need you too….for support..to make it through…and you’ve already done that…
    my friend….

      • Yes now that’s a relief haha ! I thought I’d made you angry by sharing my thoughts with you. Thank you for understanding completely friend. I am sorry about your cousin and I agree with you on the Iraq issue. World peace is important and people who destroy peace In fact destroy their own lives. Thank you so much for showing your respects, It really means to me, alot ! No need to apologize friend as I just need your support, nothing else πŸ™‚ Much love to you xx

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