Forgive And Forget ?

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Forgiveness; A renowned trait possessed by our Lord. As we are that Lord’s creation, He puts bits of His traits inside us.

Repentance; A trait possessed by us only as we are puppets of vice who commit crimes at times and repent for them at other times.

We Repent , He forgives.

What if we repent , do other humans forgive ?

I have been clutched to the past chapters of my life’s book through the same hook;forgiveness. Some lessons were learnt, some people were forgiven but I never was able to forget those people and circumstances. I never could. I feel like those happenings were paramount elements towards revolutionizing ‘Me’. The person I am now is absolutely different from the person I used to be. Back then, I had no idea how atrocious and merciless life can prove to be. Bitter enough to change an entire person’s nature. Who says Nature can not be changed ? I invite him to meet me.

I have been walking continuously through this journey called life, carrying an unwanted burden of crushed trust, broken promises, betrayal and abandoned love on my weak shoulders. I never knew that friends could behave like worst enemies and people who are unknown to you can use their full effort to destroy you out of jealousy , until life decided to teach me lessons. Lessons that were undesired but ample.

A very dear friend of mine who continued stabbing my back and when I found out, it was too late. I forgave her and never made her realize in what crucial ways her actions have affected my entire life. But I never managed to forget her. Another incident has just evolved on my mind, when I was accused of doing an act that is considered as a big sin in our culture and society , by some gross people, in public. I fought hard to prove my innocence. I was my own lawyer back then, and the judge was the whole society around me. I lacked confidence and logic but I fought , with truth as my weapon. That was the first time I felt my breath freezing inside me when no one trusted me at that time. Pain exploded out of every inch of my body but I chose silence , as a strong character was the only sacred thing I had. I was not ready to compromise it in public. Later on when the same people who didn’t trust me before, came to know the truth they automatically started respecting me. The people who accused me apologized and I forgave them. My silence proved to be the best revenge as I am seeing those people failing in every step of life in front of my eyes from four years now. And I have a firm belief; Even if you forgive people who accuse you for their amusement, Nature takes revenge at any cost .

With this, I close my book. I hope Someday , someone rewrites these agonizing chapters of my life with the ink of happiness and contentment. Hope is the key after all.

This post is written in response toΒ Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget?

40 thoughts on “Forgive And Forget ?

  1. ‘Maaf karna’ is one thing, ‘dil saaf hona’ is another. Aur later wala bus main nahi hota, as I know.
    Anyways yaar I missed you, I got to know about your new blog ajj hi. πŸ™‚ Good wishes for you Dear.

    • Bilkul theak kaha ap ne Rafia ! Waqae, later wala bus me nae hota ! I missed you too beautiful πŸ™‚ So glad to get you back πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a fun time. Thanks a bunch for your valuable wishes . Lots of love and hugs xx

  2. I have been through a lot of betrayals. And I’ve realised that forgiving people is the best revenge. They’re not worth you time anyway.
    Also, I’m a person that believes in second chances. In fact, in an infinite chances. Yes, I’m an idiot sometimes and I guess that’s why people take advantage of me. Because I’m ready to forgive them and give them more chances.
    But then again, that’s what life is all about. If we keep holding grudges against each other, then we’ll probably never be happy.

    I like the way you write. It’s a very sweet blog you got there. πŸ™‚

    • You are so right Hiba (I really love calling your name πŸ˜‰ ) I agree to all what you have said. and you know your quality of forgiving is the best ! People who keep grudges develop a negative personality and eventually everyone start disliking them.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And I am SO glad you found my blog sweet πŸ™‚ Welcome to my world ! Make yourself comfortable and keep coming πŸ˜‰ Love xx

      • Haha. I have no idea why some people like my name so much. I find it a very common and simple four lettered word. (It is very common here in Kuwait)
        There’s no question about me being comfortable. I already am. πŸ™‚
        You really remind me of a very good friend of mine because of your bubbly way of replying ^_^

        • Yes your name is short and it is so sweet to pronounce you know like Hiba πŸ˜› So elegant. What is its meaning ?
          Aww I am so glad I could bring memories to you…so who was that friend and how was she like ? I am sure she would be awesome like me πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

          • It means God’s gift. I only like my name for its meaning πŸ™‚
            Hahaha. Well, yes she is awesome. I’m still friends with her. She’s just as bubbly as you. Her name is Tamanna πŸ™‚

  3. “Even if you forgive people who accuse you for their amusement, Nature takes revenge at any cost”
    This is Karma.
    But forgive them, and let Karma do her work.

  4. What a great post! Forgiveness liberates us…hanging on makes us suffer so. Forgetting is not so easy…I don’t believe we can forget. Thank you for visiting my blog. I like this prompt, I may give it a try too.:)

    • Thank you so much for taking out your time and commenting here. Yes you are right…forgetting is the hardest part.
      You sure should give this prompt a try ! It is excellent. With Love, Lala Rukh.

      • I wrote one last night and hated it…lol; I journal a lot and seem to include snippets of forgivenss after I have had time to heal. I don`t want to write about harsh pasts but I may have come up with one I want to work on still, that will make it real:) I have to say I just love your ending ” someone rewrites these agonizing chapters of my life with the ink of happiness and contentment.” simply beautiful!!

