With every sunrise, sparkling sun-rays tear up the dark night and initiate a ray of hope in my heart’s plant moist with dew drops. It grows everyday, it has formed a big tree now. A tree that stopped giving fruits 30 years ago.

30 years of marriage and 3 beautiful children, What can be more perfect than that?

A hollowness grows inside me. Questions remain unanswered.

Mornings, a new chance, a new life — It was never for me.

I am still standing on the same spot where I stood 30 years agoΒ — empty handed,Β When life snatched him from my hands.

And Life continues……


This 100 words fiction (Not really) is written for Friday Fictioneers which demands a 100 word fiction inspired by the given photo. Check out the link if you want to participate.

43 thoughts on “‘Mornings’

  1. This piece of writing is extraordinary, I feel the sadness and can identify with this character. You are followed for this story and I look forward to reading more of your work!

    Beautifully written truth. It’s valuable. πŸ™‚

  2. Is this your heart’s tree?… Nah… I will tell you how your heart’s tree would look like…


    50 years… yes 50 years have have passed by and I am a witness that sun faithfully rose each day… Tearing apart the blanket of darkness, it gave way to the showers of mist… Tiny droplets… Crystal clear… Those are the droplets of hope which have decorated my leaves since I was born. Each day they welcome the birds which chirp the melodious song. And the birds… well they are my companions since long. They lend some hope from the dew drops and make their nests with it. The brightness of the day… they bath in it each day and lay eggs of aspirations bright. And inundated in hope, the aspirations lead to a magical future…

    And I… Well I rejoice in the joys of the birds… Dance to their songs, rock the eggs in my lap, and pat them to sleep when tired.

    But it was not so 30 years ago. 30 years ago, clouds of suspicion and fear covered the sun. Soon there were thunders and incessant rains. I was uprooted, and in the commotion I was stamped upon. The next day sun did rise… but I was in dark. Lost amidst the soil and leaves, I did not hope to see the day. But I did hear the birds still sang… The song of loss and gloom and pain. Lost were their eggs and nests of hope. Lost was there future and so was mine.

    But I rose… I rose for them… Because not only me but they too had lost and songs of hope should not be lost. So I did try at the rhythm of their song. I bathed in the eternal showers of hope. If birds could try and build a new nest, why can’t I try to rebuild myself. Yes I lost my leaves and branches… Yes I lost my fruits and flowers… But the showers of hope still do fall… And brightness of sun still does embrace.

    So I too took some hope from the dew… I too took some aspirations from sun… And back were my branches and leaves and fruits. Back were the birds and their song of bliss…

    Storms do come… Even today they come… But so does the sun and so does the dew. Nests and leaves are lost and gained… But the song of bliss does continue…


    Tera pedh aisa nahin dikhta hai kya? Agar nahin dikhta hai to koi baat nahin… sooraj bhi hai, chidiyan bhi hai, aur os (dew) ki baarish bhi hai… Uth ja, khadi ho ja… nahin giregi tu… Giregi kaise? Main bhi to hoon sahaaraa dene ke liye πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    • You have made me completely speechless now….Ab batao me aise lafz kahan se laun jo is writing ki taref b kerain aur tumain thanks b kerain….No…I am out of words.
      Itni hope…Aik baar tu mujhe perh k apne uper gussa b aya k me kyun nae aisa soch sakti me kyun her time is k opposite sochti hun….
      Yaar tum cheez kya ho ? πŸ˜› Bohat acha likha hai…Bohat Bohat acha…Itna acha k bus is se zada acha nae ho sakta πŸ™‚
      Aur dekho aur kisi ne nae pehchana k what was I talking about aur tum ne aik min me pehchaan lia….Aise e tu nae kehti me k mera bhae genius hai πŸ™‚
      Song of bliss will continue InshAllah…….Now I can’t deny that…after reading your words tu bilkul b nae.
      Muje pata hai tu muje girnay nae de ga πŸ™‚ And words of gratitude are not enough to tell you how thankful I am……
      Thank you bhae….. You are the best Bhae of the world πŸ™‚ Love you xx

