An Excruciating Spasm Of Guilt


Lies inside her silvered heart

A golden memory wrapped in layers of mist

And a guilt torn apart

Tiny finger wrapped in warmth

Of embrace of her graceful Mother’s hands

As she teaches her to walk forth

Having lunch on the first day

At school, feeling touch of her mother’s hand on bread

Smiles the shine in her eyes grey

While kids play with toys, she pour

Her innocent wishes to her Mother’s mind -laying in her lap

As her Mother teaches her to endure

Having a single meal that day

She Glances at her Mother sleeping peacefully- and recall

She had nothing but water today

As grains of sand slip through hand

Time flew by, fading her childhood in mystic wraps

Now she was a girl strong enough to stand

Cherished was the ethereal time

Befallen under shadows of her Mother’s Love Divine

Problems dimmed by the wind chimes

With a flash her world shattered

Broken was her Mother’s heart, by her words angry and harsh

-She left with tears flooded

And came back on a stretcher

Wounded-Lifeless her Mother’s lies on blood filled white sheet

With a brand new shawl there

Woman who walked with her mother;told

She bought this shawl for her beloved daughter

To make her anger cold

Mind paralyzed and confused

She looked at her Mother’s feet- and Remembered she had

No money to buy shoes.

A post written in response to The Daily Prompt.

32 thoughts on “An Excruciating Spasm Of Guilt

  1. Too good… really…

    You say you don’t write well… But you know what sets you apart? You fill emotions in your words… And your vocabulary seems impressive…

    From the poetry point of view… Well… its a highly personal opinion but… agar rhyming nahin jam rahi hoti to zabardasti nahin introduce karni chaahiye. Please don’t take me wrong but jaise is poem mein kuchh lines bahut badi thin doosron se… Shaayad tune rhyming ke liye aisa kiya… idea achchha hai… but isse padhne ka flow toot-ta hai usse… I hope you understand…

    And don’t take my criticism too seriously… Tu sahi mein achchha likhti hai… and the quality of your writing is improving very rapidly… Just that I am in general very harsh at criticism… Kabhi bhi bura lage to khul ke bolna… Theek hai? Ro to nahin rahi? πŸ˜›

  2. I read this and it brought tears to my eyes. The beauty that a piece of writing can hold amazes me. I delved into your writings after I saw this and immediately fell in love with your blog. Thank you for this.

    • Aw that’s the sweetest thing I ave ever heard. Many many thanks for THAT much appreciation….I am humbled. You are amazing πŸ™‚ Love you for all these nice comments . So glad you could feel the emotions in my poem. Hope to see you around more often πŸ™‚ Lots of love and hugs xx

  3. That is beautiful and sad..and i’m glad it is not you that is the subject of your writing for this one…

    There are some feelings that can never fully be expressed in writing..but you make an effort here ..that presents this feeling i think….

    Love and i would say happy holidays to ya..if ya had them..i guess…

    Sometimes that’s easy to forget too….
    They came so fast for me this year..they are almost gone before i noticed them….

    i didn’t even have an opportunity to put all of the blow up 8FT polar bears and all of that in my shine it out to the neighbors…

    And for the most neither did i guess here where i live..people are for the most part too busy live….

    The NOW moment is always the best..i maybe that’s why i missed it this put it in a positive light..i guess…:)

    • Thank you so very much again for liking what I wrote ad for the beautiful thoughts. Well I have made my effort to let you feel those feelings.
      You are right…The NOW moment is always the best. Happy holidays to you too πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a good time. Love xx

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