Enchanted Illusion

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau

She lives at a place far away. Perspiring sun rays of hope caress her face to welcome her mornings. She opens her home’s door and walk through the stairs like a queen. Butterflies take her to the seraphic valleys. She dances in ecstasy. Tickling winds make her giggle. Her laughs are loathed in euphoria. She opens her wings and flies with the birds. Sparkling sea water washes her feet. She sings with mermaids and fall asleep in ethereal embrace.

And yet in this monstrous world, resides her body void of soul – indulged in the weightless mysteries of naked truths.


37 thoughts on “Enchanted Illusion

  1. The bad thing about this is: everyone already said what I wanted to say! I liked it: it’s almost like we are in the illusion, but by being there, we lose what’s important. We need truth.

    • You are so right Stephanie ! We need the truth at the end. Well I’d love to hear the words already been said, from you anytime πŸ™‚ So glad you stopped by to share your lovely thoughts πŸ™‚ Love xx

  2. Hmm..i would rather stay in the 1st paragraph..and in effect AND AFFECT..you just described my way of life there…

    The world is illusion..only culture really..The world is real in nature..

    And that is the place of the 1st paragraph..which i suppose could be imagination…2

    But connection to nature..is Still the real thing..i think…

    i act.

    as one

    IS wHere IT’s@

    i visited a new church today..and they suggested that people stay away from people who do not believe the same..

    So glad i found GOD in nature..th@ONE never excludes anyone..from the fuller party that truly IS life…

    So i guess i’ll take their word for it..and travel somewhere else..where everyone is wanted…
    As that is how i believe…..
    AS always NOW..again..one with ONE..and all the rest…forever next….NOW

    Smiles to ya..and still patiently waiting..(tapping foot gently) for the rest of that other suspenseful story….:)LOVEXX

    • So glad to know that you stay and live in the first paragraph ! For me that perfect fantasy life is where her soul lives and her body lives in this monstrous world where life don’t let you enjoy the beauty of nature !
      So good to know you are mixing up with people. Keep going like this πŸ™‚
      Lol I haven’t planned on writing the next part yet but feeling your anxiety I guess I should think about it now πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Kya yaar Lala, achcha se silsila chal raha tha, and usey khinch ke neechey le aayi – into this monstrous world! Abhi main is ko fancy kar rahi hoon: ethereal embrace. Aur mujhe disturb mat karna, please. Lol.

    • Haha ab reality b tu koi cheez hoti hai na….we ave to face it eventually after living long in a world of fantasy ! Awww sleep tight in the ethereal embrace πŸ™‚ Sun hugs and sea water love to you πŸ˜‰

    • The photo is from Friday Fictioneers prompt that says we have to write a fiction of 100 words. And the real source of photo is mentioned. Thank you so much andy for liking and understanding my thoughts ! My Love to you xx

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