When Money Killed Him

clean Gold-bricks-and-coins-e1363052660368

A dark room

Full of spiders and

Piles of gold and Money

Ruby, Emerald , Diamonds

Lustrous Treasure

And he trapped inside


Tired was his body after

Searching a way out

Tired was his soul after

Searching for life

A vivid hallucination

Occupies him


How many fat lies

He has spoken

How many innocent people

He has betrayed

For the same money;

Lying under his feet


It can’t buy- eternal happiness

Nor can it buy

Love and friendship

No calm good night sleep

Not even his freedom


Regrets amplified

Embarrassment multiplied

His incessant repentance

All his life, He ran behind

A void abstract glitter

That was gone


Cursed of being Rich

With gold and diamonds

Around his body

He died of ‘Money’

Long before his death

By hunger and thirst.


A post written in response toΒ Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

49 thoughts on “When Money Killed Him

  1. Brilliant poem my love. You are rich when you know when to acquire and also to let go. You are poor when you don’t know either to acquire or to let go. Money is only a symbol in this play.

  2. That’s why I am so happy all of the time! No money honey! No but really this is honest, true and beautiful! I just love the way you put words together! I could read all day! God has blessed you sister!

    • Aww you are beautiful πŸ™‚ You are right, no extra money no worries πŸ˜‰ Thank you so very much for your beautiful appreciation ! Means a lot πŸ™‚ God bless you too sweetheart πŸ™‚ Hugs xx

  3. That was beautiful, little Sister. πŸ™‚
    Money definitely doesn’t buy happiness but it gives us choices and for that we must be grateful.
    I hug you and hope all is well in your world. thinking of you, Big Sis. xxxxx

  4. Happiness always comes from within and material things always come from without things of within .. So your words here can only be true…

    But a place of without.. Is the coldest place of soul .. Alas Loved
    Is a warmer way..
    To go…

      • Well.. While I am never right as it is only Allah who I could see would “know” .. What I do hope is to sing a song of true that others could hear…

        And for whatever miracle .. You are often the only one who can more fully hear my song …

        The saddest thing is for a singer’s song to be only heard by ‘him’ and even though Allah always listens and ‘replies’ it is nice to have at least one human being hearing.. by my ‘side’…

        I value that .. Love ….

        And is why as long as I am alive and allowed.. I reply here .. Where someone listens …

        • I am so glad to know that I could help you in some way. I also appreciate you staying with me all the time. I listen to you and you can feel Allah listening to you, this is all that matters πŸ™‚ Love xx

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