Truth That Consumed Her -A Short Story


Who am I ? Where am I ? Many questions bubbled onto the surface her mind as she opened her eyes. At first she couldn’t see anything, her vision was blurred with a thin white sheet of mist.

She was laying in a small room. A dim yellow light was trying to make her vision clear but it couldn’t. She tried to move her arms and after struggling for a while, they were in a position to let her sit with her back resting along the headboard.

A bouquet of withered old flowers was resting on the side table along with a tray of tablets. A fan was running slowly on the ceiling which could produce no air but only an unpleasant noise. Her bed was white colored, made of steel. Soon she figured out that she was in a hospital. But why ? What happened to her ? She searched for wounds on her body but couldn’t find any. She tried to move her body off the bed but she wasn’t able to move it. She tried to call out, words stuck in her throat.


Yes my darling I will take you both to the zoo in the evening” She spoke in her soft voice wrapped in love while driving the car.

But we want to go now Mama” Both her twin kids who were the world to her were insisting.

Today is your first day at school my Love, you can’t skip it. Mama promises you that she’ll take you to the zoo

Okay pinky promise?” They both forwarded their tiny hands with cute smiles on their faces.

She smiled and touched their fingers with her’s and kissed them both on their foreheads. She had tears in her eyes while watching them enter the school gate….Tears that are precious like white pearls in the ocean….like a mother’s love….like the first rain…..pure !

She turned back and was crossing the road when suddenly she felt herself in the air….the ground beneath her feet was gone and her mind blacked out.


How the hell am I supposed to let her live in my home?

She is still my wife, why can’t you understand that? Doctors said there are 1% chances of her coming out of the coma and that 1% chance saved her like a miracle.Where the hell is she supposed to go now?

I don’t know anything. I have given my 15 years to this home. I have been taking care of her kids for 15 years and now she is here to take control of my home? I can’t let this happen ever

She is not in a position of taking control of your house. She is on the wheel chair for God’s sake!! Let her live in a corner of our house. She won’t interfere in your matters, I guarantee that ! I know her……

She heard a loud sound like someone has thrown a plate on the ground…..And she heard the rest of that too.



Yes my love

Can we be more happier and satisfied than we are now? Can life be better than this?” She was staring at the countless stars on the dark black sky, glittering and glowing like her eyes.

I don’t think so” He kissed her hand while looking at her and smiled.

But it can be if you make me a cup of coffee right now?” she stared at his face where a naughty smile and pure love was gleaming.

Okay but this is the last time

My darling wife I love you” He cried and She giggled.


Why is she here brother I don’t like her. You know mom told me that she was bad and she was never there for us when we needed her. I hate her

She was in a coma for 15 years ! She need us now

She didn’t listen to her brother.

While leaving the room she saw her pulling the wheelchair towards her room holding a plate with two burgers in her hands.

She recalled, they loved burgers when they were kids.


He is standing on a freshly made grave covered with red roses. He is crying hard with his hands stretched in the air. Why Allah? Why did you do that to my mother? No one needed her but I did. Why did you snatch the only happiness I had after 15 years? Why? Tears were flowing down his cheeks and collecting on his neck as he continued……

Here lies a wife and a mother who was best of both at one time. She returned to the world to have a second chance but cold truth and cruel realities didn’t let her avail it. Here lies a girl consumed by nothing but truth…Truth that can be like roses at one time and like thorns for the other. As they say,”Truth is rarely pure and never simple”.



The Daily Prompt: TRUTH.

22 thoughts on “Truth That Consumed Her -A Short Story

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  2. Haunting and beautiful. I can’t say I “enjoyed” it… My response was more visceral. Thanks!

    • haha so glad to have you here beautiful 🙂 welcome to my blog…feel free to have a seat and enjoy 😉 thanks so much for the appreciation. love you loads xx

  3. WEll…i can tell you put a lot of effort into this one..not something that just flows out of heart it seems…and yes it does take this type of effort if one wants to seriously get published out there in the larger world where as you likely know is the last thing i want for any of my ‘out of the box’ free flow thinking words…

    So you are going more for your ultimate goal here it appears..and to be clear i don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ with wanting to be published..most writers..dream is this.. i think…

    What i really love about your words here..are that i had to read it twice to understand you..i want to be challenged ..and i guess i want to challenge other folks that read me too..huh;)..but i don’t have to work very hard at that heh:)…

    Anyway..what your words today say to me..IS the value and beauty of unconditional love..

    Mostly this comes from the most immediate of family members..but the true beauty of that the husband stood by his wife…

    Not that unusual for a wife to stand by her husband..when a tragedy of health or accident like this happens..but oh rare to see a man stand by his woman..when all there is left is her love..

    So i saw this as very beautiful truth..and i think..the have at least a husband and one child that still loved to her..until her days passed on this earth..

    Was indeed one of the luckiest mothers..on earth.

    So Love..and keep going if you keep going like this..i’m quite sure that one day you will be a hard bound book..that you can hold and cherish..among some others as well…:)

    • First of all just to clear your thoughts…I don’t want to get published nor I am writing these prompts to get published. All these prompts are just to give thinking a new direction…. Just to give new ideas to write and I write because I enjoy writing , I write because I love it ! I will write if I don’t have any readers left.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂 Love xx

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