The Red Letter

Horror And Dark Art Wallpapers (30)

“No-way, this is not possible !” She screamed…..

Her soft breaths gradually converted to heavy fast storms. Her heart beats were drumming in her ears as if they’ll tear apart her ribs. She could feel uncountable needles stabbing in her head. She fell down……

“Not again, No” She was crying and shrieking hysterically.

“What happened Mama?” Her 7 years old son, Ali, came running towards her.

She looked at his face, she couldn’t. Grabbing his hand she pulled him towards herself and embraced him in her arms.

“Nothing My Love, I won’t let anything happen to you” Gazing at the red letter in her hand, she sighed.


Rachael was drowned in the valley of thoughts while Ali was sleeping right beside her. Windows were closed and the room was dark and silent. Sometimes a gust of frosted wind would scatter the silence with its whispers.

They were a happily-ever-after family 7 years ago. Ali wasn’t born by that time. Her two sons and beloved husband shared the same house where today, silence regulates.

When Rachael received this red letter for the first time, she was unknown of the consequences. She came to know when the very next day, her husband met an accident and he passed away.

She was scattered. She would never have related the death to that letter if one by one, both her sons wouldn’t have passed away in the same mysterious manner.

She was sure there was ‘something’ behind all this. Something esoteric, something inexplicable.

And now she had received that red letter again. Her baffled mind started freezing with the weather.


A sound woke her up. She felt like she had heard a whisper. She checked Ali, he was sleeping. She checked the time, it was 2 o’ clock at night.

A sudden sharp cracking sound outside the window startled her. Her heart beat and pulse rate were at a race. She slipped towards the window slowly and peeked through the glass. She couldn’t see anything. It was dark and calm.

She took a long sigh.

She turned back. A panic-stricken scream welled up and burst out of her mouth. Her eyes bulged out with shock and dark condensed clouds blocked her mind.

The bed was vacant, Ali was gone.

A furiously loud knock at the door drummed in her ears……

To Be Continued……….

37 thoughts on “The Red Letter

    • My writings can be said as successful because you read them Sun and for that I am highly thankful. So glad to know that you felt like hanging 😉 Thanks so much for reading. Love xx

    • I am not capable of writing a book yet ! I am just learning to write. Thank you much much for appreciating my work Sir ! So glad that you read it. Stay blessed !

      • Capability wali bat bari dilchisp hay — yahan tu aesi aesi kitabaiN chapteeN hain k banda sar peet kar reh jaaye!
        Ap k ideas tu phir bhi bohot attractive hain.
        Wese bhi hamaray han in ideas par likhne wala koi hay bhi nahi. Ap nay karna bhi bas itna hay k apni in ideas ko lekar inhain thora say mazeed elaborate aor dramatise karna hay. kitab khud bakhud ban jaayegi !

    • Thank you so much for such wonderful words of appreciation. Coming from a writer like you, they mean a lot to me ! Accept my gratitude. Thank you so much for reading 🙂 Stay blessed xx

    • Thank you Sir for such a wonderful appreciation ! Hearing this from a great writer like you is truly an honor ! Many thanks for reading my writings 🙂 Stay blessed always xx

  1. Hmm..have you been watching Dexter again…
    just kidding..:)
    but heh..i remember that huh….;)
    Great suspense..
    so far judging from that picture..things don’t look too bright..for the husband…;(
    But i guess..i’ll wait to find maybe another ironic twist is coming..or foreshadowed…as they say…:) lovexx

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