On Her Birthday


Whatever’ was the reaction of your Mom when I first proposed her, but I didn’t stop trying” Speaking in a soft low voice he seemed to be lost in thick layers of mist while travelling down the memory lane.

My heart will go on…… The song was playing in the background. She was working as usual, I was looking at her as usual. It was the third time when I planned to propose her, I was serious this time.

It was the same day, the day of her birthday. I asked her to come out, she did. It was raining. Rain drops were shimmering on her glowing skin. I came closer and took out a diamond ring from red velvet box. Her face expressions changed. I sat on my knee, moved up my hand with the diamond ring and said, Marry Me M’Love“.

She leaned some steps backward. The shine on her face turned pale. I got worried. She never reacted like that. She was nodding her head sideways and she started walking, turning her back on me. She wanted to hide her tears, I noticed them dissolving in the rain drops.

I ran after her, grabbed her hand from behind and pulled her towards myself.

Why? You have to give me a reason today“.

She looked into my eyes for some seconds and her voice quivered as she spoke, “I am at the last stage of cancer

The world paused. My heart forgot beating. My breaths were stuck in my throat.

She gave a dull smile and said, “I expected the same“.

I stepped forward, pulled out the ring, slipped it into her finger and said, “My Love for you is beyond any expectations“.

She died on her birthday two years after our marriage.

Sometimes she’d say to me, “You are my pride. Your Love gives me strength. I can die peacefully in your Love’s embrace”

His tears fell on the birthday cake in his hands as he blew off the candle.


This 333 words story is written for Trifecta Challenge. This week’s task was to use the third definition of WHATEVER in a story of words between 33 and 333. Voting here starts on Friday, so if you liked my story don’t forget to vote.

57 thoughts on “On Her Birthday

    • I am sorry that I made you cry 😦 Never meant to make you feel that way. Thank you very much for stopping by to say these beautiful words to me…Your comment means a lot 🙂 Love xx

  1. From scene setting to description of moments,
    from “right in the middle” starting to coming around a whole circle…
    This is a brilliant piece of writing Lala… 🙂
    Also a dedication to the classic kind of love, alas, it is a rare breed now a days.

    • Thank you so much Ali it’s a pleasant to hear beautiful words of appreciation from you after so long 🙂 Hope you are going well with life ! Yes you are right, That classic Love is seen nowhere now-a-days…. Thank you again for reading 🙂 Have a great day ! xx

  2. Your never cease to amaze me all of your stories are well written! You are blessed with a wonderful gift…and your words are dressed in exquisite garments that embrace and hold the readers attention until the very end! So very enjoyable it is to read them. May your light shine brighter through this new year. Blessings!

    • You made my day Sir with such beautiful words of appreciation. I have no words to pay you my gratitude. I am HONORED !! Thank you so much Sir, you are an inspiration for me. May you have a beautiful New year ! Blessings to you too 🙂 xx

  3. talk about a shock…i literally covered my mouth and tried to fight back the tears

    for brevity sake (see my about page) when i was in the hospital i was unconscious for most of the time, and I was upset because I didn’t remember my SF coming to visit me. I would send him angry texts and all.

    later my sister showed me a text picture of my SF kissing my forehead that was wrapped in bandages that had stains of blood.

    ok i’m rambling, but again. GORGEOUS story!!!

  4. That’s a beautiful story and certainly evidence of the unconditional love that is truly love..

    Many wives and husbands leave their spouses..when the real challenges come…

    Imagine..my wife stayed by my side..even as truly a zombie..for 60 whole months…

    That takes courage and unconditional LoVe..

    And why i could never ever never..look at her..but as the strongest person in the world..

    Much stronger than I am..



    BUT I WOULD DO IT NOW…smiles and love friend..you always inspire me….

    And my wife loves you 2….for what you did for me…3….just being nice and all of that..

    it ain’t that hard to just be…

    a human being…

    • It is hard to be a true human being friend 🙂 am so glad you respect and love your wife so much and so glad to know she was there for you when you needed her. That’s how perfect couples work 🙂 Many wishes for you both, for a very happy life ! Love xx

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