Twinkle Twinkle O’ Little Star

A story dedicated to my family where the number of mentally abnormal children is increasing due to the trend of Cousin marriages. Story is inspired by my cousin, a girl who is 20 year’s old physically but her mind is like a small child’s mind. Scenes pictured here are fictional but the facts discussed are real.


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“Colors – red, green and blue mixing with each other. Green color is at the top of red now. Red is busy mixing with blue”

“How can you guarantee that in future your daughter’s children would be normal when her own sister is abnormal?”

Silence – followed by tears.

“Sorry we can’t allow the relationship of my son with your daughter. He will find someone else”

“Colors – Red is at the top now. It has dissolved blue and green in it”

Sound of a slap followed by mournful cries.

“Colors transformed to black . Painful black”


“She slapped me yesterday, My own sister. I won’t talk to her now. She thinks I can’t feel the pain but it hurts. She is not good and oh the cat finally ate the mouse” She thought to herself and giggled.

Her sister who was siting right beside her, eyes on TV and mind strolling somewhere else glanced at her, giggling. She felt a volcano of love bursting in her heart and a sense of regret mixed with embarrassment seized her.

“What was I thinking while slapping her yesterday? She is innocent, that’s not her fault that no one wants to Marry me” She dragged herself closer to her and kissed her on the cheek softly.

“I am sorry my love. You can’t speak but I know you are angry at me” She hugged her and burst into tears.

“I love my sister, she is so sweet. She loves me so much” She thought to herself while enjoying the cartoons again.


“A heavy burden on my heart don’t let me sleep at nights”

“What burden Mom?”

“You know sweetheart your sister is a special child. Our society don’t accept her as a normal child. People think she is crazy and she should be in a mental hospital. How can I send my innocent girl to a mental hospital?”

Each tear falling from her Mother’s eyes was dropping in her own heart – her eyes flooded with tears.

“Some things can’t be forgotten and this very thought keep spooking me all the time that What will happen to my daughter when me and your dad will be no more in this world”

“Please don’t Mom. Please stop” She begged her and the room reverberated with the sound of their sobs.


“Colors – butterflies – stars – lights – children, beautiful children – I want to play”

With this thought she ran towards small children playing in the kids area in a fast food restaurant while her Mom was buying Ice cream for her.

She looked around, her daughter was standing beside some children who were gathered in a corner with expressions of fear and anger on their faces.

She ran towards her. A woman said “I don’t mean to offend you but please make sure she stays home. Our children just got scared”

She grabbed her hand and took her to the car without saying anything, eyes directed downward with embarrassment.

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes

And she’s gone

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Music was blending with her sobs.

She put her head on her Mother’s shoulder and spoke in a soft voice, “Ma ! Sor-r-ry”


Many beautiful special children in colorful dresses were standing on the stage in a circle. She was there too laughing, sitting inside the circle wearing a fancy fish dress. A wheel chair was lying at one corner of the stage with a small cute girl sitting in it.

Hall was filled with people. Parents of special children occupied the front rows.

The girl in the wheel chair spoke:

“We are like a fish in the tank. The sun heats the glass to boiling, setting us on fire. The moon freezes it to ice, trapping us in unbearable cold. Tapping vibrates the glass, tearing at our ears and flesh. It is agonizing and exhilarating and enthralling. Don’t be like the sun and the Moon people. Be like the glass that protects us and like the water that keeps us alive…….We feel joy and pain equally like you feel. Your words and actions hurt us people. Treat us with care. We need your love”

And the hall echoed with the sound of applause. People stood on their chairs, tears shining in their eyes.

“I wish my daughter gets a chance to live a normal life like everyone else here” She thought to herself while wiping her tears.

Image Source : This.
Image Source : This.


This 720 words story is written for The Speak Easy Challenge. If you like this story, Don’t forget to come back on Thursday to vote. Click on this image to read other entries and detailed guidelines.

53 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle O’ Little Star

  1. It is a brilliant short story with a contemporary touch — a nice technique. Ye aek bohot acha afsana hay. main nay ghalat nahi kaha tha, apni writings ko kant-chant k manage karain and then think about your book!!!

    • Thank you so much for appreciating my writing Sir ! Dil khush ker detay hain ap 🙂 Aray I have to learn a lot pehlay….I am not able enough to write a book right now. In fact I think I don’t know writing at all. I’ll practice abi…. And when I’ll be sure k I write good then I’ll think about this idea. Thanks so much for encouraging me though, Apki duaen chahiyain bus 🙂

      • han, seekhna tu zaroori hay aor seekhnay ka amal kabhi complete nahi hota, ye tu goad say goar tak bhi poora nahi hota. meray kehna ka matlab ye hargiz nahi hay k ap bus abhi say kitab likh kar publisher k chakkar lagana shuroo kardain :p
        bhae ye tu kai saal mangti hay. sirf ye kaha hay k apni in mukhtasar tehreeroN ko lekar ak file main in par mazeed kaam karain. ye ak new practice hosakti hay. hosakta hay k is doran ap ko ak novel ya novelette ka tajarba hojaaye — Allah Allah Bismillah 🙂
        Lekin ye mehez ak mashwara hay, ap tension na lain!

        • Nae apka mashwera bohat acha hai aur ab jab ap ne explain kia hai tu meri samaj me zyada aa gae hai apki baat….Me try kerun gi InshAllah ye kernay ki, zaroor. Bus zindagi ijazat de de 🙂 Bohat bohat shukriya ! Ap na hotay tu mujhe itnay qeemti mashwaray kon deta 🙂

  2. Beautiful story, Lala. I work with special needs children, and fortunately the people in the town I live in are generally wonderful to them. I love how you expressed her thoughts, and the speech…brilliant. Great work!

