27 thoughts on “A Mystic Indulgence

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  2. WEll..for humans born into the reality of a full plate of cultural illusions the sublime seems to be the brighter reality that most animals can take for granted..as simplying believing a live..and flying..running..laying..or standing..as one with allahgodallah..or whatever what IS…..

    So well..dam it can be so dam hard to be human but humans are the only ones that make it so dam hard to be humans…

    The sublime reality that could be..is only one step across the border of the real that is no illusion of cultural byproducts..

    i think…

    But anyway.. you very well capture the reality of the challenge that is is in this short form of poetry..but oh God only if most people could effect the escape from cultural illusions in just three lines…of real life..lovexx

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