The Meaning Of Motivation Changed.

A sign of motivation for me

Self  desire for actuation, some valid motivation

Lift up the soul enervated, with a new cognition


By the moment I complain of heartache unbearable

A person gets back his life, when heart beats go stable

Survival from a heart operation, his contentment grow

The meaning of “Pain” clarifies itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I blubber missing my Love forsaken

An infant cries for the lap of his  Mother forever taken

Craving for his Mother’s touch, his hollowness grow

The meaning of “urge” bounds itself into a sacred vow


By the time I sob encountering nights sorrowful, sleepless

A person couldn’t sleep of his hunger growing limitless

In the need of food, His chastity of gratitude grow

The meaning of “want” enslaves itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I refuse to see the hope of future bright

Optimistic dreams are seen by a person with no eyes

Wishing for a better life, His frenzy eagerness grow

The meaning of “hope” confines itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I refuse to thank, by the time I do complaint

The poor,The orphan,The needy ,The injured and the quaint

Satisfy themselves for what they have, as the life grow

The meaning of “Life” envisages itself into a sacred vow


Desire is the key to motivation,a changed definition

A pinch of enthusiasm, A heap of determination !


Image Credits:

Dungeon Prompts – Season 2 Week 1: Motivation.

Today’s Daily Prompt was NEW so this is my newest motivation.

46 thoughts on “The Meaning Of Motivation Changed.

  1. A thoughtprovoking and very much needed Reminder on this New Year..
    A pinch of enthusiasm, A heap of determination !…

    • Hey Mehak welcome to my world. Yes you are right, that was a reminder but for those who can think 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing our thoughts ! Love to you xx

    • Hey Mehak welcome to my world. Yes you are right, that was a reminder but for those who can think 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts ! Love to you xx

  2. Totally love it.
    “Desire is the key to motivation,a changed definition”
    Desire really is what motivates all souls to CROSS their boundaries, or to ACHIEVE something higher.
    ‘The truest religion is that of HUMANITY’. I totally stand by this.
    That part of ‘refusing optimistic dreams’ and someone blind gets eyes, needy gets food, so true youknow. That is the realization jo hum samajh rhy hoty hen dunya ke sary gham hmen hi mily hyn jabke ham sb se blessed hoty haen! Kuch bura hae hi nhi Lala is life men, nothing is wrong. Those in WORST mental, physical, emotional conditions are who inspire ME to move on. To see what gift this life is.
    Nice post 🙂

    • Ah Thank you so much Maria for such a brilliant and detailed comment ! I love your thoughts here. You are right, this is the realization jo hum samajhnay me bohat dair laga detay hain and we don’t think about it most of the times even if we know it ! Everyone should get inspired through what you get inspired Maria. You are too sweet ! I love you and thanks again for such a thoughtful comment. Loads of love to you xx

  3. A very beautifully crafted piece. Desire is key, well said. I love the form that you used here, it really brought home the message, every verse reminding us that perspective is everyting

    • Thank you so much sreejit ! This kind of appreciation coming from a great poet like you is indeed a great honor ! I have no words to thank you. My gratitude and Love for you ! Stay blessed 🙂

  4. First of all… Brilliance at its best 🙂 Mazaa aa gayaa 🙂

    Just one correction… or improvement… You know, the third line of each stanza must end with ‘grows’ and not ‘grow’ for grammatical correctness. Now if you do the replacement, the rhyme breaks down. So to balance that, in the last line of each stanza, you could replace ‘a sacred vow’ by just ‘sacred vows’. What say? I don’t think meaning will be much affected…

    • Thank you so much you know how much your appreciation means to me 🙂
      Haan I was confused at that point. ene start me grows he likha tha but poem complete kerne k baad perh k dekha tu theak flow nae ban ra tha tu mene s hata dia. Poetry me tu tenses matter nae ertay na bohat zada ? But meaning clear hona chaye aur flow. But you have pointed out the right correction. Theak kehtay ho aise kerne se b theak ho jaay a 🙂 Thanks once again for being there for me to criticize 😉 Love you brother !

  5. sister, this is one of the most worthy things i’ve read in such a long time. i thank you for a) the sign above that inspired your thoughts, and b) your thoughts that put our own self-pity and self-loathing in perspective of the greater suffering of humanity. this is so profound and so much needed right now. thank you. bob

    • Oh brother your comment made me feel honored ! Thank you so much for your thoughts. These thoughts were in my mind from several days and I hared them here as I do always. Thanks for your time brother.Your thoughts meas a lot ! Loads of love to you xx

      • Lala, this piece really penetrated my soul. it was the first thing i thought of when i woke up several hours ago. it truly is a deep truth and perspective we need to stay anchored to, especially those of us who tend to wade so deeply into our own pain and despair. yes we hurt, but do we truly know the depths of others suffering? are our eyes open to the needs of those whose affliction far outweighs our own?? you put it all in view so very well. i thank you from the bottom of my heart. bob

        • You just made me feel more honored brother ! That’s really an honor for me to think that I influenced your life in a good positive way…..Never thought I could do that. Thanks to you for reading me and understanding what I was trying to convey. Thanks so much. Love you brother xx

  6. Beautiful, reminds me Faiz’s move from affection for a person to affection for a nation in ‘Raqeeb say’ I hope you care for humanity rather than just a human being and it motivates you and catapult you to higher purposes in life 🙂

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