  5. Lala, I have had a lot of people hurt me in my life too. Looks like this is incessant and shall be so because this has stopped neither as a kid nor as an adult now. But I never quite understood what it meant to forgive others because I always thought Life or Nature (as you mention) is the one who should truly forgive these people and only a very wide and mature soul is capable of asking forgiveness for them from Nature too. My forgiveness of people who wronged me always made me happy and peaceful (because I love to keep it simple and I do not dwell much on them) but I knew at the back of my mind that if Life/Nature has not forgiven them, trouble is still in store for them in the future. I could not ensure this level of forgiveness. This is certainly not possible until you learn the true meaning and art of forgiveness first and that begins by learning to forgive oneself. Speaking thus, I must tell you that it the most difficult to forgive oneself. Because this predominantly requires a true and transforming spirit of generosity with one’s mistakes, the subduing of one’s ego, the difficult acceptance one’s dark corners of nature, the bitter belief that we are bad too and are capable of doing bad too like any others, that we can become good too, and all such difficult things. Then comes the hardest part of forgiving oneself and moving forward in life promising ourselves to be a new and changed person. You realise when you do this you are now much more capable of forgiving not just yourself but others too in a more mature way. No rancour in heart remains anymore. This is true forgiveness and brings about a great change in ourselves and also our treatment of others. Rest of it is all such moral hogwash of the dictum forgive and forget! Doesn’t take you any far. One eventually sulks if one does not learn how to truly forgive. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Rexie ! First of all thank you so much for sharing your views on the topic. You know I read somewhere that you can talk about forgiving anyone if you are in a position to take revenge from him. There is no point of forgiving him if you can’t do anything bad to him. But I think making yourself realize that you have forgiven that person because your Lord say so is a nice feeling. You don’t develop hate for that person anymore each time you see him.
      Your words are all right Rexie ! Thank you again for your nicest views. Lots of love xx

  6. As the morning fog that blurs the vision is cleared up by the warmth of sun, so is the mist that surrounds the heart is cleared up by the strokes of pen. Thereafter it only requires the vision to look deep into the pure heart to know the person.

    Aise hi man mein aaya to bol diya… I just hope tujhe is context mein iska matlab samajh mein aayaa hoga.

    Rahi post ki baat… achchha likha hai… Thode grammatical errors hain, but chaltaa hai… πŸ˜‰

    Plus is line pe do comments…

    ” My silence proved to be the best revenge as I am seeing those people failing in every step of life in front of my eyes from four years now. And I have a firm belief; Even if you forgive people who accuse you for their amusement, Nature takes revenge at any cost .”

    Firstly wonderful line… sums up the essence of the article… Nature ko jo karna hai karegi… Sahi hi karti hai wo… isiliye to tension hi nahin lena hai revenge ka… Waise bhi dimaag ka bahut RAM faltu mein khaati hai tension πŸ˜›

    Secondly… from four years nahin… since four years…

    And lastly… One general personal suggestion… You could consider breaking up the article into more no. of paras… Increases readability… Just a suggestion… πŸ™‚

    Fans gayi na… bola tha… criticise karne ko mat keh… πŸ˜› Ab bhugat le apni karni ka fal… πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    • Yeah Muje samaj me aa gya….Love these lines btw. Bohat acha likhtay ho such me.
      Araay tu tum ho kis leye ? Zara full time job pakro aur meray grammatical aur baaki saray errors b point out kia kero. Late nae hua kero ok πŸ˜›
      Yaar dimagh ka RAM khati tu bohat hai per delete nae kia jata na isko permanently Thank you for the appreciation.
      Haan ye ki na akhir me theak baat….Thanks for pointing out the errors . Try kerun gi aenda nae ho Aur please don’t stop criticizing I need it.
      Araay lu ! Bilkul nae phansi….I loved it. Thori aur zor se kero I willlove it more ;)..

  7. Yeah..i think Karma is a real thing..

    But Karma also applies to individuals who do not forgive the transgressions of others…as that almost always turns into a dark spot of hate on the soul..that can make it eventually a black hole sun…

    But friend.. although it is not clear in your words if you take pleasure now.. in the fall of your transgressors as revenge after the fact of forgiveness…

    If a person takes pleasure in the fall of a transgressor….

    Well..they never truly forgave my best estimation…

    Trueallahlove has no transgressors..for the long term…

    Or happiness of revenge…

    As far as i can see too…

    But is human nature to take the joy of the falls of others..whether they are transgressors..or simply competitors..

    But with conscious effort a person can change that too..potentially..but it is one of the hardest things about human nature to change..even with conscious effort…

    By the way.. did ya ever forgive your hacker?..if he is not included in the post effort above….

    • Your estimation is right …. I don’t feel pleasure in watching them suffer now…I have forgiven them already . I can’t feel joy on sufferings of others.Your words seem so right. Oh and I almost forgot about the hacker….and look at you, you remember that ! How lovely of you. I haven’t forgiven him till now as I am still scared he can do more. May be I will someday when I would be sure he can’t do me any harm. Thanks for your comment. Love xx

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