    • Thank you so much Milburn ! Your appreciation means a lot. I am glad to know that people around you are wonderful to these children. We are not that fortunate as we have bad people too along with many good people. I have actually lived with one of my special cousins and I feel heart broken for her and for their family. Thank you so much again for stopping by and liking what I’ve written here. Love to you xx

  3. Lala, your story is wonderful. I feel awful for how society treats her – and her family. It’s sad that people fear her rather than accept her. I have a cousin with Down’s syndrome and it breaks my heart to think there are places in the world that wouldn’t see his sweet nature, but would punish him for not being ‘perfect’.

    • Thank you Janna appreciation coming from you, means a lot. Yes these facts are sad but true. I have seen these problems actually in my family. There are good people who treat them with love and care but there are bad people too who are not ready to accept them as normal. I feel heart broken, witnessing their pain. I hope your cousin manage to pass a very happy and healthy life. Thanks so much again for stopping by ! Love to you xx

    • Yes Ranu it is sad and it is true. I have seen these things in my family a lot. I wish people get aware of there problems. Thanks so very much for stopping by ! Love you xx

  4. “Don’t be like the sun or the moon…” And my sister says she is in a writer’s block. 😛
    Wonderfully written… Simply amazing… The words used are fantastic… Really 🙂
    Waise… is this thing about cousin marriages true? Don’t get me wrong but… Yahan par kuchh log kehte the ki Pakistan mein aisa hota hai… Aut main sochta tha ki its just their ‘anti-Pakistan’ feeling somehow… (Unfortunately the feeling exists in some very small section of the society 😦 )… Again… Please take it otherwise… This is not the general public view… Neither is it mine…

      • Okay I am out of it now 😛
        Thank you so, so, so, so much for itni sari appreciation ! It means a lot bhae.
        Yes Arindam the thing about cousin marriages is true. Actually cousin marriage is permitted in our religion, ‘permitted’ not ‘compulsory’ but I guess some people took the wrong meaning and there are families now who don’t marry their children out of family ever as they are scared of the completely unknown ones and they feel safe marrying children within family. Aisay you know the chances of a marriage being successful increases. People are getting out of this mindset now…. But the families which stick to their so called traditions are still not ready to accept these scientific realities.
        I know it’s alright…sometimes we perceive right things wrongly.

  5. God Lala!
    May Allah protect them from the world and humanised animals. I think the reason why special kids in our society are alienated is our upbringing. We are not taught to polite n civil rather we are taught to stay away from them. Sad.

    • Ameen Miss M Suma Ameen ! You are right, somehow we are not taught and somehow our parents are scared as their minds and vision is nor broader. We have to bring about a change by changing the mind set. Sad but true. Thanks so much for stopping by ! Love to you xx

  6. Well folks who are disabled are most definitely fortunate to live in the it does an overall acceptable job of protecting their rights..and people here who walk as true christians..will never ever..reject a person with a disability…

    IN fact they will go out of their way to lend a hand and express love…to make sure they feel accepted in this world…

    Horrifying is the story of what you describe in your culture..and in effect it was this way for certain minorities…in the US..and remains that a few ways..

    But we are moreover moving toward freedom..which does mean the full freedom of every citizen..

    Not just the perceived beautiful ones..

    But i have learned the most in life..from my friends..with cognitive they had the pleasure of not falling to intellect and reason…

    And instead living in effect they ARE TRUE role models…

    for their fellow friends..

    At least here..where i live..:)

    Lovexxis always the way for that!

    • Many people here accepts and Love them too more than their own children but still due to lack of much awareness there are many people who can’t accept them and they are still scared of marrying their children to the siblings of abnormal children because they think that their children ll be abnormal too as these genes are transferred. Anyway bad people are present everywhere, who think selfish and I am sure they’d be equally there as they are here. You are right, they are the true role models !! Thanks so much for your thoughts friend ! Love xx

    • You are absolutely right Kathy ! World should be a better place for everyone regardless of any particulars. Thanks for liking my story and for appreciating my work ! So glad to have you here 🙂 Much love xx

  7. This.
    It gave me shivers.
    ‘….she is not good and oh the cat finally ate the mouse’. Lala how you’ve just put this all up. Sigh True facts about our society jahan disabled ko bojh samjha jata hy.
    Aur samajh bhi len tou usko itna hurt to na kren. Insaan hy.
    I love that speech in the end, don’t be like the sun and moon, people. Be like the glass. This brought tears. Very touching lines, thank you for sharing this brilliant piece.

    • Thank you Maria thank you so much. I have seen them suffering Maria aur dil rota hai kabhi kabhi unk parents ki aur unki halat soch k. Still in this so called aware world there are people who are not ready to accept them. And you read the line about her sister not getting married because people think k iski sister is abnormal is true. She is my cousin, elder than me and still single and I can feel through how much pain she’ll be going through. Thank you so much for stopping by Maria ! Means a lot 🙂

      • Hmm, in this so-called awareness ka daur jahan NGOs bht hyn but individually rights wagera nothing, unnko aur un jesay disabled logon ko dhutkara jata hy, hurt krna alag, self-respect ko mittana alag. Very painful.
        Best wishes for your cousin… May Allah help her and her family out.

        • Yes very right. NGO’s ka tu alag point hai first thing is about the problems their families have to face, be them the personal ones or not.
          Thank you so much for your wishes Maria. Ameen !

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