      • Tu poochhti hai… tu aisa kyun nahin likh paati… Tu bhi likh sakti hai… Is duniya mein itni khushi hai ki ek baar tu use dekhne lag jaaye to sirf wahi dekhegi… Tu wait kar… agle week tak ek special post likhne waala hoon main… Specially tere liye… Tu wait kar… πŸ™‚

        Kisi ne nahin pehchaana? Koi na… Maine pehchaanaa na… Kaafi hai :P… Mere naam ka matlab pataa hai? “The destroyer of enemies” Seriously :P. Main ek hi kaafi hoon apni behen ko sambhaalne ke liye πŸ™‚ Tension na le… Main hoon na πŸ™‚

        Waise… Tera weight kitna hai? Wo kya hai na… tu giregi to tujhe pakadna padega na… So agar tera weight pataa chal jaaye to usi hisaab se taiyyar rahunga πŸ˜›

        • I wish I can see the happiness too that you see everywhere πŸ™‚ Chal I’ll wait for the post…Ab nae bhoolun gi pakka πŸ™‚
          Haha the destroyer of enemies ? Aray waah πŸ˜‰ Pher muje der kesa πŸ˜›
          Lol kabi height pochtay ho kabi weight pochtay ho meray uper phD kerne ka tu irada nae ? πŸ˜›

  3. Well yah..the beginning of February is coming..and i suppose that thirty years from now..ya might indeed have three beautiful children..

    and still be married..but…

    As long as you water that tree..30 years hence forth…

    and feed those beautiful children…

    Your life is all worth IT…

    And that was meant

    to be

    As ya did the greatest thing of all…

    that any human being ever does…

    Providing life for someone else…

    instead of ya..
    or even him…

    as that is wh@HIM my have ya do….

    And oh GOD!..ya may be happier 30 years now..

    than ya could ever imagine…

    just like me 34 full years..

    from her..

    in 1979

    my friend Lala..


    my connection with ya is not random ya see..


    even taking him away


    ya..trust HIM
    on th@one..

    if ya will

    my friend….

    i do feel ALL your pain..been there done it….
    and vicariously doing it with ya again..and i am more worried about ya now…
    than eva before….

    my friend…





    i’m not kidding
    at all

    my friend..Lala..Rukh
    NOW and THEN

    • Thank you friend for your countless blessings and prayers for me….I appreciate your honesty and concern for me πŸ™‚ And your hopes….I wish they come true after 30 years I may be happy and satisfied but things are not letting me think this way right now. I know you’ll stay with me through thick and thin and that’s why I respect you with all my heart. Thanks once again πŸ™‚ Love you xx

  4. Life does continue, Lala, and with it an acceptance of what life has to offer, be it the beauty of early morning views, natures magical handiwork or just our knowledge which gains in abundance every day. We lose, we gain, ’tis natures almost uncaring way of continuance. hugs aplenty in appreciation of your thought provoking words. xPenx

    • You are just Love penpusherpen ! I am in love with your elegant pure thoughts. Yes you are right life has to continue…In the race of life, stopping means death. Thought provoking are your thoughts my love, Your wise words always make me smile πŸ™‚ Thank you so very much….Much Love and hugs for you xx

  5. “A hollowness grows inside me. Questions remain unanswered.” These lines really shook me-so true for many though here the reason is so tragic and final but still one dares to hope-sigh!A wonderful piece of writing,loved it!

  6. fiction (not really). you always leave me desperately wondering what is what?? which, sister, if nothing else, you should take as confirmation of your writing skills. very beautiful piece, though still wondering. peace.

    • Lol actually brother that’s my story what I think I would be like after 30 years…. That’s why I said it’s not completely nonfiction as that time has to come. Thank you so very much brother your appreciation means a lot to me. I hope your wondering came to an end πŸ˜‰ Love xx

    • Yes you are right Sharmishtha…..Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts and for the appreciation. Nostalgia is a part of life. Much love to you xx

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